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The Power of Video Game Music


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Video Game Music sort of feels like it isn’t taken seriously. However, I feel it could be some of the strongest types of music because it’s attached to experiences. Today, we take a look at the history of video game music, the different types, and some of the most effective uses of it in games.

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Monika Voice By MinaVA:

Gun Fight –
Space Invaders –
Boss Fight Database, Puppet Ganon –
Super Mario Advance 2 Longplay –

Koji Kondo Interview –

Altzheimers Society on Music
Music and Dementia

Paper on Diegetic and Extra-Diegetic Music in Films

Design with Music in Mind Additional Source

Writing Interactive Game Music

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Greetings and welcome to the bottom of the description. I’m Alax, more legally known as Alex Carducci. I make design analysis videos on fictional stuff I really like. Most of this time this centralizes on video games I love like Super Smash Bros., Super Mario, Persona, or Sonic the Hedgehog. I studied design and communications, so I find it fascinating how technology and culture shapes the media in our lives and how we perceive it. My channel aims to look into the history and development of these topics in depth so we can all find the truth as to why things are made the way they are. Also, there’s a talking cat.

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  1. RelaxAlax says

    Hey there, thanks for watching. Please consider donating to the link down below to provide support for bail funds. This pages specifically splits your donation across 60+ community funds in the National Bail Fund Network. I'll be hosting a live stream sometime this week to raise money myself, and hope you can join me and cat. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/bailfundscovid

  2. Sam Moore says

    Another thing I'd like to add going back to your statement about the music in breath of the wild's combat are the boss and mini boss themes. Each variant of boss in the Overworld has their own distinct theme that seems to reflect the looks, style and actions of the creature you're facing while still maintaining that constant inconsistent feeling of unpredictability in the battle. The stone Talus theme is doting and clunky with the sounds of pics hitting rocks in the midst of it. As if to emulate the strangeness of the situation since you're literally fighting a rock. Well the hinox theme sounds loud obnoxious and annoying with a mix of trumpets and bagpipes sprouting in throughout the song to the beat of the tribal Bongo Baseline. As if to emulate the the feeling you feel when you realize that the creature you just pissed off is a bit different than the other small peas that you were fighting beforehand. But the one thing about the soundtrack that I didn't understand was why the lynels didn't get their own battle theme. Granted, it skips the quirky percussive buildup that the main battle theme normally opens with and instead starts with dramatic low piano motif as if to tell the player YOU PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE FOO! But then it just goes back to the normal battle theme. I can understand why they used it for yiga ambushes since those guys are a little more competent then the normal monsters yet also not anything the player couldn't handle. but when you fight a lynel it's a whole different ballpark! So I've always wondered why don't the lynels get their own theme? They clearly deserve it. But in any case, it's cool to see that even the boss teams follow the same inconsistent style that the main battle theme has.

  3. wightboi22 says

    video game music is like if instead of remembering that one backstreet boys song from a party, the backstreet boys wrote that song for your party.

  4. Koji says

    Hey game composers are amazing, my name is based off Koji Kondo

  5. Thruster McBuster says

    These edits are nice af

  6. Boggy 22 says


  7. brisk says

    ack-chuallyyyy it was in song that might play when you fight sans that the leitmotif is used not megalovania snort

  8. Cornnose says

    this has got an amazing bill wurtz vibe

  9. RedPenguin says

    Alax what did you think of Origami King?

  10. HTsuna X says

    I don't know how i missed this one when it released
    It's frustrating when someone ask which is your favourite song and knowing that if you say cynthia battle theme nobody will take you seriously. Most of my favourite songs are from games, and i think they are a lot more enjoyable than what you often listen to the radio.

  11. The Animated Geek says

    Ah crap, it’s Monika again!!!

  12. Pugbro 64 says

    I knew something was up. I had a tiny bit of hope for him and I was right. Thank god the side is now leaning on him now

  13. Snorchill says

    People make fun of me because I listen to the Kirby Soundtracks, but Pop star from Crustal Shards is aN ABSOLUTE BOP!

  14. Jisatsu says

    it's confirmed every known youtuber gets into some serious shit, change my mind

  15. Peter Dib says

    You better have talked about halo music

  16. Chassy says

    megalovania is good because it wasnt made for sans but the way toby remixed it for the 3rd time it sounded like a version of sans

  17. Herve Mompoint says

    It seems that some(not all) peeps who commented here last week might owe alax an apology

  18. Lil Saucy Joe says

    I don't think people should be punished for thinking alex was in the wrong. Raven did have a lot of evidence that looked like facts (especially if you really looked into it). And who knows, maybe alex is still guilty. The case isn't over yet.

  19. Malachi Gray says

    Imagine wasting your time by scrolling through the older comments just to prove that they were wrong about Alex

  20. BLAISE PRINCE says

    Lmao I don’t blame anybody for opposing Alex, even he himself said you should believe the victims that Claim to be raped

  21. Sue Hanigan says

    Ah neat, new intro

  22. Yvette Renoun says

    Mario on a piano, Mario on a piano, I repeat Mario on a piano, it's happening, it's real, He's there, on a piano.

  23. Frankimations says

    This is one rollercoaster of a comment section

  24. Was Poppin says

    HeyI just subbed to help you with your current sub loss

  25. CupOfTea says

    I hope Alax's recent video shows everyone that he's in the right, people are too quick to jump the gun I swear.
    And if you wanna use the argument of the smash players being accused and punished in such short time, most came out with apologies basically confessing and some even distanced themselves from the community on their own

  26. Gaspar Homps says

    I’m sorry for having commented, black captain falcon was right.

  27. ShyNight says

    I.. seriously, seriously do not like what people are doing. This cancel culture hurts me.. I feel so bad. Alex might have proven himself but, with ZeRo, he admitted it. Still.. While I hate the actions they made, I strongly disagree with people pulling a one-eighty and treating them like the worst people out there. ZeRo is going to therapy and trying to change. While I am disappointed with his actions, I do keep my respect for him as a human being. We aren't perfect. We sometimes make mistakes, sometimes morally very wrong. But ZeRo tries to change and as someone who likes to see the good in people and believe, I am all for that. I am glad he is trying to change, but people show little sense of respect towards them and I feel, so hurt, for their stead. That people can be so close-minded and completely neglect a person like that, even if they are trying to change for the better. So many people do not care. I am a person who likes to look at the brighter and better future, and for people to go against that.. hurts me. I find it so saddening how one-sided and simple-minded people are.

  28. Eric Amaya says

    fuck we did it again

  29. PJ_Pizza says

    I really want to reply to all the comments hating him over the accusations and say “bet you feel pretty stupid now” but also don’t want to stay up for 69 hours

  30. Henry 64 says

    Listen everyone just know we don't know who did what but that doesn't mean we have to come after him just watch his new video about his side of the story

  31. Henry 64 says


  32. Henry 64 says


  33. Henry 64 says


  34. Henry 64 says


  35. Startlingames says

    Seriously, these people learned NOTHING from the projared situation. Innocent until proven guilty everyone, jesus I swear the Internet is full of idiotic misandrists who never wait to hear the other side without instant grabbing and flailing around pitch forks and just instantly believe a toxic woman's claims without proper evidence.

  36. Muffin Man says

    great video dude can't wait to see more content

  37. The Crimson Dragon says

    I have made a lot of comments on this video. I just believed raven, and I am truly sorry I did. But can you blame me? She presented convincing evidence. I usually try to look at both sides (initially I worded this poorly, oops) in situations, I am truly sorry Alax. All I wanted was to support what I felt was the victim. But I am so glad I was wrong. Turns out you were like joker in the end, huh? You pulled what I feel was a projared, congrats. I honestly cant wait for ravens response. I said in a prior comment of mine You are cornered, he said in his video I feel cornered. I think that and the evidence he presented got me. But I do feel like there was no reason to stay radio silent. if this was presented a year ago this wouldn't have happened and we wouldn't be here. Glad to have you back Alax. This is just from a fan that wants to admit he is wrong and apologize.

  38. Gabriel Game Freak says

    I think some people in this comment section feel really really stupid right now.

  39. drftw00d says

    These comments haven't aged well

  40. Conrad Schmitt says

    I watched this video and checked out the soundtracks to the Ori games. The use of a flute adds to the mysticism of the forests of nibel and niwen.

  41. Gabe Goes Coasting says

    Just blocking off bullshit

  42. Soul_0 says

    Tbh this comment sections shows how blindly people just follow an accusation, people need to show proof with context, (note this comment was made after alax cleared up the aligations) truly cancel culture is one of the most toxic things on this website, multiple content creators have been unrightfully canceled because of things taken out of context and false aligations,we need to use innocent until proven guilty not the other way around

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