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The Pioneer Woman's Top 10 Comfort Food Recipes | Food Network


Ree is the QUEEN of comfort food! These are her most-viewed comfy, cozy recipes, from cheesy stuffed shells to creamy mashed potatoes!

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  1. Mykee Wattz says

    Cottage cheese is nasty! Go straight to hell smiley demon!

  2. Celia Bax says

    Its here 00.16 hour in the night and i get so hungry from you,re video??????

  3. Shamika Green says

    Looks delicious.
    Have you heard of Chef ChrisB?


    Please check out some delicious Jamaican cooking!!! I promise you will not be disappointed!

  4. Christa Brown says

    That stew is perfect! The Shield Of Faith Ephesians 6:16 The Bible

  5. Joseph Capri says

    had to stop being a fan YOU KILL ME WITH TEX-MEX

  6. Yvette Payling says

    Enjoying your channel

  7. elizabeth Kirkpatrick says

    I love watching Brees recipes but her voice grates on me. Can she not stop talking and talking to us as if we are stupid

  8. Mary Moreno says

    Omg all these recipes! Okay now I'm hungry!? Lol.
    Love her show!!!!! I wanna go to her house for the holidays. Ijs????♥♥

  9. Deb Hiott says

    Thanks for the evening!

  10. yejin So says

    Perfect menu for me to study best 1 at my home !!!!!

  11. Susan R Smith says

    I’m hungry now!

  12. Alyssa Varela says

    If anyone wants to know the sauce she used its alessi tomato sauce or pasta sauce.

  13. Gemma Avary says

    Oh my word!!! You talk about Deliciousness ☆☆☆☆☆ Your Top Ten Comfort Foods are Truly The Top Ten in my book♡♡♡ GOD BLESS EVERYONE ♡♡♡

  14. jack cole says

    I think Pioneer Woman is some kind of robot experiment.

  15. قناة لميس للطبخ والحلويات - Lamis Recipes Channel says
  16. Margie Booker says

    Leftovers only. You're awesome.

  17. Tom Lompa says

    A few good ideas here. One thing that I use a lot that's missing here is bay leaves. In stew and lasagna especially. Gotta have that.

  18. MF Grinch says

    I have always hated cottage cheese. I think….

  19. kris Burns says

    Hi Ree, love your cooking shows. Thanks for sharing these delicious recipes. How is your mom doing?

  20. Antonio Castello says

    you win!

  21. Bonnie Bogert says

    It breaks my heart to see your channel and others like it still perpetuating and encouraging the cruelty inherent in a meat and dairy based diet. Please, please get educated, there's safer, saner and more compassionate way of eating…called Veganisn. So for yours and your followers health, the health of this planet and most of all, for the animals please get with the times!!! May I highly recommend these documentaries; "What the Health", "Cowspiracy" and "Domain", just to name a few. Hopefully, they will help you down the path of true enlightenment.

  22. Wyna Stefanik says

    Nice pasta pot…. what's the brand… anybody know?

  23. Justice Boofer says

    I use the Confederate flag for toilet paper.???

  24. Maxie Playz says

    il put in some beer…IS THIS WOMEN OUT OF HER MIND?

  25. Donna Magistro says

    Love her show. Love her demeanor. Lucky husband!

  26. Debbie Fouriner says

    Ree, I love the tops that you wear. They are exactly my style. Can you tell where you get them? I hope so!

  27. وصفات ومنوعات اشرقت says

    Very Good

  28. Marty McFLY 1985 says

    Ree has always come across as Fake and Very Heavily Staged .

    Then lockdown Episodes arrive totally proving me right

    Lockdown Episodes you have the actual Ree natural making mistakes having a laugh burning things

    So why has Ree spent season after season after season pretending she doesn't act like this instead she's spent years selling herself as the PERFECT 50s Housewife which always looked Fake and unnatural


    probably wild in the sack

  30. Stephanie Nicole De Klerk says

    Recipes are super fattening but look amazingly delicious!

  31. Michael Thomas says

    Beautiful ree.

  32. erick hale says

    Your the best chef ever!!!???????

  33. alexandreintouch says

    so basically a ton of fat added to 2 tons of fat …voilà ! she should try the lard and heavy cream smoothie …..so goooooooood !

  34. Random User says

    I love this youtube channel I have this tv show on our TV

  35. Fay Horsfield says

    High carb, so much dairy and meat. Recipe for clogged arteries ?

  36. Anthony C says

    No wonder her food is so good. She doesn’t hold back on the cream butter and cheese .. so healthy!

  37. #My Kitchen with life style says

    U r my favorite ?

  38. Lurdes Geremias says

    Voce tenque fazer e Esperimentar pra gente ver se Esta bom tua comida Lourdes geremias do Brasil ??

  39. William Gomez says

    It shouldn’t be cooking look at it it looks preparing that to you

  40. William Gomez says

    Real food burns you

  41. William Gomez says

    It’s all garbage we eat garbage it knew it the whole extyn It’s all practical cardboard

  42. Jonathan Goins says

    she over cooked the  beef     you can see it

  43. Kimberly Williamson says

    Lost me with the beer and bacon…..ugh

  44. Ines Colon says

    And yes I know how to cook a little bit of everything.

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