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SUPER GT 2020 Round 1 – Full Race, Live, English – Fuji Speedway


SUPER GT IS BACK ON YOUTUBE! Thanks to your unwavering fan support and the backing of Engine Media Group (looks up, thanks guys!), we are bringing you the full 2020 Season of Super GT in English, with Sam Collins and Rob Barff on comms – the fastest GT Racing Series in the world, set FREE.

00:00 Stream starts (forgive the initial audio issue – Sam’s dongle failed!)
10:30 Jann Mardenborough chat
15:25 Car class Introductions
22:31 Formation lap starts
02:12:00 5 Laps to go
02:17:37 Final Lap
02:32:25 Highlights
02:39:07 Podium

7/18-19 Round1 FUJI
8/08-09 Round2 FUJI
8/22-23 Round3 SUZUKA
9/12-13 Round4 MOTEGI
10/03-04 Round5 FUJI
10/24-25 Round6 SUZUKA
11/07-08 Round7 MOTEGI
11/28-29 Round8 FUJI




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  1. Matthew Biangardi says

    I'm so glad your back at Super GT. 2018 wasn't the same. Thought they fired you. Cheers. From San Antonio TX.

  2. Flames2Live says

    Not gonna lie, but those NSX's even with the engine moved from midship to front, are still strong af.

  3. Sidney Scott says

    Awesome race! I didn’t catch it live but I’m glad to have you guys back for the 2020 season and I will keep my eyes out for the next round Fiji round 2. And how about Toyota! I haven’t seen a manufacture dominate a race like that since the old Godzilla’s in Japan’s series! Absolutely amazing! Keep it up Gents. And hello from Arizona USA.

  4. Stephen Putnick says

    I'm American and I love IMSA, and I kind of wish DPi was faster, but holy smokes GT500 is fast. Pole last year in WEC was 1:25.013. That's a Toyota hybrid. The fastest non-hybrid was 1:26.163, and the slowest was 1:26.820. Pole for this race was 1:26.550. So GT500 is on par with non-hybrid LMP1.

  5. Kee88 says

    1:22:19 speed racer??

  6. Sly Fox says

    what is GT?? is it like F1 and Nascar. sorry new to this.

  7. jivepepper says

    Hate the masks never watch again.

  8. agenthoini says

    God id completely forgotten how fun traffic in super gt can be 😀
    Also glad that its back on youtube, just makes it even more enjoyable in a number of ways 🙂

  9. John Smith says

    The audio sucks!!!

  10. alldazn smayneez Kk says


  11. overlived says

    It's back!

  12. LKNANML says

    THANK YOU! Huge fan off all series that use "real" cars.

  13. bluemoon95 says

    Thank you for bringing back Super GT this season. I miss Super GT last year.

  14. Herb Fowler says

    Never seen a Super GT race before. It was interesting, I enjoyed it. Thanks for this, looking forward to more.

  15. Neil Martin says

    A bit late but it’s soo good to see super gt back home on the race. Thanks guys.

  16. Jack Fullerton says

    I'm so happy to see Super GT back on the channel. Awesome race to start the season with. Let's hope Super Formula is as good!

  17. eboz32 says

    If you are new to Sim racing check out eboz32 channel on YouTube.a lit of Assetta corsa Compitizoine (ACC)

  18. Marco P says

    superGT on youtube! wow!

  19. FitemeURL not IRL says

    that was fucking awesome

  20. Jah Blessin says

    I miss back in the day when it was called JGTC ! Anyways good on you guys for posting these it’s really hard to see these races in the states. Cheers m8

  21. Ciaran McGhee says

    First time watching Super GT. Couple of days late but god this was fun. Gonna look for a beginners guide. You guys should do one if you haven't.

  22. Tom Mansell says

    It's Supra, not Soopra

  23. Joy Manoppo says

    17:45 japan national anthem

  24. David Johansson says

    Watching out of Pandemic home office, Gothenburg, Sweden…

  25. Jezza819 says

    I'm so glad you guys got Super GT back. Dominant performance from Toyota in both classes.

  26. RS2KR says

    Thanks for providing great coverage. Glad to have Super GT back!

  27. Youri Schins says

    We need a game with these cars

  28. FTO says

    Salamat sa stream ng Super GT/Zen Nihon GT Senshuken!

    Thank you for stream of Super GT/Zen Nihon GT Senshuken!

  29. Rodneysha Ellington says

    Really nice I enjoyed it tho+

  30. Adam Clarke says

    How on earth is he saying Supra? Its soo-pra rather than sup-pra. So off-putting. How does he say super? Like supper?

  31. Ardianto Pratama says

    Big thanks for bringing this fantastic event.really love it

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