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THE BEST SMG? – Black Ops Live : Game 02


Seriously, the scorpion is extremely fun to use.
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  1. Mike Dietz says


  2. 63isboss says

    When you think bo1 is the best CoD game ever so you watch the best CoD player ever destroy it. #2015

  3. the gummy cave says

    the reason so many people use famas and camp is becuase they aren't fucking god players like preston. They are bad and thats all they can do to be good

  4. WhoStoleMahCookies says

    No one uses sniper or shotguns but in PS3 everyone uses ghost galil with supressor and starts camping or with a LMG thinking they're playing BO2

  5. Loxy says

    0:01 Dat face

  6. AllgamesINCL says

    I'm watching this on school 😛 but the connection sucks 🙁 SAVE ME PRESTON BRING ME HOME PLEASE I WANT TO SEE THIS VIDEO (i'm from Belgium on a st00pid school :P)

  7. xtrem seb says

    3:02 i messed up

  8. CrazySteelers43 says

    I hate when people don't swear! What the fuck!

  9. Tekken830 says

    Can you remove israel flag plz? 🙁

  10. Tekken830 says

    Preston don't put hacker its not nice like marathon or ninja! 😀

  11. SippxlXBL says

    Yeah same here i use that gub

  12. Muzzy xDRiiFTz says

    Type 25, telling u now it's goin to be over used in bo2

  13. MrZetha says

    why not PM63? or the Uzi?

  14. Juiceplooce says

    But last episode you said spectre was the best…

  15. Jurian de Graaf says

    skorpion dual wield is beastly.

  16. W3lchy says

    I fell like the ak47 is the most over used gub

  17. Tariq Orchard says

    i use the specture, aug, or cammando

  18. zkillzdatkillz3 says

    famas not an easy gun it does very low damege it just shoots fast i use it here and there but the op gun was the 74u

  19. zkillzdatkillz3 says

    best scorpion set up on nuketown domination dual wield u r a power house its incredibel sooo much fun

  20. codgangstaswag says

    infinity ward game???!!! OH NO

  21. Dono says

    Kiparis FTW

  22. Ethan_hine says

    a lot of people play black ops mabby more than mw3 😀

  23. Ne0n says

    preston are u gonna stream cod4?

  24. joeypeppy says

    i dont find easy guns boring

  25. 5454 5454 says

    y u makin your voice deeper

  26. reptile640 says

    I already use the scorpion…

  27. Wessel van Meeteren says

    when you stream its 2:00 in the night at my place so im asleep then 🙁

  28. Abel Gallegos says

    The live Black ops videos are to short

  29. MrCallighan says

    stop fuckin replying to me! … i was only pointing it out ffs..

  30. MrCallighan says

    oh fuck off mush

  31. TheOmnomn90 says

    Critical words, THIS MATCH. Why don't you try to stop basing your conclusions off of one game? The Famas was so overused in black ops, that was a known fact to everyone.

  32. thenumba1NEWT says

    ya but he is right there are a LOOT of people who use the famas

  33. Fusionx Gamingx says

    did u watch the vid? i mean the final kill was him getting killed by a famas

  34. Thor John says

    More black ops!!!!

  35. humbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says

    how come this video never popped up in my sub box?

  36. Chris Nguyen says

    You know, he killed alot of people who dropped the weapon Famas

  37. brandon macbride says

    i love the scorpion, it was my first gold smg 🙂

  38. Nostalgia FPS says

    Preston you have to prestige!

  39. TBN567 says

    Your turning into WingsOfRedemption Preston

  40. MrCallighan says

    nah.. it isn't

  41. Nimz says

    Whines about campers, I sold mw3 because everyone was camping

  42. Easy Target says

    Infinity. War FTW

  43. iuse1sensitivity says

    oh sweet, me too, i just can't stand people that, like preston said, use the easy mode guns for the entire time they play the game

  44. MrCallighan says

    no im not "mad" i was just pointing something out, and no i can use every weapon in any cod

  45. iuse1sensitivity says

    did you look when he said that at the guns on the ground? he walked over 4 different famas', why are you mad? do you only use famas?

  46. Ethopian says

    yeah same here aye…If i can get a 4 streak I'm like over the moon

  47. Quadmft says

    Great video dude

  48. BabyDr4gon51 says

    wasn't cod4 a treyarch game?

  49. RoyalDragoHunter says

    Hey preston im german and my english is not so good but i can understand all your videos and love it to look your videos.When you are streaming its 02:00 am in germany and when its weekend or when i have holidays i waiting sometimes for 2 pm to look your stream.And the stream is a lot of fun too look.Thank you for your hard work preston we still love you guy 😀 (no homo)

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