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Thailand Travel – Episode 7 Part 1 – Beaches to Bangkok


Hitting up Thailand’s beautiful southern islands is hard work – especially after getting into a little ‘accident’ and getting stranded by floods, tough life on the road! From beautiful Ko Lanta we head north to Bangkok to escape serenity and enter pandemonium. We harass pushy salesmen, take in Wat Arun and hit up the Grand Palace.

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  1. Tansiri Chimmai says

    I recommend you guys go to the escapehunt experience, it is located at the center of bkk Asok. at there you gonna enjoy their games and gets some knowledages.

  2. Thai lady and foreigner says

    Nice vlog

  3. view6 view6 says

    thai กรรมน่าสงสาร 5555 หายไวไว

  4. brotherbill101 says

    annoying stop harassing peeps lol, bad day or something?

  5. ثامر ابو says

    u got beautiful wife or GF or what ever

  6. Matt says

    Well i thought that kid was a bit of a knob to be honest. Embrace the madness of Thailand instead of whining about it.

  7. Heshkin says

    i agree…what was the point in wasting time with the tailors when u have no intention of buying…and most of them produce quality suits cant judge cos of a perception that street tailors are poor. have bought many suits from these guys…you went into a better looking shop and paid x2/3 what u should have lol…typical farang.

  8. Kasamsak sudsagime says

    The novelty in Bangkok.

  9. TheWorldlyCouple says

    sounds great, we can't get enough Thai food could seriously eat it everyday for the rest of our lives, probably our favorite cuisine that we had on our travels

  10. TheWorldlyCouple says

    thats a good point – we editing this episode on the road and used the music that we had, lots of the audio we capture during our shots is kind of poor quality unfortunately. Happy you enjoyed the clip!

  11. altaris2000 says

    They are Canadian

  12. Z says

    Next time you two are in Thailand well I am there, I will show you the Thai's Thailand, and take you to eat the best of Thai food 🙂 check out my videos, I shot very raw, I don't edit LOL, My wife is Thai, so next time you two are in Thailand let me know, we can meet up and shot a fun video LOL

  13. TheWorldlyCouple says

    we were there in march-april and the weather was great! The places you are planning to visit are all awesome in their own right, but you might want to do a little research on the weather situation. Have fun!

  14. se_philip says

    have you been to thailand in august or july, like during the rainy season? If yes, would you recommend it (concerning the weather, especially on the east coast)?
    I think of going there (chiang mai/bangkok/koh samui/etc), but I'm not sure 'bout the weather..
    Great video btw!

  15. TheWorldlyCouple says

    I wouldn't say its the most garbage city in the world, we had an awesome time while we were there and are definitely planning to go back…that doesn't mean it doesn't have it's challenges…

  16. TheWorldlyCouple says

    no thank you for watching!

  17. acajudi100 says

    Thank you!

  18. virgo v says

    nice BGM.

  19. TheWorldlyCouple says

    Grand Palace is incredible – We actually had to pay TWICE to get in because we left the main area of the palace and were told there was no option of re-entry, intitally we were choked, but we ended up paying again so we could take some pics. All in all worth every baht

  20. DaWorldSoSmall says

    Grand Palace!…was there yesterday!

    I get in Free! (thai)….and my white girlfriend had to pay!..hahahah 😀

  21. alphmichaels says

    I said "irreverent". Complaining about Bangkok and the pace…, totally chaotic…,motor taxis on sidewalks. It's a city of 11 million people in SE Asia.

    Then playing with the tailors. It is what it is. I found the narrative "amateurish". Good home video for the family. Glad you enjoyed the time here.

  22. TheWorldlyCouple says


  23. TheWorldlyCouple says

    I would love for you to identify where we were disrespectful to Thailand in the video. We had an incredible time there and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of time spent there. Sorry we don't have the same 'understanding' that you seem to possess.

  24. alphmichaels says

    Pretty irreverent…., for visitors. Come live here for a couple years as a "Farang" and you may have a better understanding of the beauty that is Thailand. Call it "cultural variability".

  25. MeiHua says

    Your vid is awesome i love it!!

  26. TheWorldlyCouple says

    great to hear! What part of Thailand are your from? We loved it there and can't wait to go back!

  27. 304up says

    i m thai,

    i like your clips! very nice

  28. TheWorldlyCouple says

    @TheAngelgirl2772 Happy to hear you enjoyed the clips, we will be publishing many more episodes in the coming months so keep checking back

  29. paper n lace princess says

    Hey guys, just watched the three episodes you done on Thailand….Really enjoyed, thanx …..

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