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The Best Yorkers of the 2019 CWC! | Unplayable Deliveries | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019


The Best Yorkers of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019! Which one of these has been your favorite?

The home of all the highlights from the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019.
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  1. Abhinav Regmi says

    Says yorker/unplayable deliveries shows a full toss??

  2. Black le gaming says

    Where is bumra

  3. DINESH JANI says
  4. highlight status says

    Many of them are not Yorkers …..do u call them Yorkers….???

  5. Nat Rea says

    Except the first ‘Yorker’ of the video wasn’t even a Yorker.

  6. Azlan Sheikh says

    Shaheen shah afridi agaist Bangladesch why Not coming

  7. Partho Satpathi says

    Mark wood

  8. UniQ TechniqueS says

    Subscribe please ❤ i will upload a video tomorrow ❤

  9. sakshi priya says

    2:45  I just Got 1060 from FF2.ONLINE Happy to get it free! මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ

  10. Muhammad Shoaib says

    Where is shaheen afridi's Yorker against Bangladesh..they were brilliant..

  11. Ankush Jadhav says

    Malinga's all yorkers & starc to Stokes best yorkers

  12. Ankush Jadhav says

    Malinga ??

  13. CB vlogs says

    Jb jb malinga ney wicket liya uske k turant malinga k video aata hai betting kya ye revenge hai

  14. sachin sonekar says

    Sheldon cotrel

  15. Gautam Gopinath says

    Malinga the king of yorkers

  16. sahir amonym says

    Malinga and Starc yorkers look so natural and pleasing to watch

  17. m asankadermydeen asan says

    Shami is good

  18. R K says

    Where is Jasprit Bumrah

  19. banti kumar says

    Yorker king Malinga

  20. Md Tanbir Hasan Arif says



    Mark Wood bowled out a Lasith Malinga is the best one

  22. Avinash Dhakane says

    Malinga himself got out with Yorker!???@0:38

  23. Mohammad Ariful Islam says

    mitchell starc bowled ben stokes is the beat one

  24. abhinash pullody says

    Starc and malinga are the best ?

  25. McMahon prediction says

    Starc and malinga best

  26. Mad Har says

    wtf where is yorker king bumrah ? icc r u an idiot

  27. Saranga Kapilarathna says
  28. Khabbab Wastanvi says

    Mitchell starc and Mohammed shami

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