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StarCraft 2 Zerg Live Game – Zerg versus Terran – FPVOD


StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm live Zerg gameplay. In this game Lowko goes up against a Terran player. I won’t spoil… But it’s sort of one sided.

About StarCraft 2. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

A sequel to the award-winning 1998 video game StarCraft and its expansion set Brood War, the game was released worldwide on July 27, 2010.

It is split into three installments: the base game with the subtitle Wings of Liberty, an expansion pack Heart of the Swarm, as well as an upcoming expansion pack Legacy of the Void.

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I want to thank you for watching, have an amazing day, don’t forget to smile and I’ll see you in the next video!

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  1. Shawn Capogreco says

    Pro koreans? What about jaedong?

  2. Lokilocke says

    and my Lowko marathon continues!!! Learned a-lot from watching these videos and I've improved with my control groups/micro even though I play Toss just by watching Lowko! And it's entertaining to boot hehe

  3. Luiz Otávio says

    lowko ty so much for support this awesome game that i love

  4. Nicholas Jiunchetti Carvalho says

    what if he had went tanks, how would you deal with that? 
    my main problem while playing zerg on gold is tanks/void rays…

  5. Jebi Nivens says

    Lowko: Was wondering why you didnt morph all your lings into banes.  What edge do all those lings have?  Just wondering cuz I go all bane all in and have been losing a lot lol.  

  6. That laugh at the end XD HAHAHAHA

  7. Mickey Romeo says

    you have the weirdest voice i've ever heard

  8. IhateECHOES says

    Awesome that you play these live games. Keep it up !!!

  9. Jonas Lundp says


  10. Jonas Lundp says

    What tis your name in starcraft 2 heart of the swarm

  11. wmora120 says

    I keep losing as zerg vs terran in wol 🙁

    Fucking siege tanks

  12. Inhale My Farts says

    Thats incredible

  13. I GG says

    The laugh at the end was Manly!

  14. I GG says

    I totally agree 😀

  15. mickael lanier says

    What keyboard do you use ?! 

  16. Garrett Praßel says

    10:32 "sry bad game, gg" XD

  17. b151proof says

    Lol zing!…. Wish i could put 500 likes. Thx Lowko for the awesome entertainment and kick ass instructional video's!! <3 <3 <3

  18. Chendar says

    if you use your second 100 gas for overlord speed your upgrade and lair will be delayed = speedbanes/mutas delayed = Terran pushes extremely strong 😀

  19. MrSideways97 says

    Lowko you are soo funny thanks for keepin up vids gives me a laugh and makes me a better player 🙂

  20. Elias Hagstedt says

    "Lings kill hellbats"
    One word: Toast

  21. Elias Hagstedt says

    "Lings kill hellbats"
    One word: Toast

  22. Elias Hagstedt says

    "Lings kill hellbats"
    One word: Toast

  23. Elias Hagstedt says

    Hey! You must be Sp4zie´s twin. He plays Lol and you are playing SC 2..
    Almost same voice… 😀
    Any similarity here?

  24. Rolando P. says

    I will not lie, since I started to follow and do what Lowko says I passed from Silver to Plat, very detailed tutorials. Every time I whach his channels I disable Adblock too. Thank you Sir!

  25. kaissarMCR says

    you made me like the game again
    thanks you you english zergy!

  26. blafuckyou says

    opponent was playing horrible though… like he never had mines down when he needed to and he lost hellions really stupidly

  27. Luke Paul says

    lowko makes best starcraft videos, hands down. recommended.

  28. Tyler Kauffman says

    Posted on wrong comment .>.>

  29. Tyler Kauffman says

    He Doesn't lose…..

  30. KiddingSpree says

    Urgh I'd watch Lowko's videos instead of huskies, cause they're more entertaining and reliable since he's a grandmaster and husky is not.

  31. straxi says

    "Fank you ferry much sir, fank you FERRY FERRY much!" 😀
    Keep making fideoes Lowko, we support you!

  32. fewfag says

    10k subs! GZ man 🙂

  33. Sketchy says

    Lowko's reaction when he wins is just amazing xD

  34. Yi Sheng Siow says

    with the mutas

  35. Jafir Quiroz says

    How do you stop hellbat drops without roaches?

  36. Cinnon says


  37. Tobias Susin says

    Great stuff. Picked up number of new tactics. Thanks again for another great broadcast sir. 🙂

  38. Luuk Afgaan says

    good game! learning alot from you! 🙂

  39. Hampus Hallin says

    No homo

  40. Hampus Hallin says

    Lowko 😀 i have been in greece so i havnt been watching your stream but i will be home tomorrow 😀 loye ya

  41. Hampus Hallin says

    U is a pimp

  42. Paul Anthony says


  43. JAD says

    Snuteee is the best !!

  44. chris taylor says

    is this standard zvt opener that life does? that can transition in to ling banling muta

  45. Ryan Magnum says

    omg really good game lowko! u should join team liquid very soon 😀

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