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The ONLY Travel Guide You'll Need to Vietnam


Thinking of visiting Vietnam? Make sure to watch this video before going! This is your one stop shop (with prices) on everything you should know before going. Check out interesting foods, how to get around the country, internet strength, apps to download and more!

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Where we stayed:
Hoi An: (Thien Tan Homestay) (Free bikes!)

Phu Quoc: (Thuan Hai Hotel)

Đà Lạt: (Wouldn’t recommend unless you get street facing rooms with large windows)

Nha Trang: (Mr Duy Hostel) (HIGHLY recommend this place! Owner is awesome!)

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More visa info:

Site for more train info:

More on weather in Vietnam:

Best deal on Ultrathon mosquito lotion:

Vu and Barbaras street food tour:

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  1. Int Affair says

    0:20 – Visas
    2:01 – Immunizations
    2:56 – Where to start
    3:30 – Electricity
    4:02 – Internet
    4:34 – Transportation
    4:51 – Buses
    5:31 – Trains
    8:16 – Renting Motorbikes
    9:01 – International License
    9:39 – Lodging (Hotels vs Airbnb’s)
    10:29 – Apps for Vietnam
    12:19 – FOOD!
    14:54 – What to pack
    19:27 – Currency
    20:08 – Check list

  2. Korea Walker [장임규tv] says

    Thank you. I watched a good video comfortably.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Lê Nguyên Khôi Hoàng says

    As a wild Vietnamese, i approve of this video.

  4. Dung Sida says

    I'm glad you liked Vietnam! And thank you for being responsible tourists, really appreciate that 🙂 – Love, from Vietnam

  5. moosian says

    If you have very big feet, you can't buy shoes! (I wear size 14W)

  6. moosian says

    I've been to Vietnam five times! I love it! You guys are spot on! 🙂

  7. masterpys says

    These are great tips! You guys really know how to travel.

  8. Louca Doida says

    That train toilet is a no no

  9. Jennifer Rawlinson says

    Hey this is super helpful. Planning a trip to Vietnam and Laos post Covid. We are in our mid 50s and maybe not keen on motorbikes. Do you think it is still possible to do the south to north itinerary using flights/tuktuks/? Our plan is 2 weeks in Vietnam and one week in Laos. Many thanks.

  10. Gary Bagpipes says

    This is very informative. I am planning a trip and you filled in all the "blanks" Thanks!

  11. The Ironhide Chronicles says

    Hey! I found your channel today and have really been enjoying your content ever since. Thanks for sharing such wonderful insights with us. I've subscribed and will look forward to more of your videos 🙂

  12. Alex Tollah says

    6'8"?! Wow, those flights must be rough on your knees.

  13. Super Cruiser says

    Not only did Vietnam get attacked by Australia, America, South Korea and Japan BUT after the war Vietnam saved the Cambodian people from Pol Pot who China backed.

  14. Andrew D. Blanford says

    You don't need any vaccines to go to Vietnam! Don't do this! Otherwise, decent advice and great vid.

  15. Ai Phan says

    Thank you so much, i am vietnamese

  16. Terry says

    Do you two have any idea what all they put in vaccines? Do you really trust the CDC? Ever tried to sue a vaccine manufacture …. it goes to a private court. Why is that? Wake up kiddos… reality is not as you have been programmed to believe.

  17. Marcus Roy says

    The lady is very pretty!

  18. KHA CÀ MAU says

    thanks welcom to VN

  19. wandering spirit says

    Just stumbled upon your channel and I love it. I may retire there one day.

  20. Ashish Mane says

    This chick is so pretty. I wld like to follow her on insta

  21. tuấn hoàng says

    very informative

  22. dmilo27 says

    Yeah…Do you have a tour that shows you where all the grandfathers and uncles and brothers and friends got killed by those fucking people ?? FUCK YOU AND FUCK VIET NAM….Viet Vet….

  23. Tiger Zero says

    Vietnam is becoming more English speaking day by day so not to worries

  24. John Biccum says

    Great video, looking at possible this time next year moving to either Vietnam or the Philippines and your video is the best I have seen to date. Thank you

  25. Drashan Saxena says

    Dude You are one tall man!!!

  26. Bùi Trung Đức Football Challenge says

    Tôi là người việt nam rất cmar ơn bạn có những hành động đẹp

  27. Truong Nguyen says

    Thank you for the video. It shown how convenience Vietnam now… welcome to Vietnam

  28. Crystal Stanley says

    OMG I totally overpaid and got way too many vaccines.

  29. Zarah Quixy says

    Hà Nội là thủ đô của Việt Nam, Thăng Long văn hiến xưa.
    Hải Phòng là thủ phủ xe hơi của Việt Nam, thành phố công nghiệp đầu tiên của đất nước.
    Đà Nẵng là thành phố du lịch thân thiện và cởi mở của Việt Nam.
    Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh là vùng đất hứa mới, nhận được nhiều sự may mắn và ưu ái của người Việt. Nơi được chăm chút bởi năng lực của các tỷ phú và giới đầu tư miền Bắc, sự nhiệt thành của những người lập nghiệp miền Trung và sự cần cù cùng với tính cách hiền hòa chất phác của người miền Nam.

  30. Clyde Cavan says

    Are Filipinos exempted to get e visa from Vietnam?

  31. Yathra Jay says

    You had an Embark recycle bag from Sri Lanka at 19:10 and that made me so happy!!

  32. Rotten Apple says

    Thumb Up just for saying SAIGON!

  33. Clifton Stanley says

    One of the most informative videos I’ve seen on YouTube. Well done!

  34. Chelsey S says

    Great video!

  35. tatuli chavchavadze says

    This is the best video ever. Entertaining and very informative at the same time! please do more

  36. IMONSMOKO says

    thought there currency was dong

  37. sky 1187 says

    This amazing. Thanks for doing your homework for us. So much easier now that I know.

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