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The History of the Personal Computer


Project for AP American History documenting the history of the personal computer.

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  1. MrGameengineer says

    Please remove the music or limit it to the intro only.

  2. Isaiah Camacho says

    Interesting video but the music was to loud, I could barely hear you.

  3. SkyCharger001 says

    you seem to be making the common mistake of assuming that the IBM-PC was the first computer considered as a Personal Computer, that honor goes to either what we now know as the home computers or something earlier.

  4. Succulent Orange says

    I got quite far up to the Charlie Chapman advert but the music on in the background of that while it had it's own music track just dissociated if for me,then after that while you was talking the music seemed like it was from another device I just wanted to mute so damn badly.

  5. Kareem Ali says

    aye whats up

  6. Alberto D'Alessandro says


  7. matthew Kubiak says

    hmm cant here you talk with that dam music !!!!!

  8. Del Bradley says

    ditto ..gahhh that bg music

  9. raquel mowery says

    The music can stay just, lower it a little bit, the music isn't as important than the narrator.

  10. MadMadamMim03 says

    The music is way too loud and distracting. I can't hear what the narrator is saying… :/
    Maybe you should just remove the music altogether. I'm not too sure why you would need it in a video like this.

  11. speedyblupi says

    or at least make it quieter.

  12. Ash Bearheart says

    :-J The Video is great, narration is interesting and there should be no music in such an informational video since this is not an action show

  13. Marius Fylling says

    Please, remove the fucking music.

  14. xkaran76 says

    That's right. A pity really because the documentary itself may be interesting; unfortunately, the music makes it unbearable to watch.

  15. Laura Alejandra says

    Alguien Me Puede Ayudar Y Decir Q Dice En Español, Se Lo Agradeceria 🙂

  16. hayward5000 says

    I turned on the CC only to find out that it too had no idea what he is saying through the music.

  17. Frank Boerenma says

    oh my god! i wached this on my PC!!!

  18. Vincent Ray says

    Would have been better without the music.

  19. bubbleheadft says

    The music wasn't even that bad though…

  20. Aro2220 says

    You should have failed this report because of that background music being too loud. It's not that the project was about being really good at video editing or anything like that but the general rule is if you are going to use video for a report, you can't drown out the content with music so it can't be heard.

    I mean I can strain to hear it but it's really tiring and I miss words and names here and there.

    Also you have commercials with their own soundtrack on top of the music alreayd playing.

  21. rastoper says

    @rastoper look up the Xerox 8010 Information System date first computer with GUI

  22. rastoper says

    like to point out one mistake that i notied the first gui was not apple it was Xerox with both apple and miscrsoft stole there idea from The GUI was first developed at Xerox PARC by Alan Kay, Larry Tesler, Dan Ingalls and a number of other researchers.

  23. Inner Voice Tarot says

    Holy crap! I know all gay people like techno music, and it's totally cool that you're gay, but I just want to learn about computers.

  24. renfratube says

    Is the music more important than the history of the pc? It is a bit like the overall irritating music you always hear in shopping malls etc. It does really not ad a bit to the information!

  25. Carson Tobin says

    Doing a project on this right now. That was a fantastic video. I didn't mind the music that much.

  26. OLD Shahar DynaZor Alon says

    I saw the video with no sound , it looked like it's a memorial slide-show for the computers and their makers XD

  27. NicoPOWER says

    Yea its super horible

  28. Eldeviouswolf says


  29. Toby Adams says

    Cant hear anything over the heinous music. Ruined.

  30. ejmuskdrums says

    awesome, extremely insightful, and very, very useful! and despite what everybody seems to be saying, I think the song choice is absolutely perfect for this video. good job!

  31. toodlooo says

    Could you upload the video without background music? I find it very informative 🙂

  32. CusterFlux says

    Typical mistake of first time doc heads, music too loud: remember – there's a big difference between simply remembering what you already said ( and adding music to it ) – which is what happens when you listen to something you've recorded: and having to hear what somebody else is saying for the first time.

  33. Xhisor says

    9 persons dont like Tribulations

  34. MarkTheMorose says

    Sorry, I couldn't watch more than 2 minutes; note to potential video posters: ditch the intrusive backing music, a good documentary doesn't need to made like a music video. That's what's wrong with all factual TV programmes today.

  35. DampLokomotiv says

    The first thing you say is wrong! Conrad Zuse didnt create the fisrt mechanical computer.

  36. joseico90 says

    ruined by the LOUD MUSIC DUDE!!!!!!

  37. gianinline says

    the song in the background is nice and all, but its volume pretty much makes it difficult to understand the narrator.

  38. arfer says

    Ruined by the music.

  39. journeyquest1 says

    also Xerox invented the GUI based on a hyperlink program controlled by a mouse developed in the late 60s. steve jobs was just a techno pimp along with bill gates.

  40. journeyquest1 says

    i thought it was background music. its too loud for the presentation.

  41. Sergio Hernandez says

    DUDE thats my exact project

  42. garyandkids says

    This video is unbelievably inaccurate

  43. xbox halo cat 20 says

    the apple one should have a mention in this video. apple computers should big businesses like ibm that personals computers would be the next milestone in technology. everyone thought it was ridiculous that everyday people would want computers in there home and now here we are were it could be considered crazy not having a personal computer

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