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The Music of Cuphead: Recording Floral Fury


A behind-the-scenes look at a big band recording session for Cuphead. Music composed by Kristofer Maddigan. Produced and Edited by Peter Strauss. — Cuphead 4xLP Deluxe Vinyl Soundtrack:

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  1. ElReja SSJ says

    deaf children: subtitles [full orchestra

  2. Anthony Parra says

    I hate playing regular just to find out that music slow downs

  3. treefiddytwo says

    so happy this came to PS4. literally the only exclusive i wanted from xbox this generation and i’ve been enjoying the hell out of it and appreciating the work they put into it

  4. dohmy says

    This kind of music hits different man

  5. Chappie_105 says

    Que chido

  6. water dropp says

    Love that someone added subtitles to this video like “do Doto dom dot dot” and “full band (awesome)

  7. ꧁Tumikaシ დ꧂ says

    Like it~~

  8. COOL COOKIE says

    Hmmmmmm Carnaval

  9. 25-Tomás Portel Morabilo says


  10. Jacobo Podlipsky says

    I just want to know what is the straw in soda cup sound

  11. Axel Lopez Cordero UwU says

    Gracias por darnos su obra maestra para PS4. Han pasado años de su estreno pero en pleno 2020 sigue dando mucho de que hablar ^^

  12. Super Gato 64 UwU says

    This game is still very good

  13. Angus Mifsud says


  14. Lucky4533Stage says

    mano, kkkk quando eu lutei contra a flor eu já percebi que era música um bom samba brasileiro kkk

  15. La michis ÙWÚ says

    :') so cute

  16. Ok Boomer But It's a Cat says

    just wow

  17. Mimi Nunes says

    eu so acho que uma escola de samba tem q usar essa melodia

  18. bastian cuello says

    i just realized that all persons there are old mans

  19. Sebas Rolon - says

    El de Wally warbles es la mejor,saben porque?porque en la parte del hijo de Wally la canción es asi tantantan tan tantantan ¡Tan!

  20. freshQualityair says

    They finally got the Ps4 port for this game and i’m absolutely loving it.

  21. sanslld go says

    You super

  22. winning kiwi377 says

    I thought the gaming terroriser would be here

  23. OLMO_R El Gamer says

    1:24 and now on ps4.
    Hahahahahahahahahah fuck the Xbox.

  24. Random Yt says

    The subtitles are amazing?

  25. Random Yt says


  26. Edna Juarez says


  27. lemons says

    Me and the boys in band class

  28. Juan Pablo Monroy Lopez says


  29. Jordan Maze says

    omg i thought this was dlc

  30. David López says


  31. Sr Lefty says

    Cup head Is a very good the game

  32. Stan CFC says

    Samba kk

  33. Stan CFC says

    A legenda Brasileira kkkk ??

  34. Drew Butler says

    Our band at concerts: Sucks
    Our band at practice:


    My Dream Is Just Happens In This Video

    I Want Play In A Team Like This

    "Bah Bah Dalalah Duh"
    "Bah Bah Dalallah DUM"
    "Bah Bah Dalalalah Do Dalalah DO da DAHHH"
    "Bah Babaj Dalalah DUH"
    "Bah Dalalalah Lah DUM"
    "Bah Bah Dalalah Do Dalalah
    "DO BAH"

  36. MICHAEL SCOTT says

    when they brung out the real stuff they was killing it

  37. 균열아르메다스 says

    화려한 금색이 나를 감싸네

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