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TBBT – Sheldon and Kripke plays Basketball


Sheldon and Kripke battle each other in basketball to decide who gets Rothman’s office.

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  1. sean worden says

    :59 Kripke's quick

  2. BTeamHooligan says

    God I cry when I watch this clip.  Genius.  The grunt when Sheldon tries to shoot and kwipke's layup are classic!

  3. Westogwarts says

    This clip was so funny! Laughed my ass off the entire time!

  4. MrMisterman1 says

    And THIS is why bullies always make fun of us nerds

  5. Jules Wagner says

    We really need more Kripke. He brings something great to the chemistry.

  6. Oakes11 says

    2:03 For Donkey noises!

  7. holdemehha says

    If you call that dribbling

  8. KasTheNocturnalNerd says

    ''alright, we gave it 45 minutes its no longer funny let's try something else.''

  9. Jaestar says

    times wan outta womb

  10. Rory Moodie says

    ..how did he(Raj) talk with her in the car

  11. Rory Moodie says

    ..ur jokin right.. lol

  12. María López says

    Okay we gave it 45 minutes it's no longer funny, let's try something else Lol

  13. mezzogal says

    i'm surprised they even know how to dribble the ball. lol!

  14. huffle punk says

    does the guy that plays Kripke's character really talk like that in real life? lol

  15. gingy717 says

    Should've challenged eachother in Dodgeball. How funny would that have been.

  16. MLJ says

    lol listen 0:22

  17. iBlackphone says


  18. Sophie says

    😀 aaaawesome!

  19. eric libarios says

    the best bball battle ive seen

  20. krakenmaken says


  21. Mind Thongkaew says


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