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Street Food Japan – A Taste of Delicious Japanese Cuisine


1. Hashimaki – Okonomiyaki on a stick
2. Takoyaki – Octopus Ball
3. Yakisoba
4. Okonomiyaki

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Watch amazing cooking skills and street food around the world, street food is ready-to-eat food or drink sold by a hawker, or vendor, in a street or other public place, such as at a market or fair.
Street Food World offers food from Japan Vietnam Thailand India Indonesia Taiwan South Korea Mexico Turkey Germany London China and a lot more. ASMR Video.

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  1. MALAKA 414 says
  2. Pooh says

    It's been 6 months since I had my favourite fast food. 2 months it was because of high school exams rest 4 months due to lockdown. Meanwhile these youtube recommendations
    Me: Don't do that . Don't give me hope.

  3. Yolanda Patricia Galarza says

    Porque a toda la comida le ponen huevo??

  4. Xavier Davis says

    Df was that a salad pancake ?

  5. Cooking with Gulnaz Khan says

    Very nice, perfect dishes.

  6. SassySushee Vlogs says

    This is way too far from Philippine steetfood. ?

  7. hung nguyen says


  8. maestrang Laagan says

    Mas malinis ang korean streertfood…

  9. Bob Wolkotte says

    What are the ingredients in the first one?

  10. Emma Jabbar says

    Give this poor man some gloves

  11. teespringstores Maduta-Farang says

    Stay safe everyone! Keep wearing your face masks, wash your
    hands frequently and stay apart to stop the spread of Covid-19. Take care!

  12. Kareiamo Eosa says

    I miss japanese food. The buffet and street foods. Memories ???

  13. Street Food Grunch says

    ??? Funtastic

  14. Fanciebdg says

    Cek juga review kita ya ada mcd taste of japan https://youtu.be/g51paKPIPgU

  15. Nour Kalmosh says
  16. Stef_ii says

    American common street food: hotdog

  17. Korea Food kim says

    Japanese street food is really interesting and there are many delicious things.

  18. y j says


  19. y j says


  20. A Girrish says


  21. Shambhu Sarana says

    My plans got cancelled due to Corona virus. But I'll definitely visit Japan next year for their tradition and obviously their yum~ yum~ food.♥️

  22. たつにいさん says


  23. 올리브오일 says

    맛있어보여서 보는 게 아니라 저 기술이 신기해서 보게 됨…

  24. Haroon’s world travels touch uk says

    Let’s support each other

  25. Haroon’s world travels touch uk says

    Nice ?

  26. deltavee2 says

    Just subscribed and thunbs up. Aden's good but not enough street for for me. Hoping this will balance things out. Looking forward to happy gustatory times.

  27. Mindy Lola says

    Whatever he said at 8:18 I felt that

  28. Cherry Audeje says

    its look like delicious

  29. mosuko says

    I wish i ate dinner..

  30. Wtsup Kulpreet Kaur says

    Indian food channel

  31. Kaylee Hall says

    I wish my life was as nice as this food looked

  32. Rodora Tapiador says

    Ahh yappari atsui dakara gloves dame?

  33. Rodora Tapiador says

    Nande handgloves nai desuka? Demo,ioshi miitai des ne.

  34. Diki A. says

    Terlihat enak ??

  35. Kokila Preethy says

    I wish i knew japanese..my brain clings me to find out wat the ppl in back ground speak ???

  36. Kokila Preethy says

    Now i know the reason for white traces of saliva when i wake..up..
    edit:ohh brain stop searching food late night..??

  37. Lilanie Domider says

    strictly observed proper sanitation. great.

  38. Gab Riel says

    Idk what that was, but looks tasty!!!

  39. ms. morena says

    OMG! Makes me feel hungry?

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