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The ONLY Travel Guide You'll Need to Bali, Indonesia


Thinking of visiting Bali? Make sure to watch this video before going! This is your one stop shop (with prices) on everything you should know before going. Check out interesting foods, how to get around the island, internet strength, apps to download and more!

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  1. Int Affair says

    0:35 – Electricity
    1:17 – Internet
    1:44 – Apps
    3:21 – Lodging (Hotels vs Airbnb’s)
    5:25 – Culture
    6:16 – Visas
    7:51 – When to visit
    8:34 – What to pack
    11:06 – Laundry
    13:04 – Backpack vs Suitcase
    14:41 – Transportation
    16:21 – Scams with ride share (Grab)
    16:40 – Motorbike rentals & costs
    17:08 – International drivers permits
    18:13 – Currency exchanges & scams
    20:50 – Tipping
    21:26 – Accommodations
    22:37 – Where to go
    23:31 – Food
    25:34 – Water & ice
    26:17 – Alcohol taxes & prices
    26:54 – Immunizations
    28:34 – Traveler’s insurance
    29:32 – Natural disasters
    30:41 – Safety

  2. ahusson01 says

    This is a great guide with so much useful info! Just wanted to submit comment, I was in eastern Bali when the Aug 2018 earthquake hit Lombok and in southeast Bali, and we were staying right on the beach so naturally we wondered if there is a tsunami would there be a siren. We asked the hotel staff and the local police department and we were told there is no siren to warn about tsunamis in that part of Bali. From the research I did while there, it seems the beaches in the SW like Kuta that receive the most tourist, are the only beaches of Bali with tsunami sirens. It is 2020 so maybe there are more coastal areas to have such warning system but just wanted to share that FYI for anyone planning to travel to Bali once the world opens again.

  3. Mish'aa Karamat says

    Bali vs Phuket? Which is best?? Please help, anyone ?

  4. Reg Lewis says

    I know its been said before but you really do look like the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Brilliant and informative Video. Thank You Princess.

  5. Zain Anuar says

    I love those last phrases… ? ? ?

  6. Jeremy j says

    Excellent no bs tips! Do you travel with a wad of US currency to avoid the local ATM fees? Even if u have a schwab card the atms charge a lot for withdrawals and cap your daily withdrawal amount. Is there a way of withdrawing a moderately large amount of money within each country in one go without paying ridiculously high fees. That way I don't have to carry around a large amount of money with me everywhere. By the way I'm from the UK so I don't know if I can get a schwab account?

  7. Rita Hadid says

    gak nyaranin google map , nyasar anjir hahahahhahahaha

  8. Jarekthroughthelens says

    Great video, very informative. Thanks for sharing

  9. Lệ Hoa Trương says

    i read it as everything Ball 0.0

  10. Prashant Ranjan Das says

    i love the female voice and my partner loves the male voice….LOLzzzzz…Love both of you…Proper minute details..You both are incredible….

  11. Nicklyn Christensen says

    Bali yes baby

  12. Mel Pensotes says

    Thank you for sharing amazing info stay safe

  13. BST Bali says

    Video anda KEREN Sekali
    Great video & so informative.

    This is how video blogs should be done.

    Entertaining, everything with lots of useful information. Very well done.

    Thank you so much "Int Affair"

  14. Almaz Abraha says

    very helpful thank you

  15. my32pints says

    time for some jiggy jiggy baby

  16. Maya Maya says

    Canggu Bali

  17. Stephen Dufort says

    too many tourist BS! Go to Bali and meet westerners….boring!


    love this complete review

  19. Rohan Williams says

    Best Bali guide ever ??

  20. bim prasad says

    always love your posts, great video, hoping to go next mar 21 for one week, if not then july for 3 weeks. Ive heard its a vegan/ vegetarian haven,(Im a vegan) so looking for forward.. any ideas what Kuta is like ? Thanks and take care, best wishes..

  21. AB 77 says

    Awesome video, i stay at bali

  22. Abdul Rosid says

    Mantap.. lanjutkan

  23. hunailz23 says

    Thank you?

  24. Trampus Trampi says

    this is the best information video I've seen about Bali, when I think about it, it's actually the best travel video information I've seen.

    No ego, no one is trying to be funny or hype .. just simple information about Bali, exactly what you are looking for.

    In addition, good backgrounds music and nice video sections.

    Nice work guys… and girl 😉 THANK YOU !!!

  25. BusyBeeRika says


  26. Schubert Sans says

    Such an amazing content, cohesive and straightforward! Thank you so much, guys!!! Wishing you safe travels and great adventures.

  27. Sneha Jayakrishnan says

    You look like Kate Middleton!?????

  28. Sneha Jayakrishnan says

    I was planning for a trip after the pandemic situation is settled and began researching about Bali and making notes. I saw a lot of videos, vlogs and posts but this one was worth it! Lot more and extra information included in your video than basic informations given by other vloggers.so thankful? this really was helpful ?

  29. Stardust Universe says

    Awesome information cheese guys. big hug from UK ??

  30. Sebastian Hutcher says

    I love these travel guides, can you do one for Thailand? you have an amazing collection of videos but no summarized guide i could find!

  31. Craig Barnes says

    Wow this video is informative. Such a fantastic "checklist"

  32. Craig Barnes says

    Omggggg that multi plug!!! ? Amazing

  33. Isabella Cloke says

    When exchanging money, can you pay via card or do you need to use notes. Also how much would you recommend to bring for a 10day trip? Thank you

  34. Laura Noordhuis says

    Amazing guide! Thank you so much 🙂 Can't wait to visit Bali!

  35. jack subarja says

    thank you guys, awesome, Bali from A to Z if I may say….full of information even I watch this again …again..again…..by the way the what's your name both….I would like to know and by the way the woman beside you is like Kate Middleton….

  36. Aubrey Dayon says

    Thanks for the headstart??

  37. Kristina Sumner says

    Great information. However, I had to chuckle when she said to "be up on your rabies shot for safe measure" (28.17). So….a rabies vaccine will prevent rabies AFTER you have had an exposure (i.e. have been bitten) and not beforehand. A rabies "shot" is NOT a prophylactic (i.e. intended to prevent disease). You can will only take a rabies vaccine after you have been bitten. Let's just hope that these are available at the local clinics or an international hospital.

  38. Samatha Love says

    This is so informative. Thank You.

  39. Rita Surya says

    Bali is the safest place for tourism in Indonesia. Frankly, it has got lowest criminal numbers to be compared to West Java, Sumatra Island and South Celebes. I am not Balinese.

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