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The "Healthy" Foods That Are Killing You with Dr Steven Gundry and Lewis Howes


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Lewis Howes is NY Times Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and former professional Arena League football player. He hosts The School of Greatness, a talk show distributed as a podcast. Learn and hear the stories from various successful people around the world, become inspired, motivated and educated with the SCHOOL OF GREATNESS. lewishowes.com/book

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  1. Ants says

    We are been experimented on , they want to drag our bodies through the mud , the same as we do to rats , this planet is a laboratory ,human farm, I`m sorry Aliens put us here no other way we could have got here ,and this is there laboratory , they playing with our minds and our health , everything is energy , and they trying to create super humans for other worlds ,people are so brain washed but act so intelligent , take a look up at all those galaxies and universes , and have a good hard think , you think they put all those trillions of galaxies for us just to look at, com-on
    I want to add the people who control this planet know this, so they taking advantage and are reaping the benefits from it all and keep us in the dark, this is why we don`t know who we are where we come from what is good for us ,what is bad for us, so much confusion even right down to water we confused about

  2. Dorcas Bill says

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  3. tubefreakmuva says

    I dont like this guy for some reason. And his information is shite too LOL

  4. Carol Guzman says

    Probably why I cant digest corn. It also triggers digestive upset.

  5. Dac Roozel says

    i went and ate 6 kidney beans raw and im still alive 5 minutes later, ill comment again here in 10 mins to let you know how its going.

  6. Amelia Cooper says

    This is so depressing ??!!!

  7. Juuso Haapamäki says

    How we can identify the point in time when the "bacteria made us"? (2:30) If someone knows the research method please let us know. Thanks!

  8. Tammy Michel says

    Very good!

  9. Blueis Notgreen says

    This dude doesn't know what genes are. He doesn't know the basic terminology of genetics

  10. Blueis Notgreen says

    I bet you if somebody ate this guy it would cure a lot of diseases. He's got a chemical in him that keeps random people from going to the doctor. I think it's blood. Hell…whatever tastes good. Get im!

  11. Nabie Fofana says

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  12. Bright Future says

    39:15 Borin, boring! Lewis thinks??

  13. Moasab Ali says

    greatttt… also found a great read for a good knowledge on healthy foods…


  14. GfromC says

    Now it makes sense and kinda make me think the rumours about “elite” people eating babies it might be true

  15. Vicky B says

    According to the FDA, raw red kidney beans will cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It usually requires no treatment however, occasional hospitalization and IV treatments are required. It does not mention: blood coagulation, death.

  16. Moe B says

    Humans have not been here 10k years.

  17. Rose ToTheMoon says

    That's it, we are giant bacterias attacking the earth. ha ha.. No frijoles!

  18. Brian Benson says

    2:45 bacteria made us billions of years ago, fer sure!! Yes boys and girls through the magical fairytale of evolution We came about because this flaming lava planet cool down after the rained on the rocks for billions of years, create a prebiotic soup, The soup magically came alive, found something to eat and a mate, and here we are. You Have no intrinsic value, or at least no more value than the same bacteria that makes up your stool….. according to this learned doctor. Actually you have in calculable value because you’re created in the image and likeness of God, and as image bearer we know instinctively and intrinsically the human life is a tremendous value, which is why when someone takes a human life we demand justice. There’s a concept that doesn’t comport with “from the goo to the zoo to you”, or evolution .,, justice. This again is a concept that comes from our creator. Bacteria doesn’t look to avenge the death of his sister bacteria, the animal kingdom isn’t concerned about equity in the moral sense, it even a child when they see ya another child getting a slightly bigger piece of pie than them cries out for justice and fairness. Morality, value, justice…I already let Matt believing in Adam and Eve it’s pure faith, if only the performance of this fairytale would realize that it’s their religion by which they interpret facts While claiming the facts support a religion, it’s baseless, not provable, and it’s absolutely a faith system.

  19. Making Life Wonderful says

    Wierd… so why are beans common thread between blue zones? I think this video debunks the lectins idea… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NT4q_5dfLs&t=5s

  20. Deborah Hendry says

    Great Advice, it is worth a try or just give up and not try anything …..then that would be to give in….thanks

  21. Pieter Buys says

    So called doctor talks crap!!!!!!!

  22. Noodle Hat says

    Beans lethal going in and lethal coming out.

  23. Mil Sneler says

    This guy is a complete idiot and greedy too. Don’t listen to his crap.

  24. Big Billy Goat Gruff says

    its like a scaled down version of the political system… a parasite controlling the impulses of the brains of the "cells" people….

  25. bigbangnone says


  26. spritelybird says

    Dr Gundy s an internet scammer. He never had done a single study. Dr had Patients not clients.

  27. mbzgurls says

    What about other oils? Apricot oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil? And I have another question since you are a heart surgeon…does NanoBacTX work?

  28. Edits Rivers says

    Thank you God for Dr.steven Gundry.
    Dr. Give me something for wbc low all test Cosme ok but wbc low 3.5

  29. Edits Rivers says

    God bless for dr Steven gundry his the best people who have cronic desease should follow his advise instructions.
    Thank gif for finding this wonderful doctor in YouTube.

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