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The Power of Computer Science


By bringing the power of computer science to fields such as journalism, education, robotics, and art, Northwestern University computer scientists in the McCormick School of Engineering are accelerating research and innovation exponentially.

Northwestern has announced a major expansion of computer science, adding 20 faculty and substantially expanding its commitment to this field in the years ahead. Half of the new faculty appointments will be in core computer science areas and half structured as collaborative “CS+X” appointments with other disciplines.

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  1. Rakesh Sharma says

    This is my dream

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  4. Star Karan says

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  6. adi sav says

    I will be applying for getting an opportunity to study with you guys…cool stuff

  7. Nishant Nath says

    B Tech in computer science engineering IIT-Bombay

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  9. dinesh kumar says

    my second lover……..CS

  10. Danilo Alencar says

    I love that!

  11. Samuel Fey says

    cool good job!

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