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The PERFECT Carry-On Travel Bag (Recommended By A Flight Attendant)


THE ELLA TOTE BAG BUNDLE: www.minkeeblue.com

In this video I will be showing you one of my newest absolute favorite carry-on travel bags! It can also be use as your personal item to travel with or just for your every day use!

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FTC Disclaimer: Thank you to MinkeeBlue for supplying the product to review. All opinions are my own- AS ALWAYS!

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  1. Karen Nichols says

    I go to Colorado to see my family in Colorado for Christmas and that would be great to use how much is this bag and it is so very nice and it would be great for me to use thanks for showing me about the bags

  2. Amy Sharkey says

    I bought this bag! I dont have it yet though.

  3. Tony Hoang says

    Is there a men version of this????

  4. Tolani TV says

    I thought this bag was gonna be in the hundreds but it's so affordable for what your getting this woman is a genius!!!???

  5. Veronica Andrea says

    Wow!! As a photographer I can see a lot of great use out of this bag!!

  6. mara everywhere says


  7. Tressa Nemcik says

    Can you do a video on how you pack this bag when you are using it for your flights? I’m having a hard time deciding between this and the nomad lane bag. And I love watching how people pack bags because it makes me feel like it’s me packing.

  8. Scott Hood says

    your friend Ale seeding me come change you video flight

  9. DeBora Rachelle says

    Question: Have you ever used the zipper to make the bag larger inside? It just seems like it would always be great to have the bottom tote separate?


    THIS BAG LOOKS SO BOMB I NEEED!!!!!!!!????????

  11. jen bombay says

    Sweet!!! You had me at hello❤️ lol great bag I will use the bottom bag for makeup so perfect!!!

  12. Doreen Defelice says

    You can’t buy this product. I have been waiting for 2 months. Buy in America. This company should too. They are waiting on China to begin production again . Thanks for info.

  13. Isatruc says

    more then a travel backpack, it,s a bag for women ready for anything! 😀

  14. Gisela Zapata says

    This is a beautiful and extremely useful bag. BUT!!!!! I just want to say your hair looks amazing girl! Is this all your hair or are you wearing extensions? I recently cut my hair and I regret it so much, I miss my long hair lol I’m looking for some good hair extensions that won’t look fake.

  15. janis young says

    Perfect for nurses working 12 hour shifts! I need this!

  16. Michele Pastele says

    Looks amazing. They're all SOLD OUT though. Bummer.

  17. Maree Bujdegan says

    I really like the look of that bag. Bonus is that I have cobalt blue luggage so it would match perfectly lol. One suggestion: please put an actual link to the minkeeblue website like you have with the affiliate ones. I had to copy/paste it to go to the website. Otherwise, great video.

  18. Shawna Staggenborg says

    I will be carrying literally hundreds of homeopathic medicine bottles (mostly glass) with me and I do not want them in checked because I would be out a ton of money if that bag were lost and I would be devastated.
    Can I carry that on? Any recommendations?

  19. Regina Lechleitner says

    How many bags can you carry on?

  20. Apoth E. Cary says

    what a great product. thank you for the thorough review.

  21. Audrey Blinstrub says

    I've had a Lug Puddle jumper bag with similar features for a couple years. I wouldn't travel without it.

  22. Rye Toast says

    Wait wait wait wait wait…. I was ready to side eye this bag because come on, it's a bag. I'm not even a flight attendant but this would be perfect for commuters who pack lunch every day. I'm currently using a large tote and I toss my lunch bag, laptop and water bottle in there but everything has to fit "just so" or things tip over and you have to dig dig dig to find things. I love this. I can even stow a water bottle AND my thermal coffee mug. Does that crossbody strap work on the tote, too? I think that's all that's missing.

  23. Paula C says

    Since you asked for this bag for free, I had expected a discount code or the bag to have been a give-away ?

  24. LadyWinterHawk14 says

    You can also use the small purse as a hip purse.

  25. Rs Rs says

    I really wanted this one but its sold out for now out of stock ?‍♀️?

  26. Nicole Burgos says

    Her excitement throughout the entire video was so endearing!! I totally felt like I was with her in the kitchen gabbing about how awesome this bag was. and it IS!! I loved that bag. Definitely that boss lady gave it some very serious thought.

  27. Brad K says

    That hair is not the hair of a mere mortal.

  28. Erlie Bernardo says

    I think the lunch bag would also work as a makeup and/or toiletries container. I am actually looking for a travel tote bag and i cant wait for it’s restock in March.

  29. Barbara Tavares says

    I have Celiac Disease and must eat 100% Gluten Free foods. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the integrated lunch box! Thanks for the video. Unfortunately, the bag is sold out until March 2020 but you can be added to their mailing list.

  30. Karen Reed says

    LOVE IT!!! Tuck the umbrella in the other outside pocket (water bottle pocket) So nice!!!!

  31. XICA says

    Amazing review I actually just purchased the Carly tote instead since they have a fushia lining in that one and it is wipeable ! Idk if anyone else is clumsy or have kids but I do and I love that it was wipeable . Plus it was a little cheaper lol ! Can’t wait to get it !

  32. tinitag says

    I agree with the comments, this looks like a great pump bag!!!

  33. xocarrie44 says

    I just went to see how much it costs to purchase it and it’s sold out until March

  34. Lindsey B says

    It would be perfect if it also had backpack straps to convert from tote to backpack.

  35. Greg Cleveland says

    For me, I'm sad that it doesn't look gender neutral. Otherwise, great sounding bag.

  36. Jon K says

    This is legit the coolest bag!

  37. Grace T. says

    Perfect work bag!! Thank you for sharing!

  38. Kate Skalij says

    Have you been using this bag everyday for the last few months? How do you find the durability? Normally, I go for a real leather bag because I know it will last for years and still look new..

  39. Nazara Said says

    You really really sold that bag, I love your descriptive style and I love that bag

  40. Louie Albrecht says

    A little annoyed; STILL SOLD OUT!

  41. Carla Gail says

    Oh, I love this bag. I want one!

  42. The Mistress Of None says

    I'll definitely feature it on my channel too. I love it. Thank you for sharing from a fellow flight attendant ?

  43. The Mistress Of None says

    Oh my gosh I need that bag ?

  44. PunkyGlam says

    This bag seems perfect for a diaper bag too. Especially for moms who formula feed.

  45. Haide Knudsen says

    So where can we buy that bag? And i think its not allowed to take umbrella as hand carry?

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