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The last 2K Football game is SO FUN


2K made a football game and it’s SICK

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Today, we play All Pro Football 2K8 made by 2K Sports. It’s the last football game 2K made and it’s better than EA Sports Madden NFL

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  1. realdean13 says

    Dude said Jonathan elway

  2. lorddarthstar says

    Any football game will be good!

  3. Landus Rigsby says

    You really can't go wrong with this game and NFL 2K5. Personally I prefer 2k5 because it actually has the NFL and ESPN icenses, there are a lot more rosters for it and I personally like the graphics better. I felt the players looked too lanky in All Pro Football. But I do give props to All Pro Football for attempting to differentiate star players from regular players in a more deliberate way, having better animations and more fluid gameplay than 2k5 and doing what they could without an NFL or NFLPA license at the time. They are both excellent football video games.

  4. Dirk Diggler says

    This is still the best football game to date imo. The blocking and movement are insane

  5. madden mobile goat says

    u mean gay station

  6. Panda Gaming says

    Video 13 of saying


  7. Austin Wayne says

    Its sad how most of this games tackling animations looks better than maddens now

  8. 2k Football Now says

    I made a custom 1993 roster for APF 2K8 that’s available for 360 or PS3. Let me know if you would like to try it out. It really adds a whole new experience to the game.

  9. Jovana Cortes says

    I subscribe so I can get my madden 21

  10. Roshun Pyant says

    To kick you hold down the stick and time it with the kick! So you hit up as soon as he get ready to kick

  11. Olivia Benson says

    I hate that YouTubers who have no clue how to play APF 2K8 get the most views.

  12. William Coulter says

    @10:06 How I can tell RBT is a Madden gamer: He tries to run to the sideline for more time to throw, rather than actually utilizing the linemen blocking the defenders to buy extra time to throw the deep pass. This is exactly why 2K Sports is the TRUE simulation football game. You have to actually play it as players do in real life.
    People if you want these kinds of changes in Madden … JUST DON'T BUY MADDEN 21.

  13. truesimgamer says

    Good video bro! It's hilarious when you can't even give a copy of Madden NFL away, that signals a major problem. No one is excited about a free copy of Madden NFL 21.

  14. TPCIO 2 says

    What about the hyenas

  15. TPCIO 2 says

    What about your other 2k8 team

  16. j boss says

    Am from Alabama, respect

  17. Ben Williams says

    Tony Canadeo played for the Packers and was drafted from Gonzaga, remember when someone tried to do a NCAA 14 Dynasty with them…

  18. RawEggsofThunder says

    Madden is not simulation, so they can make a better game than the garbage we have received the last few years.

  19. Ryan Cannon says

    I love how the gameplay is 10 times better then madden

  20. Dad Life says

    2k make another APF for next gen.

  21. LegendaryCow Gaming says

    Funny that some of the team logos are still options in 2k20 creating team

  22. ImaFnProblem says

    Great video man. You should check the Simulation Football League. If you like 2K8, you'll enjoy our content.

  23. EpicLavaRonin999 says

    Title: This is the last 2K Football game and it's SO FUN
    Better Title: The Last 2K Football Game Was a Stinker, But Making OJ Simpson Jokes is Fun

  24. joe says

    Yo I have this game, it was sitting in my drawer

  25. Big Boy says

    MLB 2k13 was the shit. I still sometimes whip out my Xbox 360 just to play it

  26. Caleb Rosales says

    I used to have a Xbox 360 back in 2015 but in 2017 my dad took my bro and I to GameStop and we traded in our Xbox 360 r.i.p my Xbox 360

  27. Blinking Kitty says

    Day four of asking RBT to do a fortnite video

  28. Brooke Thomas says

    Rbt you should do a 2k franchise for this game

  29. Justin Barbier says

    How can we win Madden 21? By just subscribing?

  30. SuperJcoleFan says

    Madden wish it had the 2K creativity

  31. Zach Underwood says

    that crabs helmet was sick

  32. Dj Bingham says

    Notice how madden STOLE the truck button to Y?? They might as well make the right joystick the stutter step too!! It's still better than ANYTHING Madden has done with the right stick.

  33. CJPLAYZ YT83 says

    RBT is savage, "We are gonna kill some people"

  34. DMV YN says

    Mr beast sees this and Gives RBT 10,000 ??

  35. Lob32City says

    Real ones remember getting a transfer cable for their 360 to download and upload custom rosters.

  36. Jacob DarthBaneMasteroftheSith says

    Same teams you can customize in 2k today love it

  37. Will says

    We don’t want 2k football we want NCAA football like if u agree

  38. Calvin Sanders says

    Why is this so hard for madden to have this good of gameplay.

  39. Potential XP says

    U dose dont know how to play it lol..and yeah the ps2 version is. Better

  40. Potential XP says

    Yes u can get hurt in 2k8

  41. Coaster Doom says

    Play more

  42. Bloxy Edmist says


  43. The Jackson experiment BobWe says

    To be honest I give Hugh Jackson Credit is team was terrible when he was at the browns I believe he was a good couch is team and their picks whereby good.

  44. GoBills says

    Day 89 of asking for the impossible franchise back let me know if I should keep going

  45. AllPro777 says

    The deal makes zero sense because Madden is an arcade game masquerading as a simulation. So does that mean 2K can make a simulation and call it an arcade game? This whole 15 years has been a joke. Fuq EA and the NFL for this.

  46. E&J Gaming says

    When he was going threw the logos I realized they still use some of the same logos in nba 2k20

  47. Xx_CDG_xX says

    I Just Got An Add About If My Toilet Could Talk…

  48. Ryder Sullivan says

    Make a video with Kay

  49. Superkid 05 says

    Why are the tackling animations better than madden 20

  50. Swegmaster25 Geometry Dash says

    tony candeo is a packers running back from the 40s

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