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The return of the blue whale: BBC News Review


***This is a replacement for our earlier video, which was corrupted and did not show the full programme. ***
Good news for blue whales and for you if you want to learn topical vocabulary! Scientists say they’ve seen a remarkable number of blue whales in recent weeks near the island of South Georgia in the South Atlantic. A survey counted 55 animals – a figure unprecedented in the decade since commercial whaling ended. Learn the vocabulary to talk about this new story.

never having happened before
• Unprecedented bush fires hit Australia last year.
• Federer is hoping to win an unprecedented ninth Wimbledon.

bouncing back
becoming successful again after a bad experience
• Her hat trick shows she’s really bouncing back from her broken leg.
• The Amazon will never bounce back from deforestation.

increase quickly
• Markets soar when there’s confidence in the economy.
• Ticket prices soared when the home team made the final.

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  1. rober1712jjj says

    We'll bounce back again after beating coronavirus, thank you so much BBC I really enjoy learning with this mastering classes 😘

  2. fredy farfan espinoza says


  3. hanzky says

    The covid cases soared unprecendented but we must bounce back from our life.😊

  4. Widi Suganda says

    Hi BBC learning english team
    How can we differentiate between bounce back and come back? I think both of them have same meaning. Thanks

  5. Hughug Picasus says

    You have a lot of interest… ❤️ thank you… All

  6. Amal Mohammad says

    This Eid, we couldn't go outside or pray at mosques, that's really unprecedented 🙁

    After a long journey of suffering from ….. I could finally bounce back

    The amount of people who got infected by Covid 19 has been being soard

  7. ASMAA'S AUDIO says

    Actually I think this corona virus has his advantages on the ecology and nature , Earth takes a break from what humans have had damaged

  8. Thorin Oakenshield says

    Best channel

  9. Babu. ash says

    In the world unprecedented Covid-19 as outbreak meanwhile all the country’s are striving against that.excellent class ever

  10. Đạo Nguyễn says

    I hope that BBC can give the transcription for each video, so that English learners are easier to practice learning English

  11. অবিরত চলমান says

    Dear BBC Learning

    I like British speaking style than American.please suggest me how can improve.

  12. Vũ Tùng says

    The crude oil price has plunged unprecedentedly for the last 2 days! Hope it will soon bounce back when the demands from the market soar when the pandemic is over

  13. đông nguyễn hải says

    COVID-19 is an unprecedented pandemic, which means people caught coronavirus soar all over the world. Hope that it will end asap so that everything will bouce back

  14. tgchan says

    Thank you.

  15. Jaques shen says

    i really like both of you in this video..it's really a very good english video for me~

  16. Suborna Rahman says

    Immensely effective 😍

  17. felastopthatshit says

    а я русский кста и меня заставляют это смотреть,еще и записывать и учить слова,чоронавирус кста АСУЖДАЮ

  18. MT Official says

    good video as always

  19. Алиса Изосимова says

    This channel is really improves my English! Thanks!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧📒

  20. quocdat tranquoc says

    no transcrip. Give me transcrip, please

  21. Roman D says

    Dear, BBC, is it possible to add sub for this issue? Thanks a lot ❤️

  22. Suman Kumar says

    covid 19 soared in all of the countries and we should tries to bounce back it

  23. idrink007 says

    Gues, Thank you so much for work! Well done. i can't imagine my life without you and your podcasts))


    Thank you so much BBC Learning English!!!!!!!

  25. Omid Jalali says

    According to devastating effect of Coronavirus I wish globe can be bouncing back from it, the clear advice is that stay at home that’s why soar spread is unbelievable, I m pretty sure it’s man-made thing but they never thought it act like this. it’s unprecedented step to omit people.

  26. Hughug Picasus says

    You're great! The pronunciation is distinctive❤️

  27. Henriett Bodnár says

    Thank you for the lesson, i hope it's true! 😍

  28. vanja ivanov says

    soar and sore sound basically the same )

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