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The Evolution of Computer Speech


More and more products seem to come out that make use of some form of a computer text-to-speech voice, with today’s voices sounding acceptably realistic. Even though speech-based products are fairly recent, the concept of electronically generating a voice has been around for nearly a century.

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  1. Absolute Crap Film Studios says

    6:01 SQUAAAF!!!!

  2. Gerard Landry says

    I still wonder how some Mac voices like Alex, Zarvox, Trinoids, and some of the other singing voices were made.

  3. erwynnipeg erwynnipeg says

    Is Software Automatic Mouth related to DECTalk?

  4. Ernesto Antonio V says

    did you mean
    microsoft sam

  5. dumbcreaknuller says

    anyone with a couple of brain cells can create such a text to speach engine. its actually very easy. the problem is that its time consuming because you have to write a lot of code and create all these arrays of numbers that makes up the vocal of each letter and assign them to letters on the keyboards and print them out on the soundcard instead of the screen. sure you need some artificial intelligence that can guess what kind of sentence syntax used based on some assumptions and then apply that to get a more realistic voice but doesn't have to be as complex as deepmind. even the old fasion way we could do better than these horrible txt to speach engines we used to have in the past.

  6. Magdaléna Suchánová says


  7. Creeperboy099 says

    “Change da world
    My final message

  8. Flynntum’s Stuff says

    2001 : A space oddessy (1968)

    Your confusing me here

  9. JoshuaGamerYT Productions says

    Actually "Daisy Bell" was in 1961

  10. Kinkki Kunn says

    Daisy, daisy.

  11. {Leafy_ 2019} says

    soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi roflcopter Microsoft Sam soi soi soi soi soi soi

  12. Nickel says

    "A-anything for you Expand Dong-san"


  13. • { currypuffs } • says

    Everybody gangsta until vocaloid started to snatch their weave .

  14. Aaron gaming says

    2:41 Two robots fighting????

  15. oO [ Bromine ] Oo says

    1:47 vocaloid before it was cool

  16. Onni Kokkonen says

    Im in 2902

  17. EFFE says

    6:06 oh my god


  18. Clay Catastrophe says

    no mention of vocaloid?

  19. Travis Ruston says

    Macintosh Moose has entered the chat

  20. Kevin Funk says

    7:45 “have text messages be read in the actual voice of the person who sent them.” Um weve had that technology for decades. It’s called a phone call.

  21. DJCOOL101 says

    What about Dr. Sbaitso

  22. Darren Maxwell says

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaA sa ababa ssabsa uiw ana a dog walk

  23. Døtz says

    2:55 Texas Instruments? The company that makes school calculators?

  24. SunBunz says

    5:59 For example, instead of saying “Soi,” the voice would say:

    SQUWAF!!!! ?

  25. Framerate Reel says

    this is only just the beginning

  26. The forgotten One says

    Banzi boodyle

  27. Lisa Bailey oz baby says


  28. Beckett H says

    Bell Labs made the first Vocaloid. Huh.

  29. Marc Field says

    "Hello, I am Macintach. It sure is great to get out if that bag."

  30. Felix Lynn says

    SCP-079 was a talking computer

  31. AlainHubert says

    All very interesting, but you left out a very important milestones. like the work of Dr. Forrest S. Mozer, who licensed his unique voice compression technology to Telesensory Systems Inc. back in 1975. Which can be heard in the arcade game Berzerk (Intruder Alert, Intruder Alert!), and other devices of the seventies. Also Dennis Klatt with his DECtalk from DEC which was the basis for the famous voice of Stephen Hawking.

  32. Juan Carlos says

    If you like Vocoders and speech synthesizers. take a look to a Matlab code that I made in 2000. https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/4097-sub-band-vocoder-script

  33. Dylan Kusch says

    I'm just here for Bonzi Buddy

  34. Christina says

    Dr. Sbaitso squad where you at

    (the voice behind SCP-079 and Baldis Basics "First Prize, but supplies more than enough sass all on his own. A therapist bot much like Weizenbaums ELIZA that came bundled with several soundcards manufactured by Creative Labs. He hates swearing. A lot.

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