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The Best Place To Get Cheap Basketball Shoes


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The Best Place To Get Cheap Basketball Shoes
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  1. Christopher Antoine says

    Nike outlets

  2. p Yo says

    you need to buy a couple poor kids a pair of shoes to pay back your Karmic dept of bad things will happen to you. Buy them asap. you're a lowlife if you don't. you know better especially with the drug addict life you grew up. Where is your integrity and honor or are you ab Fake and phony? and quit being so PC its outdated. be yourself nota. PC SJW my God.

  3. The Kid ShiNoFokkusu says

    You should do a video on projected qb stats for 2020 and your childhood was very similar to mine fam keep up the good work.

  4. Keemstar cool says


  5. Drip Bayless says

    Title: The best place to get cheap shoes.

    Zac: I stole these shoes when I was in high school lol

  6. hi bye says

    The only problem with Ross is that my shoes rip up really fast but they are a really good deal

  7. 0194D says

    Ross or Marshall's may have some low-key good sneakers.

  8. The Ben says

    Can't personally attest, but Starburys shoes are cheap so anyone can afford them.

  9. Are Jay says

    Zac would be the best father

  10. Josh A says

    Go Scots!

  11. Phrioxs_253 - says

    Hard time create strong people.

  12. Zach Fisher says

    After the George Floyd riots, EBay is LOADED with cheap Nikes.

  13. Sean Flaherty says

    Did you play basketball for your high school?

  14. El Duque says

    Remember a lot of black kids lose their life for a pair of basketball shoes that are made in China, and the athletes protesting for equality…

  15. John Tran says

    I found Air Jordan 1 Black Toes for $60 at Ross once.

  16. john hoskins says

    Uh Zack, businesses are still illegal in blue states and cities. Might want to save this till 2021 or California's case 2025

  17. easy money says

    Hey I’m Australian and I have family in south east Portland. I visited in 2014 and couldn’t believe how cheap shopping is over there lol only bad thing about Portland is that it always rains haha

  18. Begler says

    Those hyperdunks are 🔥

  19. Anomoli MartyMcfly says

    People ask you some weird questions.

  20. condog 209 says

    the answer is Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls
    got Jordan's and KD's for $70 total

  21. Marcus Dow says

    Hit up any of these so called sneaker heads or collectors or hypebeasts online. Especially the older ones. A lot of them give away tons of sneakers. I just gave away 20 of my sneakers and threw out like 6.

  22. VSauce 4 says

    Growing up poor is special, it sucks but you realize that you can make it through anything and break through any barrier

  23. VSauce 4 says

    We all know he’s saying Ross and online

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