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Sydney, Australia Travel Guide


Sydney.. the land down under.. a place where people can almost speak English. Its rugged nature will leave you awe-inspired, but this trip is often overlooked because of the long distance between the hemispheres. So is it worth the long haul? My name is Ricky Moreno and I’m gonna show you the most popular tourist attractions in the city, and all the reasons why I love Sydney!

0:54 – Airport Arrival
1:27 – The CBD
2:38 – Sydney Tower Eye
3:53 – Circular Quay
5:55 – Opera House
7:18 – Featherdale Wildlife Park
9:32 – Bondi Beach
11:27 – Royal Botanic Garden
12:44 – Hyde Park BATS
14:37 – Ferry In Sydney Harbour
15:15 – Tasting Vegemite at Luna Park

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  1. DmanFunk88 says

    Did you know that the Australian Coat of arms is a large spider with a human child in it’s mouth?

  2. oswald Boelcke says

    Nice video.

  3. muhammad haris says

    Yes I aslo love Sydney I will visit soon n I will share it on my channel Muhammad haris which is new

  4. Shuaiwen Leon Song says

    Americans should stop the narratives about casts away and prisoners. It is kind of hilarious how bad America is today.

  5. Liam Mcdonald says

    "its hardly ever a cloudy day in australia" he says on a coudy day

  6. PRA BARBOKAS says

    Aku suka orang kasar tapi jujur…tidak semua orang pendiam baik..ramah santun tapi pembohong Dan aku tidak suka itu

  7. Akhil Ramani says

    which song is used in outro? I loved it

  8. JOY RIDE YT says

    Nice video… nice music
    I like when u say "thunder from down under"…

  9. Erin Rice says

    Go to O Bar on level 47 of Australia Square instead of Sydney Eye. Use that $27 to get a couple of drinks instead in the bar and get your money's worth! Just be sure to dress smart casual as there's a dress code.

  10. Evan KIM says

    That city was beautiful city to me absolutely, I felt tickled pink when I visited that place. Also Always I recommend to be take a trip to my friends. Definitely I will visit sydney many times and would like to live there , visit again when covid to be disappear ,period.

  11. ZAZI CN says

    The first song EDM IS what?

  12. Adrienne Hunt says

    Mrs Macquarie's Chair is the name most locals use. Due to the fact that the wife of Governor Lachland Macquarie, Governor of NSW 1810-1821, was said to sit on the Convict hand-carved sandstone rock seat and watch for ships from England. A beautiful part of The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. Great views of Sydney Harbour.

  13. Adrienne Hunt says

    Yes, Bondi Beach can get crowded because it's in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. If you want uncrowded, far larger beaches you need to visit The Northern Beaches of Sydney, or travel out of Sydney to either the South or North Coast. It's well worth it, believe me.

  14. Adrienne Hunt says

    The Sydney Eye Tower tour guide needed text on screen to "translate" Aussie English!!! I've never needed sub-text on my video calls to an old American girlfriend who attended an all girls school here in Sydney, but then she did live here for over 2 years so guess she can speak Aussie ??

  15. ritts glam & lifestyle says

    Nice please✋?

  16. the real test of the story says

    There is only one good part about Sydney and that's leaving

  17. Kyle Hill says

    Alert! Covid mask spotted!

  18. Rinalyn Cedeño says

    Why I am watching this, because i love auatralia too.

  19. Derek Gleeson says

    Waaay too much vegemite!

  20. White Simurgh says

    American stereotypes of Australia : Faustus with shrimp on a barbi

  21. Saxon Vincent says

    1:58 that shore kid should be standing up on the bus and not sitting down

  22. Faisal Adil says

    please make more videos.

  23. shaZow says

    Btw when Covid is over you should go to Melbourne Australia

  24. TL G says

    Love it! Thank you for sharing

  25. Muhammad Arbani says

    thats actually a good song

  26. The Old Produce Store Binalong says

    Think you better return and we'll show you real Australia in Binalong!

  27. GoogleGamingBoy says

    16:41 beer pops lol

  28. jayram dahal says

    wow nice video .. I would like welcome to Nepal also..

  29. shaZow says

    I was gonna go in July but covid 19 ruined it but I can watch this so I can feel like I’m there

  30. UJANG & NORA says

    Amazing, Watching a tourist in your home city just makes you cringe so hard… thanks for sharing bro

  31. Katherine says

    Don't visit Hyde Park at night but do during the day. Drink XXXX or Tooheys beer. Don't feed the Ibis or gulls- they will still hang around anyway. The walk across the bridge to the other side is free and open to the public, but the bridge climb up to the top is not, and will cost. Taronga zoo is also a great zoo with a view of the harbour/city to boot but it's not cheap. Definitely agree going on a ferry- even for a short trip- is worth it. There are so many beaches in Australia but if you're only in Sydney and restricted with time, Bondi is the place to go as it's so close to the city. Some free things to do or see in the city are: The Queen Victoria Building, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Paddy's Markets, The Rocks, Museum of Contemporary Art, St Mary's Cathedral, and yes the botanical gardens are lovely and they also have a free guided walking tour. The city/CBD/"downtown" is very multicultural, as is the rest of Sydney. If you want to experience the Crocodile Dundee stereotype holiday, I'd suggest visiting a rural area, keeping in mind that Australia is a large country and driving to places may not be a quick trip, depending on where you go. If you love beaches and warm weather, fly to Queensland and stay for a while. A nice day trip from Sydney is the Blue Mountains (can take the train), the Royal National Park, Hunter Valley wine region, Canberra (full day or stay there), Kiama (visit the blowhole)…there is so much to see. If you're traveling from the other side of the world, make the most of it. And don't use that much vegemite when you try it haha. Get some buttered toast with a pea-sized amount. It's an acquired taste. Can you tell I love Sydney?

  32. MyAngelsShineBright says

    Australia has amazing views! Just made a video about it!

  33. Willian says

    wow! What a wonderful city; what wonderful people. I saw in a documentary, a few months ago, that Australia is apparently being 'invaded' by a flurry of immigrants coming from Africa, and they are ruining the city. I am not sure if this is veridical, but what a shame anyways. Greetings from Brazil!

  34. puneeth gowda says

    Hey I am really impressed by your video.
    May I please know in which u shooted this Video… ?????

  35. super hero 900 movie show animal 100 says

    P. Sherman 42 wallaby way sydney NSW

  36. Cash For Car in Sydney says
  37. Amir Hosseini says

    Hello AUSTRALIAN,Hello Sydney,
    I Will be Very tired and tired.
    How can I say I love you AUSTRALIAN and I want arrive to you.
    I Trying, so much years that I reach to AUSTRALIAN,but I waiting yet for help to travel to AUSTRALIAN.

  38. Meloney Barnett says

    Funny guy

  39. Meloney Barnett says

    Yea I’m a Aussie I’m in wa

  40. Srinivas Radhe says


  41. Sydney Cull says

    sydney is my name

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