The Science of Healthy Aging: Living Better, Not Just Longer

Ellen Hughes, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine; Former Director of Education, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine discusses healthy living and aging. [2/2010] [Show ID: 17630]

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29 bình luận trong “The Science of Healthy Aging: Living Better, Not Just Longer

  1. OK, so this was ten years ago and it was all on a low fat diet and drug company concerned so I would like to know what happened because I don't believe it and would have a hard time believing a low fat diet would help anyone.

  2. After seeing a periodontist for years and doing the flossing and cleaning they recommended my husband showed up at a regularly scheduled visit after just one month on the ketogenic diet. They were astounded at the condition of his mouth and gums. They even admitted to knowing that such a change in diet is great for dental health. Seems to me it’s inflammation (from sugar and carbohydrate) that leads to heart disease, not whether you floss your teeth or not.

  3. Duke and Harvard studies say less than 1% of genetics plays a role in health, you are correct, it is environment, their studies post 2010

  4. 1:14:00 ten recommendations to promote healthy aging. Watched this in January 2020. Amazing. I haven’t found anything in the literature on aging over the past decade that significantly builds on what was presented in this video 10 years ago.

  5. I observe everyday people everywhere having difficulties and consequently at this time accepting power over over their unique affairs, you are not going to be in a position to finally become empowered when you find yourself not wishing to make the choice that sets you totally free. The simple truth is the decisions we establish are positively or perhaps unfavourably reinforcing our behaviour and thus our everyday life.

  6. Andrew Weil is my hero when it comes to this stuff. I love how balanced he is with conventional medicine and homeopathy. Unfortunately I think he's way ahead of his time.

  7. Thank you for a great presentation. Still aging and death are often the only form of justice left in this World. Would substantially extending the human lifespan really be a good thing?

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