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Surface Duo first look: Microsoft's foldable Android phone


Microsoft surprised us with the Surface Duo this week. It’s the long-awaited Surface phone that has been rumored for years, and in a further surprise, it’s running Google’s Android operating system. The Surface Duo has two 5.6-inch displays that fold out into a 8.3-inch overall screen, and it’s just 4.8mm thin.

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  1. Gova Murali says

    Does the Surface neo have play store?

  2. Stansla Michael says

    Those bezels just make it look dated.

  3. 일반인평범한 says

    LG should follow this design

  4. Saffron Maverick says

    too broad to fit in pant or jeans pocket

  5. 1047 Gautam kumar Gupta says

    Can any 1 tell me the cost???

  6. Ryan Chesla says

    So I can't check notifications on my lock screen because the phone is folded closed? What a whiff. No one is going to buy this

  7. Remco Hamersma says

    Why do you call it the surface joe?

  8. GD Spam King says

    I hope microsoft's surface duo isnt going to get the same fate as its ancestor!

  9. MGLondon says

    It's the only phone which can have a 100% bezeless display on one side if it wanted.

  10. Vinnie J says

    I want good office 365 integration.

  11. Jake Land says

    Damn if this ran windows…..

  12. Odraeg B says

    Looks interesting

  13. ReddoFreddo says

    The Surface Duo should run Windows 10, imo, I don't need those apps when I have such a big screen and can do my things on the browser, social media, YouTube, etc. The only app I can think of that works better on a phone is Audible, which has no stake in this battle, you can do most things on the browser anyway. Didn't people say the browser was gonna take over the OS industry before phones got big?

  14. Starlesslemon says

    I want it as long as it's not over $1k. If it's over that, it can't be too much. LG V60 already does the folding separate displays. But Microsoft is slowly starting to thing they're Apple.

  15. Dennis Tucker says

    I would hope that Alphabet(Google) acquires Microsoft some day. On the device, I'm glad it does not use a folding display. Going with 2 displays and a hinge is better.

  16. Putt Ez says

    If u want retro experience ,buy microsoft.

  17. Aman Sharma says

    The biggest advantage of a large screen tablet is media consumption and productivity apps. Surface Duo fails in both of these fronts. No on will like to watch a video in Surface Duo in tablet mode also it will not be any good for drawing and other productivity apps since android apps are generally not designed to work on two screens. Thus surface duo is basically trying to solve a problem no one is having.
    However, I am very excited for Surface Neo.

  18. guybravo says

    Needs a screen on the outside too.

  19. Isaac Farrugia says

    Android and Windows in one device. Could work

  20. Ilknur Yetiz says

    Looks great! I noticed there is no camera on the outside, I'm guessing you can't flip the camera?

  21. InfoSec Sphere says

    It looks old now.

  22. Danny Vo says

    0:07 Nice Surface Joe you have there

  23. shahvaze siddiqui says

    so close just need to make the display bezels thinner

  24. Modernremix says

    Surface Neo doesn't make sense in anyway. But the Surface Duo… ?

  25. Alexandr says

    connect a mouse&keyboard and it turns into a productivity workstation

  26. Alexander Lee says

    With this, I probably prefer LG V series…

  27. Jermaine Wright says

    If it has 120hz,12G RAM and snapdragon 865+ I'll get it

  28. Tom Reifenberg says

    I'm late to the party here, but very excited for this to release soon! The foldable screens on other devices look horrible and prone to fail; I like to have smartphones that last a long while, and this one looks solid. Still have to wait and see how the camera quality pans out, but I'm so glad Microsoft is learning from their Windows Phones foray, since that Nokia Lumia was my favorite hardware with the worst app support.

  29. I will be the first south African to hold this one or to fill it in my hand I am sure of that.

  30. mo be says

    When the hell is Holiday 2020?

  31. Autumn Wilson says

    This is deffo going straight in my basket

  32. First Last says

    If the phone doesn’t have pen support, they’ve missed a big opportunity

  33. AlwaysAPrince says

    This should serve as a handheld for xbox x cloud! this would be cool

  34. Nabeel Ahmed Siddiqui says

    Waiting for you desperately.. ?

  35. Caruso Wise says

    I will be getting this Surface phone. I am so excited.

  36. Jeff Dor says

    just make a regular phone, with the same aesthetic, window's logo on the back, running android with window's apps, and I'll drop my money. It'll go great with my surface laptop. I don't want a book in my pockets.

  37. Paul BERDAH says

    That we learn from this video is most of the time second screen will be used as a smart keyboard ie 1 scheme: textarea and keyboard, 2 scheme: pictures list and keyboard etc … replacing a bluetooh keyboard by a second mobile running a keyboard application wifi synced with your master phone, simple. Another application is splitted screen, on a long document comparing an up with a down section, application can display a snap shot of the master phone on the second mobile while you scroll through the document. These applications does not require gigantics efforts and investments.

  38. Geek Pharm says

    umm sell your microsoft stock

  39. Gabriel Marecki says

    Make new Microsoft Lumia with android and that cool Lumia design. Success guaranted :))

  40. Putera Khalid Eragon Al-Rodie says

    The next Nintendo DS 🙂 (I am outdated :c)

  41. darkstepwarrior88 says

    So bad the guy couldnt test it

  42. Polaki Cebulaki says

    Microsoft mobile phones before were the first in terms of improvements and innovations like wireless charging, usb C, Continuum, Carl Zeiss and Cortanna.

    Those were just prototypes. I am still praying they’ll do a dual bootable with Full Windows and Android for Dou when they officially out in the Market. Even if they’re going to a £2000 price tag, I will buy it and get the best of both worlds.

  43. Polaki Cebulaki says

    It should be full windows 10.

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