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The Music Freaks ? Ep.3 | Gacha Life Mini Movie Reaction


Another Episode of The Music Freaks has been released! I’m so excited for this one!
Thank you to @RosyClozy who created it ✨

Voice Actors:
Jake – The Peach God

Hailey – VeeahVA

Zander – Robert Cossyleon

Luke – Mark Lee
Twitter/Instagram: @Mark_is_Lee

Millicent (Milly) – Charlie Rowen

Sean – DataDave

Daisy – Harudori

Drew – DoshVo
Instagram: @doshvoice

Henry – Adam New
Liam – Alain D’Regel

Miss Jones – YerkaGirl

Zoey – RoniX

Lia – Bearpuff4

Sadie – Luu/Luumturii

Elliot – GarbyVA

Special appearences in this episode:
KazuVA as Random Student in the beginning scene!

Music Used:
Song: Jeris Johnson – She Moves Me
Music promoted by FreeMusicWave.
The Big Guns Silent Partner
Rockville by Patrick Patrikios
Concrete by JHS Pedals
Track: Besomorph & Coopex – Redemption (ft. Riell) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Free Download / Stream:
Brooke’s Dream by Dan Lebowitz
Bouncey by The Grand Affair
Diggy by Patrick Patrikios
Sam Stoopid by Mikos Da Gawd
“Sappheiros – Dawn” is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0)
Music promoted by BreakingCopyright:
Lone Wolf by Dan Lebowitz
A Caring Friend by Bad Snacks
Track: Lundh & Jon Becker – Tonight

#gacha #gachalife #glmm

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  1. Yammy says

    How are the audio levels? Should my videos be louder?

  2. Jesren Games says

    My Ships.

    Zander and Luke
    Zander and Jake
    Sean and Daisy
    Jake and Daisy
    Hailey and Jake

  3. Hailey And The Animal Squad says

    when you realize that i have the song on my mp3 player-


  4. piper olivia says

    yammy and the crazy one kinda have the same coler hair her name is milly milly

  5. Curious _ Cutie _ A _ Lina says

    Who ships Jake and Daisy?
    Or ships Sean and Daisy?

  6. Corrpupted Queen says

    They have the same hair (I mean yammy an the pink haired devil)

  7. annxe says

    Great video! 😀

  8. Indiana_da_ banana says

    Has anyone noticed that Millie's hair looks exactly like yammys?

  9. TheBest TeamMate says

    So yammy do you ship jake and hailey

  10. ғᴀᴋᴇʟʏɴᴏᴛ says

    Don’t worry Yammy. I feel you. The same thing happened to me, expect I told my friends hoping I could trust them and they told everyone else. My crush didn’t know though, but then, my other friend have hints to my crush on who liked him. He found out and confronted me. I said yes to him questioning if I liked him. Then I ran away. ?✨♥️ he’s a sweet heart though, so when I was going through trouble with losing friends, he saw me and gave me a note hoping if I was okay.

  11. Giuseppe Chiazzese says

    Oh hey, thanks for checking in ?I’m still a piece of garbage ??

  12. Potato pup Master says


  13. Felon-E Beats says

    Love this

  14. Unicorn Girl gacha life says

    Your hair colour is just like the pink hair double

  15. PiggyGames -Gachatuber says

    Yammy:Who is The Pink haired devil
    Haters:Ur The Pink haired Devil ahhahahahahha
    Fans:ik ur not the pink haired devil ur a pink haired angel

  16. Brittany Dunaway says


  17. Max Rodriguez says

    Yes I like ♥️♥️

  18. Gacha Mars says

    Yammy: TSK

  19. stormy clouds says

    Yammy looks linda like milly now…

  20. MagicGirl 15 says

    I ?Yammy aka Yasmine.

  21. PrastadG Games says

    Who feels Hailey and jakes ship is sailing and fast?

  22. Starz SLD says

    Daisy: Isn’t that the janitor’s job?

  23. Ralph Terrones says

    No offense, but have you noticed that Jake likes Haley now, so now Daisy should like Sean. But Jake still likes Daisy a little bit.

  24. BøbaMilk says

    I’m a gachtuber and you have to screen shot every scene and animate it after it is a lot please consider subscribing too!

  25. Sunshine_girl _Meh says

    You love me?

  26. Kumar Subramanian says

    has anyone noticed that milly has the same hair as yammy?
    ………just me? ok-

  27. Darija Aleksic says

    Can you ract to the music freaks in gacha club pwease?

  28. Galaxy Plays says

    I’m not hating but a lot of these vid that say bad things about gacha ( not this one but other ppl do ) really hurt ppl also do u not have other idea because not many ppl watch this stuff 😀

  29. Valid Gacha Pack says

    Fun Fact:

    Hailey's VA ( VeeahBee ) is a Gachatuber that has 100K+ Subscribers. She's a good singer lol

  30. MissG RS and Politics says

    Lila or the dark skin bully actually looked like she was feeling sorry for milly

  31. Grace Lily says

    I ship Milly and Jake

  32. Maggie’s World says

    If I did Gacha skits, all the episodes of season one will be fully made before being released.

  33. Peter Luo says

    I mean her backstory is just like the song redemption

  34. s birch says

    Why didn't you show the first part of the fight scene

  35. Mega_Yenna _Omega says


  36. Samuel Bell says

    Shipping names

    Jake and Daisy
    Flower shipping

    Jake and Haily
    Music shipping

    Jake and Millie
    Pink shipping

    Comment witch shipping team you are on

  37. Ridma Jayawardena says

    Anyone noticed that Yammy and Millicent have the same hair colours?

  38. sonal sheth says

    Hi yammy???????

  39. Starly ThaPro34 says

    You dyed your hair like milly’s hair

  40. XxGachaBlueMoon says

    Girlie i think u dyed ur hair really well also i luv ur vids and i luv gacha life

  41. Brynne Arnold says

    Michelle, I felt the same way. yammy's hair looks Like Milly's.

  42. Elizabeth Diaz says


  43. E Lee says

    I ship Jake and Hailey???

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