The BEST Computer Case Under $35!

We braved injury and frustration to find out just how good – or bad – a PC case your hard-earned cash can get you for under $35!

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36 bình luận trong “The BEST Computer Case Under $35!

  1. I screwed up building my first computer. MX200 Cougar case I got on sale under 30 bucks with MSI H270 M3 motherboard. Motherboard aside the case was a midi and like the motherboard covered all cable cut outs so all power cables and I/O cables were jammed on top of the motherboard and I had to remove the rear fan to install it -_-. Anyway, I got a bigger case but I'm starting to think its too big (Thor V2).

  2. Hey i built a PC in that logisys case like… 14 years ago! haha so cool seeing it here. that computer actually lasted a really long time. i let my ex keep it in our split because she was using it as a netflix computer in the living room. it didn't come with a PSU when i got it, but it was ok enough to build in and wasn't a bad little case for what i used it for. mostly WoW and then netflix for 8 years once i moved to console gaming.

  3. for me the best pc case for 35-40$ its the gamemax expedition
    it got space for cable management psu shroud and nice clean look and a window sadly its made out of plastic but the entire its made out of metal it seems not a budget case but a god mid price case i higly recomand (sorry for gram im not american or from the uk)

  4. Most tempered glass cases nowadays have soooo little hdd slots only 2 or 3 2.5 and 3.5. Back in the days most cases hv 5+ hdd slots. Should at least make them all 3.5 so even 2.5 can get in but provide space for ppl tht prefer 3.5

  5. I guess it wasn't out yet when they made the video, but for you guys looking for a very nice case, the DeepCool Matrexx 55 is awesome. I got the mesh variant for 35 euro's and the front glass panel version is also only 45 if you care about that for some reason…. Awesome case and IMO looks better than all of these…

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