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Surprising Things About Computer Generated Images You Didn't Know About


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  1. Moon light says


  2. Amber Healer says

    Me too

  3. Honey Bee86 says

    CGI did to movies, what AUTOTUNE did to music

  4. Honey Bee86 says

    WOW. Nature Documentaries are CGI???? My world just shattered 🙁

    How is that even LEGAL???

  5. Ћофи says

    What is CGI?

  6. ժҽɾԹ. ԹӀɑվՀ says

    Less cgi is ok enough for me especially the star wars when they make walker it use stop motion and close up view

  7. Addy G says

    Sigh*Well,I knew this was all good to be true.Sigh again*

  8. spidey web says

    I didn't know any of them….
    That's new to me…
    Congrats to the Richest! 1up

  9. Wolfie713 says

    You forgot to mention about Ernest Borgnine (voice of Mermaid Man from SpongeBob) passing away. I'm sure any acting sequences after that used a CGI version of him. Kappa

  10. Scott Shelton says

    Low blow with the "NASA's Photos."

  11. nonameroy101 says

    As if I didn't know the dragons from game of thrones were made with cgi.

  12. Bob The Blob says

    of course the fucking blood is cgi'd !

  13. David Hosslehaff says

    Recently? That ad has been out for years!

  14. Arturo Torres says

    Shock me no
    Made me uncomfortable barely
    Saw it coming yes

  15. Kay Morgan says

    I new the nasa one

  16. Kia Hoffmann says

    XD where else would we get dragons?

  17. Nurpop says

    Are you kidding me? I totally thought those dragons were real. Total disappointment.

  18. I7 H says


  19. Derpie742 says

    What does CGI mean?

  20. Tasteless Videos says

    I can't be the only one who thought the Game of Thrones dragons were robots….

  21. Bulos Mac says

    they cgi'd those dragons?

  22. Inspired Blue says

    Wait you mean to say dragons aren't real??

  23. StrawB0ss says

    Motherfuckers need to bring backs Squibs.

  24. Tevin Strong_Style says

    CGI for car commercials, that's lame.

  25. Edin Talundzic says

    Our whole world is CGI. Nothing is real anymore. We live in the MATRIX.
    Follow the WHITE RABBIT!!!
    Knock Knock

  26. Aaron says

    Subscribe to me! Im not CGI!!

  27. Scoop of the Crispy says

    Is nothing real anymore?!

  28. Real Lithuania says

    Really? Those dragons were CGI? I thought they were real!

  29. 1. for the car thing isn't that fraud? since its not the actual car doing those things they are trying to sell? and 2. nasa photoshopped footage? makes sense as they faked the moon landing and the "pictures" of the earth showing that its round… OKAY.

  30. Just Pat says

    WAIT u mean the dragons in game of thrones are cgi XD

  31. Jcgf j Jhgcufcyf says


    NOW PIN ME!!!

  32. Bogdan Popovic says

    I knew most of these were CGI…

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