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The computer that mastered Go


Go is an ancient Chinese board game, often viewed as the game computers could never play. Now researchers from Google-owned company DeepMind have proven the naysayers wrong, creating an artificial intelligence – called AlphaGo – which has beaten a professional Go player for the first time. In this Nature Video, we go behind the scenes to learn about the game, the programme and what this means for the future of AI.

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  1. AyanamiRei5kyu says

    i was wondering what material stones they were using, they look pretty :0

  2. 112233jjooee says

    God, people love stoking their egos.

  3. Wizardxeze says

    Is there anyone doing the brute force way? I mean that would be interesting thing to see as we say it will takes too long of time but if we let it run thousand years we get estimation how long that big of task would really take especially if we upgraded the software and hardware . . . I wonder if someone has already started this project?

  4. Sniper Fox says

    Andrew Yang was right

  5. Dunkin Larry says

    Andrew Yang's book brought me here

  6. Georges Guitton says

    I enjoy

  7. Armaan Khurana says

    this game is making me hungry. Reminds me of candy

  8. pance rayder says

    thoes beads look really tasty, enough so for me to be thinking more about this that what was being said.

  9. Crest says

    I want to eat that white stone it looks like mentos mint candy ?

  10. Dalva Conceição says

    Banda univeco sólido

  11. norpan506 says

    More configurations than atoms in the universe? 100% nonsense.

  12. jaymorpheus11 says

    Around 5:40 a T-1000 shows up from behind and terminates the smart alec that thinks he really knows what’s going on… Wrong move sucka!

  13. LeoB103 says

    5:33 GSV quietly confident

  14. Viet Dinh-Van says

    input status of board, output next move.

  15. BibFortunaTv says

    I have a theory that since I have no previous experience with go and have no idea at how to go about it, I wonder the outcome due to the fact that these think on the quantum level
    Aka a complete different set of rules of relativity and these devices think on our theory of relativity I ponder on the fact that since a player with no experience may do better compared to the greatest go player based on that logic I would love to conduct an experiment on that basis if you would be interested please dm me is love to find these answers

  16. Not My Real Name says

    Isn't this the one that developed it's own language and communicated with nearby computers? The staff became scared so they decided to pull the plug.

  17. ThatguywiththeAegis says

    More configurations than atoms in the universe? Is that black science man

  18. donjz777 says

    They should just give AlphaGo the title of Don 10.. Humans can be Don 9, but only AI can play Don 10, which is that high level humans can only do once in a while, but AI can do it much more often.

  19. donjz777 says

    Easterners may be better at Go than Westerners, but the Westerner are the ones who solved go, with the AI AlphaGo program. And now you know the new nuke race is on, which is who has the best AI.

  20. Johannes says

    I hate their intrusive r's. It's IDEA not IDEAR:

  21. Kobe Duh goat says

    Bunch of old ass niggas placing circles on a board

  22. Fokosmok says

    More configurations than atoms in the universe? I can't stand this bullshit.

  23. Dr. Harish Ravi says

    A job for Grandpa, don't always play with youngsters , playing with oneself is fun too. who know ai but not life lessons. Before they take all jobs with machines. Love. Ppl educated and educated black and white no race avoid war because it destroys. Extending life of the world or nation. After playing alpha go with thinking of localities based on no of educated. Whats the move significance is the first question. Finance exchange it is. I wish you the best. to keep it in control is the motive. Play inside and act outside with data analysis.

  24. Dr. Harish Ravi says

    It's like 2 groups breaking out of prison. I have a twin dial to know it's fair a barometer and an altimeter in my watch. Aren't they correlated? It can help break even if you are stuck at homes forgetting basics so that someone may come for you. And also a new couple reuniting will find it horrible for one game but live for ever even if seperated globally. Anti divorce Force was a dream. This game will extend life of the world. To keep the world running with use for 100 years.

  25. Thailand2Night says

    And the A.I won against Lee Sedol.

  26. A wild 909 says

    Who else just watched/played the warframe sacrifice quest

  27. Alejandro Jacobo says

    What's more complicated. This or a 5v5 game of league where one of the characters is an ai that had to work together with humans. I'm gonna have to go with lol

  28. Awhol Lotta Whoopass says

    Beat humans on multiple occasions: Yes. Mastered the game: No. There is more to just winning the game that puts you in the place of mastery for Go. Also, reading the comments here just confirms how arrogant alot of people in this world are. No X is better than Y, no Y is better than X. So much nonsense. Just play the game thats fitting for your interest.

  29. Οδοιπόρος says

    I hope I'm not the only one who would try and eat those stones. They look delicious.

  30. Michael Luna says

    Is Arnold Schwarzenegger going to have to use a time machine to stop these guys?

  31. Morgan Olfursson says

    Westerners , the sheer arrogance .
    I can assure you, my Japanese mother in law will teach this computer a lesson. She never lost a game for 30 years and has played against the best, she just refuses the idea of competition .

  32. Blob Dragon says

    how does go have more configurations, then atoms in the fucking universe…??? thats the stupidest thing i have heard, a board game with (idk) 18-20×18-20 with black and white pieces as more configurations than the building blocks that make those configurations, and everything else in the universe??? thats so stupid. if its true pls explain.

  33. Kosteri x says

    It totally doesn't count, because google guys don't allow anyone to play against it. The whole point of go playing AI is that you can go play the Ai. idiot.

    Same as saying hey look at this game i played. I won so I'm the best in the world. And no, I won't play against any of you. Bye!

  34. NeutralDice says

    go is boring

  35. Блядь Россия says

    Nothing like watching a video of a bunch of wankers telling you how incredibly smart they are for playing a fucking game. Maybe they could have done something useful with their brains instead.

  36. Halcali says

    are there any good documentaries on the history of 'Go' ? I want to see more about the masters of Go throughout history.

  37. Bravo Booty says

    Mmmm mentos. What do the black ones taste like?

  38. E. Camilo says

    If you have money to invest, invest in any company working on AI. That's the fucking future.

  39. nofreewill says

    "There is more configurations in the game than atoms in the universe."
    Do you mean in the known universe?

  40. more confogurations than atoms in the universe ? how did he knows? lol

  41. Zirui Hao says

    Isn't CrazyStone A.I. a brute force approach to Go?

  42. Alex Huh says

    it's called weiqi, Go? what a stupid name

  43. Paul Ahrenholtz says

    "most comlex game" homies never heard of dota

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