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The Flaming Lips – Race For The Prize [Official Music Video]


The Official Video for Race for The Prize from on The Flaming Lips album “The Soft Bulletin”.

Listen here:

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  1. Tambourine Man says

    Just got into the Flaming Lips recently. I'm used to the young face that you see in "This Here Giraffe" and their other earlier ones. I was super surprised to see him in this haha. This song is crazy good ?

  2. Harley Hernandez says

    Used to listen to this song every sunday a while ago

  3. Harley Hernandez says

    Also, Wayne looks a lot like Mark Rufallo

  4. 廣瀬祐大 says


  5. Raichu X says

    Yeah covid and all, but sweet drums bro

  6. Harley Hernandez says


  7. 06hatter says

    this is maybe my favorite song. but the remix version is better

  8. Delwyn Manning says

    I’ve never heard this song in my life, but it’s gives me so much nostalgia

  9. dj9savy says

    Mike rusczyk Foundation thats life 2004 Anyone else feeling that? That’s the only thing that this song reminds me of lol!

  10. Pete Kelley says

    It's better live

  11. chaoskid520 says

    The world has it bad with COVID-19 . This song is motivation for the sick to get better and for the cure to come soon. Shout outs to all Emergency Personal!???-MikeFromGilaRiverArizona

  12. saltyheart says


  13. Neide says

    Very good!

  14. Woody Wu says

    This song deserves a billion of views!

  15. Paul Dragicevich says

    the intro melody (and bridge) reminds me of MBV

  16. Aquila Galli says

    One, two, one!

    Two scientists are racing
    For the good of all mankind
    Both of them side-by-side
    So determined

    Locked in heated battle
    For the cure that is their prize
    But it's so dangerous
    But they're determined

    Theirs is to win
    If it kills them
    They're just humans
    With wives and children

    Upwards to the vanguard
    Where the pressure is too high
    Under the microscope
    Hope against hope

    Forging for the future
    But to sacrifice their lives
    Both of them side-by-side
    So determined

    Theirs is to win
    If it kills them
    They're just humans
    With wives and children

    Theirs is to win
    If it kills them
    They're just human
    With wives and children

  17. junasea says

    senku vs. dr xeno, except one's divorced one's evil and both no children

  18. Andrew Dyson says

    Man I love this song!! The drummers are jamming!! I loved their performance on the Colbert Show!

  19. Z P says

    I'm not music critic nor i got any musical taste… but dedication to doctors.. Love It!!!???

  20. yeeyeepardner says

    Man I am so glad I decided to see what Stephen Colbert had to say tonight

  21. H T says


  22. CouveTJ says

    They played this on the casino floor while everyone is wearing masks all agmonst the greatest outbreak in the Portland metro area. Usually at 1 AM, it's crap pop but the DJ stepped up. Hearing this blasted through the casino gave me chills last night.

  23. Mac Alexander says

    So fucking good

  24. Mac Alexander says

    This song is relevant now more than ever

  25. Scottie Nessa says

    Kinda looking like Gilead won the race.

  26. Στελιος Φυτας says

    Corona virus brought me here tonight May 2020. One of the greatest songs ever recorded… to the heroism of doctors and scientists.

  27. The Admiral says

    Nice one Vinny

  28. Poramus Yensook says

    Greatest Songs

  29. Ngumbao says

    The Grand Sons of the Bonzo Dog D……… Band


    I'm late to the party. Listened to this album today (thanks to spotify suggestion) and its outstanding. Sergeants pepper's part 2 ?

  31. Holton says

    this song would have been perfect with a psychedelic music video

  32. gram edgar says

    Very fitting song for modern times

  33. G Mantissa says

    Ok, I get that the video could be better…but this is a great song. How is it sub 1 million views?

  34. Mamoru Takemae says


  35. J B says

    Here’s to my fellow Okies! The might Lips and the seminal album that will go down as one of the best of our generation.

  36. thebeerjew says

    Locked in heated battle
    For the cure that is the prize

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