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The LIE About "Health at Every Size" (Glitter and Lazers Spills Tea)


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  1. Mariah Haley says

    While I enjoyed her video, and I think she had a lot of good points, I have a huge problem with the implication that her “diagnosis” came from professionals online and not from a doctor who performed an exam/any necessary labs in person. Medical professionals do not perform diagnosis online. Multiple strangers expressing on opinion is not a diagnosis. Maybe she just didn’t wish to speak about her actual involvement with the healthcare system, but the way she worded it in this video it certainly sounds like she’s just going off what some random people said to her online. I wish we could have a more productive conversation about seeking appropriate healthcare when overweight.

  2. Small Floof says

    Happy and healthy at every size except being thin. It’s funny how the people who are trying to include themselves, EXLUDE other people. Bunch of trash

  3. Justprettymakeup says

    It’s such a shame that influencers become slaves to public opinion.

  4. Oklahoma Proud says

    Why anyone would make someone feel bad for wanting to improve themselves? It makes no sense

  5. Marva Solomon says

    Back at the trough. LOL

  6. A.H. V says

    This is insane she had to explain that! this is why i just do things quietly i lost a 121 pounds since 2014 im not a fan off fast weightloss sometimes it happens and you can’t help that bc i lost my mom in october and i lost my apetite bc of it losing your mom is hard for everyone but i was 26 when it happend and it accelerated my weightloss bc i struggle to deal with it and i lost 44 pounds in the last 9 months and my weight keeps going down i decided to just go all the way now and finish my weight loss before summer of 2021 but people tend to comment on everything even when they do not know the reasons which is why i mostly stay to myself

  7. Veronica Andersson says

    So sad that she needs to apologize. I have been losing some weight and everyone around me have been awesome and supportive (they were awesome before too) and that makes everything so much easier.

  8. Ty Brandt says

    long hair and tattoos < baby face

  9. Grimoire says

    Long walks truly ARE underrated. It's a great option for me since I am asthmatic and it can be triggered by exercise so I unfortunately cannot do much jogging. But I can go a few hours of walking and its GREAT.

  10. Fredrik says

    Your best vid so far!

  11. Gee Lee says

    Keto is less restrictive than carnivore diet… I was doing keto and went on to carnivore. Failed after a month on carnivore lol don’t get me wrong, carnivore works wonder at least for my body, it definitely helped my long term over 20 years of eczema and seborrheic dermatitis. Literally a week going into carnivore my skin gone clear and I was calm as a cucumber ? . Lost even more weight on carnivore but that wasn’t my goal, it’s good dude effect though. It literally did what keto couldn’t even accomplish and I honestly felt great on it. Problem is the restriction to it…no excuse, I just failed to the restriction. I’m back on keto and of course my eczema and seborrheic dermatitis came right back. However, I might attempt to do it again because I felt great on it if I can control my mouth and stop drooling over food, will see. Point is once I went carnivore, now I felt keto is actually a blessing not hell and not restrictive at all. Guess it is really a perspective thing. I am glad she is finally deciding to get healthy, I’m happy to see many people are at least trying to get healthy and I will keep trying as well 🙂

  12. christine rodriguez says

    Walking is very underrated. It is a great exercise that has so many benefits.

  13. 「Hikikotaku」 says

    Omg how man times does this same topic have to be rehashed? ??

  14. Yese Fitness says

    Wow this was very enlightening. I think extremes make for exceptions. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this

  15. drkRoss says

    I know this is a subtle thing, but I just realised how wholesome John's intro really is.

  16. illujion says

    Shes not plus size shes gone past morbidly obese, people need go stop trying to normalize obesity its super harmful

  17. Сергей Фуфалько says

    Its not normal to be fat like that women

  18. Ant W says

    I heard that John sometimes replies to comments…

  19. Yup says

    Imo walking is an underrated exercise move

  20. Kate Collins says

    Dude you seem to be a Lipedema expert! Every time a video from you pops up in my feed you are always critiquing a women that clearly has Lipodema. Thanks for the heads up. I will be letting this one know as well that she may have it.

  21. Ara Lila says

    I really appreciate the grace & kindness you bring to approaching these sensitive topics: It's very cool !

  22. Madison Parker says

    Keto has a large learning curve but it’s the only thing I’ve been able to stick to easily (and enjoy) for almost 2 years now

  23. Simone Taddia says

    Total Confirmed 17,591,968

    4,562,038 US

    2,662,485 Brazil

    1,695,988 India

    Global Deaths 679,439

    153,314 deaths US

    92,475 deaths Brazil

    46,688 deaths Mexico

    In countries where the average BMI is higher than 30, people died and is dying faster. Strange, right?

  24. No More Tomorrow says

    Can really feel her pain watching her tell her story. It’s crazy that she feels scared to say that she is taking measures for her health. This is definitely where I lose it with the HAES movement,

  25. Fasting Guy Podcast says

    It’s like this is all you post about anymore. Drama. What this day person is saying or what that fat person is saying. Not a fan too much anymore.

  26. Butter Pecan Rican says

    I HATE, ABSOLUTELY HAAATTEEE that people feel like they need to explain themselves and/or apologize for wanting to be healthier by losing weight. It's infuriating! If people truly cared about a creator, they would support their decision to try to be healthy, and not take it like a personal insult.

  27. Frost Bite says

    I'm a size 10 and people still call me fat. I'm 5'3 and still have a tummy. I've hiked 500 miles of the AT, 200 of the PCT, and I hike numerous 14ners and mountain trails.

  28. R M Ashley says

    It’s not healthy to be obese, but neither is it evil. Hoarders on tv get a whole cleaning crew, therapist, organization specialist, mercy and aftercare funds. 600 pound life cast get berated, yelled at, shamed, denigrated. Difference is, hoarders don’t have people enabling them by bringing home bags of clutter…

  29. yilz123 says

    My point of view as a nurse. A condition is exactly that and it is different than a DISEASE as it is NOT the cause. A condition is a state of being for your body, as in it can be changed. Just want people to realize that not every diagnosis is a death sentence, in this case it’s more or less a description of what is happening. If you can change your way of thinking that fact then it makes it easier to initiate change.

  30. Anonymity IsKey says

    Honestly, I wish her the best. I used to watch her videos occasionally. I think it was always obvious she wasn’t 100% comfortable with where she was. At least it was to me. I hope she can get to a better place. Some HAES promoters are annoying af and some i just have compassion for.

    I can’t speak from experience but it does seem like thinking of losing all that weight can seem so daunting that it’s easier to lie to yourself. I think most people have been there with something they struggle with

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