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The Real Reason People Are Boycotting Goya Foods


Goya, the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States, is facing political backlash after its CEO praised Donald Trump. The president invited CEO Robert Unanue to be part of a commission to create economic opportunities for Latinos in America.

At a ceremony for the commission on Thursday, July 9th, Trump signed an executive order expanding his Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, which includes support for charter schools and tax breaks for businesses that invest in low-income neighborhoods.

Given a couple minutes to speak on the White House lawn, Unanue talked about his grandfather immigrating into the United States in 1936, and how he built what became a multi-billion-dollar company out of the opportunities he found in, quote, “the most prosperous country in the world.”

Those words prompted Latino politicians and celebrities to call for a boycott of Goya products. Julian Castro, who was in President Barack Obama’s cabinet, tweeted this after Unanue’s statement, along with the hashtag “Goyaway:”

“Bob Unanue is praising a president who villainizes and maliciously attacks Latinos for political gain. Americans should think twice before buying their products.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the Broadway musical Hamilton, had this to say on Twitter:

“We learned to bake bread in this pandemic, we can learn to make our own adobo con pimienta. Bye.”

Trump’s policies haven’t always supported Latinos in America, as NBC News pointed out. His administration has separated parents from their children at the Mexican border and he’s also threatened to deport so-called Dreamers — undocumented immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children. The CEO of the Latino Victory Fund told NBC News,

“It’s shameful and appalling that the president of Goya Foods is praising the most anti-Latino president in the history of our country.”

But conservatives have rallied online to support Goya, creating a backlash of their own to the boycott backlash, which some are calling a “buy-cott,” according to Fox Business. Florida Republican senator Marco Rubio showed his support for the brand, tweeting,

“Most of these people fronting about a [Goya Boycott] […] don’t use [Goya Foods] anyways. And most of the ones who do will cave by [Noche Buena].”

Journalist Casey Harper was looking to raise $10,000 on GoFundMe to, quote, “Support Trump & Feed the Hungry” with purchases of Goya products. Within four days, Harper had raised more than $280,000 from over 8,000 donors. Harper told Fox Business,

“I’m not surprised we have raised so much because people are tired of having to walk on eggshells in political discourse. Also, Americans are fundamentally generous people so a chance to feed the hungry and stand up to cancel culture was an easy win.”

Unanue announced at the White House that Goya was donating 1 million cans of chickpeas and 1 million pounds of other foods to food banks. He later suggested that critics were holding him to a double standard since he doesn’t play favorites with political parties. He had accepted a similar presidential invitation, in 2012, to participate in Michelle Obama’s healthy eating initiative. Uananue told Fox News,

“So you’re allowed to talk good or to praise one president, but you’re not allowed, when I was called to be part of this commission to aid in economic and education prosperity and you make positive a comment, all of a sudden that’s not acceptable. So I’m not apologizing for saying — and especially when you’re called by the president of the United States, you’re going to say, ‘No, I’m sorry, I’m busy. No thank you.'”

Unanue’s true political stripes can be found in his political donations, which tend to favor one specific political party. A search of the Federal Election Commission database reveals that right after his participation in the first lady’s Let’s Move! Initiative, Unanue donated $370 to support Mitt Romney for president. More recently, in 2019, he gave $3,000 each to the Republican National Committee and WinRed, a conservative political action committee. No donations from Unanue to Trump have turned up yet on the database.

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  1. D’Lou says

    Who sells Goya Food?

  2. Buddy Dawson says

    They're antichrist Luciferians who hate Christians!


    How about the tons of free Goya products that have been donated to needy families all over America? TRUMP 2020!

  4. Mirquella Santos says

    My mom started to use Mazzola, Accent…. and dropped Goya.

  5. david quade says

    Iam white and just started to eat this company s beans awsom

  6. Rich Greene says

    A leader like trump Goya way goof.Canada.

  7. jb says


  8. jeff hirko says

    Goya is a fine product and good food. Regardless of a mindless boycott by mindless people. These people need to think for themselves instead of listening to the so called media.

  9. littlegayfairy says

    Mashed made a ineffective left wing (radical progressive) propaganda video that doesn't explain why "The Real Reason People Are Boycotting Goya Foods". This video purposely does not convey a clear answer to the "Real Reason". To digress, I have been buying more Goya products since the Goya CEO Robert Unanue was invited by President Trump to be part of a commission to create economic opportunities for Latinos in America. Latinos need more economic opportunities.

  10. ed san says

    Title should be why the Goya boycotted backfired I now have to time my shopping based on the supermarkets delivery schedule just so I can get my weekly supply and they expanded to half an aisle in the grocery section more in the drinks and a whole fridge in the frozen section

  11. rosa lainz says

    A lot of people i know .they are not buying those?items .

  12. Bonnie Sworob-Cender says

    Do you really have to do this? Do you really have to bring politics into your videos? Why should you participate along with the rest of the Liberal Left to bring down a successful company just because of his OPINION? THIS IS AMERICA! We are STILL entitled to our opinions under the First Amendment! And, until we become a Communist/Marxist country, which is where YOU are taking us, we STILL have the RIGHT to free speech without fear of punishment! You should be ashamed of yourself!

  13. Al Fern says

    Tomorrow is grocery shopping for me, I will have to make an extra effort pushing my very heavy cart so loaded with Goya goodies, to the cashier! Hope he shelves still have enough Goya items left.

  14. Don Nairn says

    Donald Trump the most polarizing person in the USA.
    I f you drink from a poisoned chalice you may not benefit.
    If you are apolitical why are you endorsing politicians?

  15. Stephen Koenig says

    I have a big family and we've used more Goya products in the past few weeks than ever before with no plans on ever stopping.

  16. cwhy harris says

    The opposite of what is being sold here, the products are flying off the support.

  17. Cincymale79 says

    Let's all boycott liberals and thier agendas. There are alot of business that need to be boycott due to policical stands on abortion, violence and race baiters.

  18. J.J. W. says

    I always suspect that Mashed is a pro leftist channel. Now I and others will be unsubscribing to you. Why don't you check your facts and tell the truth – Obuma was the President that put kids in cages. New slogan – Boycott Mashed…Buycott Goya!!!

  19. The Tony Cam says

    Because more and more people are sick and tired of the sh!tty narrative that cancel culture and liberalism has been selling. Remember people, there will always be a counter culture.

  20. Rocco Lore says

    Democrats hate anyone who is pro-America.

  21. Tina May says

    Freedom of speech

  22. t flapp says

    I buy something from Goya every time I go to the store.

  23. Blanco150 says

    It’s freak’n Nasty! That’s why!

  24. Jollyprez says

    More sycophantic nonsense from Mashed.

  25. Johnny West says

    I never even heard of GOYA before this. But I will be a life long customer from now on.

  26. Jose Arce says

    listen hereI grew up in the US eating goya my parent both PR, I don't ,know what culture trouble your having . but whoever you are you bark the wrong tree. This nonesense is getting quite dumb. I guess you don't have nothing to do go and pick something off your mind! use common sense. we should think before judging.

  27. Meaux Jeaux says

    Hey "SMASHED"…you reading the comments and the replies ? BACKFIRE !!!! ….. LOL !

  28. Meaux Jeaux says

    When was the last time that something did NOT backfire in the liberal's faces ? For every boycotter, there are double the people going out of their way to buy GOYA……try finding their products at the supermarkets now….GOOD LUCK WITH THAT !

  29. Proud Seeker says

    I stand with Goya! The man is feeding and giving at all times. Ya'll just hate Trump that much…hypocrites.

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