The Sims Music – Loading Screen

The loading screen tune when The Sims is the latest expansion pack of the original Sims on your computer.

The Sims and related are © and ™ 2000 – present by Electronic Arts and Maxis. The Sims and all items associated are, respectively, produced by Maxis. The music used here is simply used for educational purposes to show the game in-game music. No copyright infringement ever intended.

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  1. yes the memories of hearing this loop 30 minutes strait on a cruddy computer that would shut off by it's self while I was in the middle of playing this….losings all of my save data, then I would start the game back up…..then it would crash….yup  good ol days. Then my game and the computer stopped working completely one day.

  2. I miss this screen, on my old system I had so many mods and downloads that the game on average took 10 minutes to load, on my iMac I don't even have enough time to read the title.

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