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The Gigatron TTL Computer without a Microprocessor


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  1. AtlasRedux says

    Wow, Racer looks amazing

  2. Rosie Fay says

    4:59 Cool reference!

    7:20 "Retro appearance" Or the sign that the video is set up wrong.

  3. NTH says

    Watch the intro at 0.5 speed

  4. XPFTP says

    my dream computer is a cherry 2000

  5. David Lindes says

    Have you built (or at least watched the videos on) the Ben Eater 8bit computer? Recommended. 🙂 https://eater.net/8bit
    (I'm currently going through my own build, after initially watching the videos maybe around when this video came out…)

  6. Ranibow Sprimkle says

    Nobody asked but

    Dont click read more of you're gonna respond with who asked

    Bro I have an identical monitor

  7. R A says

    Suscribed and looking old videos of 2 years ago!

  8. TheJanDahl says

    That ape is a mandril.

  9. oscar alcon says

    1:49 error en la Matrix

  10. Pepperoni Unicorn says

    Mandrills are monkeys

  11. Sinn0100 says

    Damn man…I know quite a bit about this stuff. I built my first PC in 1994 cloned 486DX2 for Doo…I mean homework. I worked in the IT industry off and on for years. I build superguns for fun and work on old arcade cabs for fun. The reason I bring all of this up is…your knowledge is astounding. I'm learning new stuff and it's great. I know this video is at least a year old but bravo!

  12. Poisson Blanc says

    74HCT series is cmos logic

  13. Uhth says

    Can't you really play snake? :,)

  14. shizzleinthenizzle says

    It’s spelled SOLDER not sodder.

  15. Marcoplay says

    Now the real question: Can it run doom?

  16. Goliath cz says

    4:30 that's the floofiest cat i have ever seen

  17. eric moeller says

    Your saying that u paid 200 dollars for that 8 bit computer and u had to assemble it your self wow

  18. ElectroWOLF Arts says

    100 of these may be can run a web browser task……from the 90s

  19. ElectroWOLF Arts says

    no cooling fan…….nice

  20. ElectroWOLF Arts says

    so you gonna say that i the most simple computer that you can made………i hope i can get the full circuit diagram of these

  21. ElectroWOLF Arts says

    wow dud you just placing component without telling us what it is or where you should place it and even how it works…….man can you make this video much longer

  22. Syn the Sizer says

    I just went to the site to see if I could get one. They sold out this month and do not plan on producing any more.

  23. Jamedium Programming says

    4004, Microprocessor not found 🙁

  24. Bloody Pommel Studios says

    A hobby computer I'd love to see is something like the Vectrex but with mid 90s level processing power and memory. I just think it would be cool to see that visual style but on a console like that which has the power to handle large story driven games and open worlds.

  25. Bloody Pommel Studios says

    I'd love to see something like this with some Nixie tubes.

  26. Flugschüler Fluglehrer says

    The ape is a mandrill, a Primate living in central Africa.

  27. Curtis Hall says

    RIP Marcel van Kervinck

  28. matthewJ142 says

    Snake. Eat all the blocks without smashing into your self kind of like Tron Cycle smashers! ?

  29. matthewJ142 says

    So it's a macroprocessor computer?

  30. PRESS SPACE says


  31. Hog Rider says

    why ar3 there more than 890 dislikes??? i dont see anything wrong with this video.

  32. Nick Pavloff says

    Wish I would’ve talked to my grandpa more about computers. He helped build the first one

  33. jxcxgxfx says

    but, can it play doom?

  34. HoleyHouseOfAir says

    Imagine if all the chips were bogus and there was only one chip with a microcontroller emulating all the rest

  35. mhp0810 says

    Music is a la Dewey Chetem & Howe from LSL3. Nice vid

  36. Efe Zaladin says

    I don't wanna be that guy but if the cat made a wrong move it could have been a disaster, should be more cautious next time

  37. Curtis Newton says

    come on, the ape is a mandril, dont you know anything ?

  38. Curtis Newton says

    quiet cool project, now I guess you never really made anything with it right ? right ?

  39. Curtis Newton says

    more like steve wozniak made the whole electronic board, and steve jobs basicaly put his name on it

  40. NASA limbu says

    Ba ja ru gi cd ru li

  41. Roger Froud says

    You're better off fitting all the lower height components first, and those taller decoupling capacitors last. That's so you can rest the board down on a flat surface and the components have something to support them. We used to use a foam backed assembly frame for this so you could do the same, but it was foam that pushed the components onto the board.

  42. njclondon2009 says

    how the heck did you live through the 3310 era and have not heard of snake??

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