That's A Foul | Love and Basketball Part 3 | Dr. Dharius Daniels

Disrespect is dishonor—that’s just one relational foul Pastor Dharius Daniels introduces in week three of the Love & Basketball series. In the message, ‘That’s a Foul’, we learn five ways, that if adopted, these behaviors could potentially put your relationship at risk. Are you willing to risk your relationship over a foul?

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23 bình luận trong “That's A Foul | Love and Basketball Part 3 | Dr. Dharius Daniels

  1. I am speechless… This is so good, and so necessary for me to have heard. I see in so many ways how my marriage was affected. This will be put on repeat for sure. This whole series is amazing!

  2. PD3 you really peeled back the layers of the onion! So many nuggets here that I actually need to listen to this again. Thank you for your impartation of the WORD and how it relates to relationships, whether personal, business, or friendship.

  3. You teaching this afternoon. Prioritize! That rule is gonna break you. Whistle BLOWN FOUL on the play. Watch out substitute player is suiting up…saying "PUT ME IN COACH".

  4. As some whose been divorced now 3 years when I tell you this message is soooooo goood man. I don’t regret the lesson because I will not make the same mistakes again .

  5. DHARIUS you are truly a vessel walking in your calling! Purpose driven life. You have helped me and I share this with my spouse and family and friends daily I pray God continues to BLESS YOU GUIDE YOU AND ORDER YOUR STEPS! Keep us encouraged during these tumultuous times. In Jesus name I pray Amen!

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