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The teenage girl fighting Islamic State – BBC News


17-year-old Aso Saqzi ran away from home in Iran to join the battle against the so-called Islamic State. She is not alone. Hundreds of Iranian Kurds, many of them young women, have volunteered to defeat IS – and to fight for a Kurdish homeland.

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  1. Reddit user says

    shes gonna be targeted now if theres 1 thing middle east countries hate more than america its the bbc

  2. Tadas Blindavicius says

    Russians are backing dictator Assad. All airstrikes on schools and hospitals in Syria are carried out by Russia. Russia supports Assad and arms them to fight the opposition forces. Putin's main goal in this conflict is to increase influx into mainland Europe what we have seen some time ago. Russia and Syria's leader Bashar al-Assad using migration as an aggressive strategy towards Europe, the senior NATO commander in Europe Gen Philip Breedlove said they were "deliberately weaponising migration in an attempt to overwhelm European structures". Russia uses the barrel bombs – unguided weapons – against civilians in Syria. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/10/26/syrian-regime-and-russia-may-have-killed-more-children-in-latest-bombing/

  3. captain pinky says

    she's so stunning and brave! they gonna subvert isis!

  4. Frank Leon says

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. As a woman they make me proud. They can fight like a man. The lionesses. Came to town.

  5. no says

    Off topic but i seen the camera shaking so i shook my phone and was like omg i did it at the same time and then seen it was a vr vid

  6. Mister G says

    Amazing and brave girls. Hope they're all okay.

  7. Nimrah Khan says

    Honour killings are still legal in Iran. Women are still stoned to death over accusations of adultery.

  8. qite guy says

    Meanwhile in the west…

  9. Khalistan Pakistan Zindaabad says

    its Really Bad

  10. Yann Lee says


  11. samy701 says

    Poor girls… No doubt they are brave. No doubt about that at all. But ISIL probably chewed them up and raw and spit out the bones. On second thought, ISIL probably just crunched the bones too. Poor girls…

  12. Johnny Rage says

    So when will the feminists go and help out them?!

  13. Arisenstring 956 says

    Mad respect to these people

  14. Glendene Foster says

    The land belongs to god

    Fight in vain

  15. Cheryl Cacchione says

    She is young girls dont fight men battle

  16. test account says

    Islam is a lie. Muhammad is a pedophile. Qur'an is poison.

  17. San Francisco says

    While they are at it, they need to cast off Islam.

  18. Marton Steve says


  19. Shon Sunny says

    cool i know loads of friends who are 16 in the british army where are their interviews

  20. G M says
  21. Lorry Camill says

    We need more on Kurdish news these people are brave

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