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Taiwanese Street Food Handmade Pizza


5 Tasty affordable Street food from various night markets around Taiwan

All the street food in this video is below $2usd

1. Jumbo Ice cream cone

2. Monster Pizza

3. Peanut Ice Cream

4. Crispy Taro Balls

5. Taiwanese Sausage with Glutinous rice

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  1. oh frabjous day says

    So dough never breaks

  2. Abhishek Bajaj says

    I never saw an airbubble with pizza dough.

  3. Roy Jacob says

    World economy at finger tip with on scoop of ice cream .Good liked it.

  4. Jaisakthi's Food Paradise says

    street food, like star hotel food he made super
    my dear friends go through my videos too and tell ur suggestions and subscribe me

  5. 1-in-Billion says

    Mixing all that sweat for extra Salt ???

  6. vitaliy ВИТАЛИУС says

    Me wont the pizza and ice cream. I from Russian. I know Russia .

  7. 米果Miuko says


  8. The Evil Knight says

    meme pas cuite en dessous

  9. Taehyungfatal says

    As an Italian, with a sister that work in a pizzeria, I can say that pizza it's fantastic.
    Maybe I would have done something different, like the choices of the ingredients for example, but it looks as fine as it is for me ?

  10. Reece Milan says

    That man hands can do some magical things

  11. Gabi says

    The best thing is that the pizza is just I’m out of the oven and is new and fresh?

  12. Caterina Domènech says


  13. Messerschmitt says

    for all the bad comments, my wife and i visited TW last year and we tried that pizza, is AMAZING, and believe, i'm quite familiar with italians pizza's, my wife is italian and she loves it too!

  14. Krissy says

    the amount of tomato sauce…. ?

  15. Elinne Moutinho says

    Tem brasileiro assistindo isso na quarentena porque não tem nada pra fazer não ?

  16. kajal saini says

    Jese ye kr rhe h Bese to kbka chapati middle m se damage ho Jata h ek Baar
    Ni Hazar Baar how he is doing

  17. Dedi Hidayat says

    Canpur keringat tangan

  18. jotazetzet says

    I bet there's a lot of hair in this pizza…

  19. Juan Carlos Payares Vargas says

    What might be the air bubbled pizza guy add to the border of the pizza before spinning it up un the air? Butter?

  20. VooDooShai says

    1:08 Jay Chou's Song XDD

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