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The difference between healthy and unhealthy love | Katie Hood


In a talk about understanding and practicing the art of healthy relationships, Katie Hood reveals the five signs you might be in an unhealthy relationship — with a romantic partner, a friend, a family member — and shares the things you can do every day to love with respect, kindness and joy. “While love is an instinct and an emotion, the ability to love better is a skill we can all build and improve on over time,” she says.

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  1. Marcos Ochoa says

    Dont want to here about love no more..thanks for everyone in person telling me 25 yeas ago ..never going to trust poeple everyone just watched it happen you all are apart of the problem no trust from the world now ..im going in iso for life hate how poeple just not treat like real human .. Fake is what i see in everything i see ..please im checking out with all this i needed someone to help me i reachout and nothing i cant trust this whole think ..its fake i do not want to deal with this anymore

  2. EST 1988 says

    My dad was an alcoholic and abusive to my mother,I have a bad temper and from my childhood history I would never hit my partner and i do my best not to get mad at my partner even though I've told her my lil triggers. I know I'm not but is my actions saying otherwise? I'm not jealous, I'm not insecure.
    I'm loyal n trustworthy but partner needs space due to my workaholic w/ drinks.?‍♂️?‍♂️

  3. Miguel Chipps Inteligente says

    My old girlfriend drugged me and mostliky my son wen he was 8 and she affected me psychologically and felt obligated to stay because she was in danger and wanted to help her super smart and wrong fatal attraction ✍???‍?? ✍?????‍?

  4. snehawagh says

    This needs to be spoken about in each home! So that we all learn how to form better loving relationships. And save yourself from the pain of abusive ones.

  5. MultiComlan says

    Thank you for this knowledge

  6. lola rodriguez says

    Muy interesante, gracias por compartir esas herramientas para establecer relaciones sanas! ???

  7. naitomea14 says

    I broke up my releationship today. Well, I don't think I was toxic. I even don't think he was toxic. I think, we are living in other worlds. His world is: Oh, my friends want to go out tonight, but my gf wants to watch a movie and we said we want to watch the movie tonight, we promissed this? Well, I don't care, my friends are better, I can write her, when I go home, then she could come over, when it would be? Well, I don't know… And my world is like: Well we promissed to watch a movie, so we are going to do that…

  8. Zolane Marlen says

    Thank you ?

  9. Alonsitis Duff says

    If an activity that I enjoy is jgenuinely dangerous and I stop doing it becouse of my partner being legitemally scared when I do it, whould that be considered as unhealthy? I think that some "sacrifices" or changes in the way you see some things are good for a relationship, but I can always change my mind

  10. perfectly imperfect23 says

    Watching those animations all I could think was "yep that's just like blanks partner." I've seen both family and friends have partners who are like this. Sad thing is though is no matter how much you try telling them it's unhealthy,they ultimately have to be the ones to see it. Thankfully some have. Unfortunately some haven't. And it's always so interesting when they do finally see it they are like HOLY CRAP! I can't believe I didn't see it or listen to those around me! That's why I do think what your loved ones think about your partner does hold certain value and should be considered. Of course not fully and there will always be exceptions to it such as maybe they hate your partner based on skin color or money. Those opinions shouldn't be considered. But if you have multiple people in your life who you know have your best interest at heart telling you things aren't right,it really does warrant taking a step back and trying to see what they see. If your partner is doing things that you yourself would find a red flag for your loved one then perhaps this isn't a relationship you should be pursuing. We all deserve healthy love and want to see those we love have it too. ❤

  11. Công Quý Trần says

    Five makers of unhealthy love

    1. Intensity (suffocating, showing up everywhere, texting or calling a lot)

    2. Isolation (no friends day, doubt of pre-relationship life)

    3. Extreme jealousy (following you everywhere, every time, online and off)

    4. Belittling (break you down, shut you down)

    5. Volatility (frequent breakups and makeups, hateful and hurtful comments)

    Do your part every day to do relationships better:

    – Open communication

    – Mutual respect

    – Kindness

    – Patience

  12. Kajal Raut says

    So true!!

  13. Gilmourish Gilmourish says

    I see you met the ex

  14. Mark says

    As she said everyone does unhealthy things it's part of being human. But whatever you do folks don't cheat on someone it's one of the worst things you can do and can mentally damage the person for years even. Be big enough to walk away and save you both the heartache if you feel that way inclined.

  15. My Quách says

    Hay lắm hay lắm ạ ? Cô dthg lắm luôn ????

  16. Tony Velazquez says

    I really enjoyed this ted talk. Eye opener for sure. Thanks for uploading this

  17. joycebalase says

    So awesome! Thank you for this talk. And I wish you the best in all your relationships!

  18. Atur Sams says

    0:40 "Isn't it interesting that we're never explicitly taught how to love?"
    It doesn't get any more explicit than the hub. 😀

  19. Dandi Abdi says

    I was being a toxic person for my ex, I cant believe I did all of that, the fact is making me sad rn, that is why I listen more about love and how to love someone in a right way.

  20. AccessMyLife - Allen says

    Yes. Some relationships are unhealthy and should be avoided.

  21. sam lee says

    Usually you don’t notice these things at first because love makes you blind

  22. Kayze says

    Why are all the examples showed in the animation girls being treated bad from their male partner, It can happen to anyone irrespective of the gender

  23. Madhushika Munasinghe says

    Great speech ❤️

  24. Leo Lordman says

    My wife, who I've been with since we were 16( be 49 next month)cheated on me from 03 to 07 and only stopped because she was caught, she wanted me to stay, begged me not to leave, then 2 years later I became so ill I was bedridden and was in and out of ICU, coma and family called in because they said I wouldn't make it. 2 years into my illness she stopped being there, oh we lived in same house but till march of 2020 I was just there to pay Bills. She literally wants to bleed me dry emotionally and financially. I've never gotten over the affair and I never got an answer as to why. Now I'm better we've been working on things, but then I find out she was hiding a coworkers number and some other things. She got busted with a reliable hacker who helped me hack into her iPhone,facebook,Instagram, Whats-App, Text messages, deleted call messages, twitter and email account as far back as 2 years.He's available 24HOURS. Calls OR Text On WhatsApp +12626837511. Contact him for closure greatermindhacker AT gmail.com …Now I know the truth, she says she's done. Nature of a Narc!!

    What should i do at this point? Any ideas?

    i don't know if i still love her after all we've been through.

  25. Dusty Dawg says

    Been stalked and harrassed for 3yrs. It's so hard all I want to do is raise my son. I'm not allowed to date anyone she doesn't approve of. She uses the court system as punishment so far I'm 16k in.

  26. accolade37 says

    It is almost impossible to be in a healthy relationship unless you love yourself first. We involve ourselves in relationships because of "core shame," love is an emotion which covers up the uncomfortable feeling of shame. The less you need it as an antidote to shame, the more capacity you have to experience healthy love. Both in giving and receiving aspects of it.

  27. Nidhi Sonu says

    Broke up a week ago and this video made me realize that I was little toxic. I became a little clingy and would ask him to communicate more , the relationship went from healthy to unhealthy. I was initially ok with late replies( even though it was LDR) and him going out because he used to inform me but when the honeymoon period was wearing off he stopped telling these things, lied, and was little emotionally unavailable a bit(SINCE BEGINNING). When confronted he sent me video on "how to love heartbroken guy" because we dated 3 years and he was still hurt by past breakup. I made him feel suffocated.I never stopped him from hanging out with his friends and family yet he blamed me for doing so. I just demanded healthy communication. He left when I asked to work things out and now I want to work to improve myself.

  28. Skylark says

    damn this is scary i have all these aspects in my relationship with my fiancé… and i really didn't pay much attention D:

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