The 10,000 Domino Computer

Matt Parker and a team of Domino Computer Builders balanced over 10,000 dominoes in a carefully designed circuit. The result was a Domino Computer capable of automatically adding numbers. It can take any two four-digit binary numbers and return the five-digit binary sum.

It’s a computer, made of dominoes.

Watch the Numberphile where Matt explains more of the maths:
As well as the secret Numberphile bonus interview:

There are free worksheets and teaching resources about binary numbers and logic gates here:

Computer design:
Matt Parker, Katie Steckles, Paul Taylor, Andrew Taylor, Siân Fryer

Ben Curtis, Becky Smedley, Mike Bell, Blair Lavelle, Andrew Pontzen, Jonathan Sanderson, Elin Roberts, Chris Roberts, Ben Ashforth, Gillian Kiernan, David Julyan

Thanks to Marieke Navin, Natalie Ireland, Nicola Frost and everyone at the Museum of Science and Industry who made this possible.

Huge thanks to Jonathan Sanderson at StoryCog for making the video.

View: The 10,000 Domino Computer

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  1. The faulty dominos circuits are actually very educational & are a perfect example of the limitations computers are approaching due to the effects of Quantum Tunneling due to circuit sizes.
    Electrons jump the gates and cause errors and prevent further reduction in circuit size

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