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This video, created by Nucleus Medical Media, gives a thorough explanation of stroke, covering anatomy and physiology, different types of stroke, and treatment.


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  2. I got out of bed one night to get myself a drink of water from my bathroom sink… The second I went to reach for the faucet, I was immediately hit with a severe headache (Not even a warning!) Immediately nauseous and started throwing up. At the same time I felt this rush of intense pain the radiated throughout my ENTIRE body! The pain felt like it was coming from my bones and shooting through my veins. Then my fingers and left hand got tingly and numb. I laid myself down on my stomach on the bathroom floor, and my words weren't coming out right. I could kind of talk, but the words seemed like they came out in jerks or studders… I laid there for 25-30 minutes.
    What happened to me??
    I feel as though I have been slowly deteriorating since then, when it comes to eye sight, pauses between words, memory loss, increase in anxiety and agoraphobia. I'm very jumpy and frightened easily…
    I was stupid and scared, and never got myself checked out. I know that is a huge NO NO! But I'm just here looking for a little bit of help. It's been a yr since. But I still feel it, if that makes any sense?

  3. Great animation! This channel really encourages people like me to help spread medical education. The best way to prevent a stroke is to keep exercising and paying attention to your diet. Prevention is better than cure.

  4. What the fuck is wrong with me I use to watch a lot of science videos (especially space) than into a little of medical and psychology at the same time then history then I’m interested of learning how to program now then learning about the Goddam human brain how it functions and what kind of injury could really harm it yet I still fail at school

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