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The 10 Worst Tackles / Brutal Fouls on Lionel Messi ► Only Way to Stop MESSI ||HD||


The most Brutal Tackles and Fouls on Messi | Messi against Top 10 Horror Tackles ||

Leo Messi is one of the most fouled players in football. Probably the most fouled if you consider the ‘advantage plays’ of him despite being fouled. Messi is well known for continuing with the ball despite being fouled. Also, Messi never dives. When other players dive and the dives if not caught by referees recorded as fouls. So Lionel Messi is most fouled player in the world.
Messi receives an average of 89-97 fouls a season, taking the last two seasons into account. In reality the number is way over 100. Messi is always being targeted by defenders as fouling him is the only way to take the ball from him. Sometimes the defenders don’t even try to reach the ball , they just hack Messi down.

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  1. astroboy tech ranger says
  2. Alfredo Ramon zarate says

    Apestan estos jugadores frustrados …pura envidia .estos son de liga ? Y flojisimos sus compañeros ….en argentina slatas por defender a tu compañero si lo atacan ,los del Barcelona todos eran cagones jamas saltaban a defenderlo. A Ramos en Argentina ya le hubiesen quebrado la pierna por sucio. Por que pegar a un tipo que da magia a este deporte sin el el fútbol es una mierda….

  3. R. G. Wittener says

    Really? Coentrao grabbing him from the shirt?? Brutal Foul???

  4. Paul_The_Mysterious _ says

    basicly the whole real madrid team

  5. Ryan bintang jaya says

    where del horno tackle

  6. Adam Breward says

    Pepe standing on his hand looks the most painful, if it ever happened to you, you will understand aha

  7. Football Republic98 says

    Most of these terrible tackles are by Real Madrid players hmmmmm…. (https://youtu.be/8A7H3_HZIyQ) 🙂

  8. Just in says

    Being the greatest isn't easy for them. Some of them can be career ending or permanent. Damn ruthless.

  9. Gaming Mo says

    I hate Sergio Ramos

  10. Rens Victor says

    The inception music isn't nessesary

  11. GTA_ Phoenix says

    Fuck real madrid and ramos and pepe

  12. nfs riči says

    Pepe is the biggest dick on the world

  13. TheEduKid says

    Messi has the most calcium in his bones!

  14. George Tosounidis says

    pepe faciou

  15. Hanzala Sabir says

    Real madrids all are worst player in front of great Messi

  16. Nico Uriza El Crack says

    It is funny to see how defenders foul him and after they act like they did nothing is like they are so dumb.

  17. fahim bhaiji says

    No foul in football without Ramos or pepe

  18. playnatethegreat says

    Real Madrid is the ugliest club in the world. totally unfair and corrupt.

  19. Alexis13 Perez says

    what's this soundtrack called ?

  20. Akib knows it says

    Messi should b in Hollywood because of his acting skill

  21. Kwabena Boateng says


  22. Ernie Fosu says

    Sergio Ramos entered the chat

  23. PAPER STAXx says

    I think this nd the forgettable Madrid players list r the only ones Coantrao will ever be in .

  24. Paras Mahida says

    Valverde against Atletico Madrid??

  25. Cande ModZz says

    7:09 el pie re hinchado

  26. A says

    You will remain miserable for any misfortune that affects any player you encourage, but the biggest thing he might do when you die is to wear a black badge and continue playing without know who you are. So be wise and do not care about those who do not care about you.

  27. Vikas Sharma says


  28. Rosebell Njeri Githaiga says

    They tackle Messi because his better than them in football

  29. Simon Tey says

    YOWCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

  30. First Name says

    6:29 Usfalusi what such a insane guy !

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