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Sunshine On Leyth – S6-E7 Teale Is The Warmest Colour! | Football Manager 2020


Football Manager 2020 lets play in which i take charge or Whitport Athletic of the Isle of Leyth, in the 8th tier of English football. With zero budget and very poor facilities we aim to bring them up the league all while battling against Blackhaven United, who have the money and the influence.

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It’s the name of a football blog i used to run

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  1. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  2. Ady says

    Can we see are where are they now after this season?

  3. Jack Butler says

    Has ben mills found a club?

  4. Hyde Hill says

    As you are now probably safely midtable, maybe time to experiment? Like playing without the look for overlap to get more speed in your attacks and more out of your wingers?

  5. Bert Bertsonson says

    Do you do any team bonding sessions to boost morale?

  6. Luka Krestalica says

    Are you using a patch?

  7. Gangster Joey says

    i can already see one of these scenarios happening at the season 7 episode 1.
    “This player is going to change everything and give us a chance at promotion”
    “There really are no players still that want to join us because our reputation is too low”

  8. TheLeprechaunjm says

    Ca you update us on your financial situation to-date and whether home ground upgrades have been completed yet?

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