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Supersize: Got Thin – Got Fat Again! | How To Lose Weight | Fresh Lifestyle


Before and after’ photos are the perfect end to the perfect diet. But what happens after the after pictures have been taken? This one hour documentary explores why diets don’t work, shows how quickly and easily skinny success can turn into fat failure and dares to ask the question – What is it that stops us staying thin?

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  1. mrs Lovett says

    Josie has gone back after her son

  2. Lita Dwiyana says

    They looked so lonely..
    They need friends the healthy community to support them

  3. sarah maunder says

    So weird watching this as i noticed the decor in the pub and once i read the name of the pub on the waitress top is was actually where i briefly worked for like a few months back in 2014ish lol

  4. E. K says

    It’s sad that people either eat themselves or starve themselves when depressed or stressed..

  5. alexamnarvaez says

    If you are fat is because you want!!!eat healthy and do 30 minutes exercise every day and you will be in the right weight. These people need a nutritionist that teach them how to eat healthy and stop doing diets that are totally useless and bullshit.

  6. Andreea says

    me watching this on a water fast?

  7. Cody Wren says

    Sticking to diets isn't easy bc its a diet, not a lifestyle. Diets normally are not sustainable due to the restriction. Change is made through lifestyle choices. There are obvs things that come into it like genetics etc

  8. JAJAR C says

    Sounds is too loud I hardly hear anything

  9. Nancy Rahif says

    I don’t know them closely but to me, Josie looks like she’s in an abusive relationship.

  10. Madhu mathi says

    This is amazing and well explained, super, i found some useful in this also, https://shrinkme.io/PoD4

  11. Aimee Groenewald says

    Intuitive Eating has been the only thing that has helped me and helped with loving myself more. No diet will ever work x

  12. Alethea Jacobs says

    These woman have serious issues to be honest. Bt everything is made into a big joke, kind of annoying.

  13. BROTEN SURESY says

    Well explained video. Here is an amazing way to reduce weight that gives you shocking results – @t

  14. Oversurge says

    they need to watch Greg Douchettes youtube channel

  15. Suzanne B says

    Wtf with the voice-over, can barely hear what she’s saying

  16. Lara Keenan says

    This is the most triggering thing ever. Don’t take any advice from this

  17. Thelara2001 says

    These ppl are so clueless it hurts

  18. OZ says

    Unless you change your mindset, you can't lose and keep the weight off.
    a very wrong "diet" mindset is- "I'm going to lose weight with this xyz diet, and afterward, I will go back to my old lifestyle, carefree and happy".
    Diet doesn't mean punishment…it means getting healthier, stronger, feeling younger, and more vital. Diet actually comes from ancient Greek which means "Lifestyle".
    If your mindset is "I will temporarily punish myself with this diet, so I can reach an ideal physique", it actually means "I will yo-yo for the rest of my life, because I hate to suffer, and diet means suffering".
    It all comes down to (realistic) choices and important realizations:
    *. STOP DIETING!!!! (say no no no to the fad diets…)
    1. Understanding you probably won't get the shape of this actress or that model (and it's fine! you don't need to look like a replica of another human being).
    2. Realizing everyone's body is different (which means- sometimes you won't be able to reach the goal you've been setting for yourself, because it's not in your body's nature to weigh x, but y- and when you weigh "y" is when you are at your healthiest- you will live longer and have your best performance mentally and physically).
    3. It's ok to eat comfort food every once in a while! (you can even set an awesome cheat meal once a week- but remember that afterward is "business as usual"- i.e don't forget your boundaries)
    4. Healthy food can be really delicious (plus you can actually make your stomach smaller! mainly by eating small portions of food 5-6 times a day).
    5. your husbandboyfrienddate is highly attracted to you, even with the cellulite and your love handles, or whatever bothers you so much…
    6. You are beautiful and unique, there's no one else like you! – love yourself in whatever shape or size you're in, forgive yourself for being so tough and harsh against yourself- With true acceptance and self-love, comes the possibility to make a real change.

  19. HailNevnEtheysMom80 says

    41:02 totally made me think of myself with my recovery right now.. i m starting to change my lifestyle with my diet and activity .. and trying to cut out a lot of sugar. its really hard to do .. but i hope that I succeed.

  20. Hummus is Life says

    this episode made me more sad than anything especially the woman drinking the celery/carrot juice. it reminds me of my mum, she became morbidly obese after my birth and she's tried stuff like that but everything was gained back again. she has had a heart attack and pulmonary embolism already, I keep thinking she might die soon. i wish people like her wouldn't have given up, because it hurts the other family members, and makes them feel like it's their fault for not doing more while they were alive. Like I feel bad for basically being the cause of my mum's weight gain. you can try all you want but someone isn't going to lose weight unless they want to…

  21. Raechel EM Brown says

    Loving this channel & videos. I tried lots of diets then at 19stone I had a gastric bypass (it's not an easy option or get out of jail free card) Lost 9stone over a year. But even today my weight goes between 10stone & 11stone. I still crave junk food & eat junk food I still cant help myself. It's hard to lose weight & keep it off (surgery or no surgery)

  22. Carol Gibson says

    Poor Gemma her mother is her problem?

  23. KIMERA SAROOP says

    I can relate so much to these women. The best we can do is think about being kinder to our bodies and ourselves. Small baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle.Treat your body the way it deserves give it densely nutritious food instead of rubbish that it doesnt need. Its a vicious cycle but small little changes to your mindset can make a big difference in the end. I hope whoever is in the same boat also loses the weight and feels much better.

  24. TediTodorova101 says

    All these ladies are so sweet, I hope they do good xx
    Ps. we are all people and almost none of us is normal ?

  25. Kimberley says

    Like the video. The background Music is annoying though ??‍♀️

  26. reckless spider says

    I hope the ppl who started and promoted those fad diets are feeling guilty now ,like this’s crazy and so misleading , these ppl who straggled could’ve find the healthy sustainable ways to loss weight and not see it as one of these stupid diets

  27. Akanksha says

    Why is it so hard for people to get healthy !

  28. Day Flaubert says

    "starvation is really what takes me to be thin and I think I cant starve myself forever so I know I will put it all back on. I know it". Maybe some people are just meant to be fat forever

  29. Michuu says

    Damn getting healthy is great but the methods shown on this show are pure toxic and unsustainable :/

  30. Ayesha Sheikh says

    Why you cutting carbs..?!! Cut meat and dairy out completely and eat a high fruit high carbs diet then have then you will feel your best and look the best stop making other living beings that don’t have a voice go in your digestive tracks bcoz people think that’s it’s the carbs HELL NO!!

  31. Paula Miesner says

    this is… disordered eating, if not an eating disorder. not just dieting.

  32. Mags says

    Putting your child on a diet in primary school is just disgusting and wrong!! Nothing wrong with encouraging a better diet but to pay your child to lose weight is setting them up for all sorts of problems in the future, including risking eating disorders!!

  33. Heather Watson says

    I love Josie"s Yorkshire accent

  34. Aimee Maurer says

    Rather than making carrot and celery juice, it tastes better to just eat a carrot and two celery sticks. Haha the red diet, that’s a funny one. I wonder if any of those women have tried WW weight loss and wellness.

  35. Tahir CFC says

    These ppl must watch coach Greg an buy his cook book asap !!!!

  36. KO-HSI RATI JEN 任可囍 says

    instead of dieting which is a short term solution exercising is a long term solution AND you're getting healthier

  37. John Archie Ablanque says

    The thing about keeping the weight off is not to stick on quick fixes, because the faster you loose the quicker you'll gain it back. Take it slow and steady.

  38. MsSunhappy says

    These people act like the internet dont exist. Everyone in the diet / health community talk about eat moderately and excercise moderately. Its like they take all their diet tip from snake oil salesmen.

  39. chelsea Skrr says

    Nobody else think that Anna was a bit rude?

  40. Emmie Jo says

    'if I get on a bus or on a tube I don't wanna be the fat person that no one wants to sit next to and I know that because I used to think that ' HA I respect that comment ??

  41. Dave Masters says

    People are stuck in the cycle because they are eating unnatural food too regularly. Eat like Queen Elizabeth II. Fruit only in season, small portions. High quality protein and veges for dinner. Only have carbs when entertaining. Don't forget the glass of champagne, dubonnet and gin and chocolate cake.
    Enjoy, but in moderation. Don't deprive and don't only eat red foods.

    I'd also like to add, that Josie is hilariously funny! I hope she ditched that awful partner. It was obvious he wanted to keep her overweight.

  42. CatArena says

    These are the same people you meet in real life who are always on a diet. They seem to know more about healthy eating than anyone else, yet never utilize their knowledge.


    Addicted to this kind of stuff in the Lockdown period..
    Anyone can try? yes only if you work persistantly. https://shrinkme.io/COX57E

  44. black horse music videos says

    I dont get it, i rarely get hungry and i am skinny, i eat pizza and burgers almost every day cause i work at an restaurant. I struggle too eat enought even if I eat all that, I get very fatigue if I dont eat very high calorie foods. Why is that

  45. Rebecca E says

    Or you know .. just eat.

  46. Alexandra says

    Josie is so incredible. She’s so so beautiful! Her boyfriend doesn’t seem all too helpful though…

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