Tactical Exploit? \ We Won The League With Union Berlin & Everton! \ Football Manager Tactics

Introducing Man Marking on Football Manager, potentially an exploit? Or do you just become a tactical genius? I urge you to try with with your FM20 tactics next time you’re thinking about it. A great way to close the DLP down and stop them instigating attacks along with forcing errors.

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View: Tactical Exploit? \ We Won The League With Union Berlin & Everton! \ Football Manager Tactics

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30 bình luận trong “Tactical Exploit? \ We Won The League With Union Berlin & Everton! \ Football Manager Tactics

  1. I used the man marking I'm man utd I was playing Leicester City I marked two of there attacking mids and I beat them 7 0 in the cup they got no shots at all in that game they couldn't even get out of there box that's got to be a expoit

  2. Would this work with a 4-2-3-1 wide formation? Or maybe Narrow version? I’m playing with Chelsea ( starting in summer 2019 in game)

    In planning on selling Willam and Pedro at season end. Planning on pulisic and Hudson- Odoi to start the next season.

  3. When using this method its good to keep a track of the opposition formation throughout the game, i have found quite a lot of teams that use a 2 CM system (no CDM) will often rotate the deeper position so you will have to keep changing the player that is being marked, it has actually become quite annoying in some games when they are constantly doing it.

  4. People that say this is an exploit clearly dont watch actual football. Most teams will see their AM or PF marking the creative player or DLP to stop the ball dangerously going forward and to press high up the pitch.

    Agreed the match engine may struggle with it if AI tactics are designed to go through a DLP but isnt that good management.

    Let's not forget that this is a game based around football with tactical instruction taken from the game itself. Believe me it doesnt always work, teams tried like hell to man mark Pirlo, Xavi, Scholes etc. It worked less than you know. But if it works for your team tactically, then you should try it.

  5. This doesn't work for me i have a decent team, and especially against the big teams it completely takes my player out the game tried it 4 games in a row and not had great results at all. I find it better to compact the middle and press the wings

  6. Great for an underdog, helped me rob an win away at København with Odense despite only having 35% possession. Used my F9 to mark Jeppe Anderson (DLP) out of the game and I snatched a scrappy tap in at 84 minutes.

  7. I don't think this is an exploit. It's actually smart tactical move. I get really frustrated when teams play deep and defensively with CBs just passing the ball between them and the deep midfielder.
    I have a question though. What if a team uses a formation with a DMC but the DLP is one of the CMs?

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