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The Day Real Madrid 2-12 FC Barcelona Should Have Happened


Barcelona 6-2 Real Madrid ,
FC Barcelona 6 vs Real Madrid 2 ,

Barcelona vs Real Madrid 6-2 ,
Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2-6 ,

Barcelona vs Real Madrid ,
Real Madrid vs Barcelona ,

Clasico RMA vs FCB ,
El Clasico FCB vs RMA ,

Barcelona 6-2 Real Madrid 2009 ,
Real Madrid 2-6 Barcelona 2-5-2009 ,

Barcelona vs Real Madrid All Goals & Highlights ,
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  1. Messi Magic™ says

    How did Barcelona scored ONLY 6 goals in this match. How did they not score 10-15 goals at least??!!

  2. david aldana says

    Pero públicar también los goles y oportunidades del Madrid los haría ver más justos y fuertes, sólamente mirando las alineaciones se nota la grandísima diferencia de poderes entre esos dos equípos

  3. Sidekick ni Dasma says

    I always use the no. 10 in any game i play, but i cannot play like messi! LOL

  4. ageldenb says

    What a genius pass master Xavi was! Amazing player.

  5. Rui Santo says

    Then Ronaldo came…

  6. elleth says

    lol i didnt know that marcelo used to play midfield what in the world

  7. Fogo Idowu says

    This commentators ??

  8. Fogo Idowu says

    Doesn't it feel weird Marcelo plays lb now Ramos play cb

  9. Deadly-Raiders says

    Barca would have probably won on that day regardless of who was coaching Real, but I know it wouldn't be by that score if Zidane the master of halftime adjustments was the coach

  10. Alvaro Fuentes Lopez says

    ?MAIKEL ROBINSON grandes palabras dios le tenga un gran lugar en el cielo ❤

  11. Raul Avalos says

    Me perdí el primer gol del partido!!! se lo saltearon?

  12. David García says

    The score is 5 – 13

  13. hamani zeus says

    Canavarro does not deserve 06 balloon d or …menh these nah trash

  14. F S says

    ramos sucked so bad in this game..

  15. Francesco Penasa says

    Yes, nice. But to be fair I would also have put Real's goals into a 26-minute video …

  16. JOSÉ ANGEL 1973 says

    1 real Madrid el bcn 2B

  17. Cj says

    Whole drill gotta finish everytime

  18. Apidra Iceboy says

    Xavi is really feeding Messi in this match. He is very happy for him. Now that's a good team player coz he knows Messi will be the GOAT in the future.

  19. Spepperonii says

    Humiliation this is!

  20. Leonel Petino says

    Gago jugaba solo en ese medio campo

  21. 5oulo R V says

    R.I.P Michael Robinson.

  22. Cj says

    This is not anime yes dads game trapped me into doing this

  23. Cj says

    Human to anime the grave yes

  24. OHST says

    It was weakness from madrid more than power for barca look at defense of madrid there is no somthing that called defense .Evidence for this the next match for barca was against chelsea and they suffered greatly

  25. inventions says

    Just see Henry pep still used him as sideline

  26. Michaël Lamontagne says

    video time : 8 min, pub time 16 min!!!

  27. Cj says

    Human to anime the grave

  28. Nima F. says

    There is a video in your advertisement

  29. Edobette says

    Messi, però passala qualche volta.

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