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Summer 2050 | Funcho Entertainment | Dhruv Shah | Shyam Sharma | FC


Each & every year SUMMERs are getting hotter.
Have you ever wondered what would happen in SUMMER 2050?

Things are not going to be the same. We just tried to imagine and sketch it into a funny video. Hope you guys love it.
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Team: Dhruv Shah, Shyam Sharma, Nishit shah, Husain Kanba, Pratham Vyas.

Funchod Entertainment is now Funcho Entertainment AkA FC Entertainment.
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  1. Funcho says

    Let’s together make an effort to end Racism.
    Also, don’t forget to let us know how did you like this video by commenting below.

  2. Ronny Tutorials says
  3. HatMasterBeast Beastes says

    6:52 what's a song name ?

  4. Ghulam Ali says


  5. Riddhee Joshi says

    Bhai Baal

  6. happy tv says

    2050 ya nahin aur aap baten karne lage gito

  7. Hashir Rocks says

    When sham giving cylinder back side it was name of allah because i am from karachi pakistan

  8. Yasmeen Siddique says

    Aba favi quk to kohl

  9. Sabitri Chhetri says

    3 part

  10. Spruha Gokhale says

    what is by mama mia

  11. Ramesh Shira says

    Ice rote ?????????

  12. All king world says

    Please make video on gta v

  13. Interesting Gamer says

    This is the only channel in which I laugh very much

  14. Manal Malik says

    Pakistan is not black I am Ibrahim pakistani

  15. Asd Zxc says

    Fuck plz let me

  16. Mohid Rashid says

    Funcho please tell me you are muslim

  17. ROUNAK SHARMA says

    Is video ko dk kr mja agya

  18. Prathmesh Tripathi says

    Make video of winter or rainy season in 2050

  19. Gangster Gamer says

    What means bachi

  20. Nidhi Bhatewara says

    you have not open the feviquik

  21. Suniel Saini says
  22. Zain Soomro says



    Bro 2050 me corona rhe ka ki nhi 🙂 🙂

  24. Janvi Aahiraao says

    Aap kala rang kaha se lagate ho

  25. Bilal Khan says

    Bat mut Karina Pakistan ke ok India black Pakistan not

  26. Talha Talha says

    ???? bad

  27. Amol Gadekar says

    2050 cool 's????

  28. Satty Boy says

    In the end the dance was very nice

  29. Garry Sohal says

    Bahi fewikwik ka Kap to khol le

  30. Tariq Ayyaz says

    Bhai pakistani ka maza na aurao

  31. MINATI ARMY says

    Worst thing about your video is that it end

  32. LEO MESSI says

    0:40 bhai dhakkan toh khol deta?
    Kholta toh pakka chipakkta tha??

  33. sumina singh says

    Mind blows?

  34. Rudrakshya Chakraborty says

    You bitch summer ko underestimate nahi Karen ka

  35. Shakti Palghat says


  36. muhith didar says


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