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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void Zerg vs Zerg Live Game! (Gameplay & Commentary)


Zerg versus Zerg in Legacy of the Void has changed a lot, especially in the middle part of the game you can see all kinds of new strategies come into play. In this game we have a standard Zergling Baneling opener but very quickly transition to Roaches, Ravagers, Queens, Mutalisks, Hydralisks and a Nydus Network.

The changes to the meta game are huge, it means that there really isn’t a standard build yet. Everyone is messing around, but things will slowly but surely settle down. It’s awesome.

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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void is a stand alone expansion pack to the military science-fiction real-time strategy game StarCraft 2. StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Legacy of the Void is the third part in the StarCraft 2 triology.

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  1. Ruthann K says

    kill me now

  2. Kelsier says

    Lowko i am a silver zerg and i have a question:
    After zergling baneling do you go for mutualisks into hive tech or roach ravager hydra?
    Please respnd i NEED to know for lotv thanks in advance

  3. Jonathan Halloran says

    Hey what happens if a spine crawler attacks an adept but the adept transfers away before the spine hits? Will the spine reach out to wherever the adept is? Like, possibly 2 screens away??

  4. Budliky CZ says

    Fuck that shitty wothless smashing buttons….

  5. usa1ph says

    That first hold against the mutas had me on the edge of my seat. ZvZ just got  allot more interesting.

  6. Wrath L says

    Great play!

  7. vincentlai12 says

    he keeps killing his own units

  8. vincentlai12 says

    7:58 he killed his own queen with the roaches

  9. SilentReaperGaming says

    1440p :O heavenly trumpets

  10. Cloten says

    Yeah you have a very nice attitude for you self. And that game was very entertaining. Welcome to mychannel pool ;D

  11. michaelhernsin says

    If you just had used the ravanger ability when u nydus in, you easily would have taken that battle! They were all clump'd up and everything !!

  12. macstievie says

    Nice gameplay vid

  13. EmmLopez says

    Wow this is the same shit. Nothing new here.

  14. darkmxk says

    fresh fresh fresh ZVZ action :p

  15. Adam Rivlin says

    what do u keep on taping?

  16. Donzing Diono says

    ravagers timing push are pretty strong and have good attack range and can abuse bile gg wp

  17. Justin Bailey says

    Are you Rotterdam's brother?

  18. Andreas Sandsmark says

    Dude, the one thing I absolutely love about you is that you show a good balance between games where you lose and when you win. I hate the youtubers who only shows games where they win. Thumbs up (Y) 😀

  19. heroclix0rz says

    First world problems: I keep accidentally clicking 1440p when my monitor only goes to 1080p.

  20. reel machu says

    Lowko I think the ravagers ability can hit air units.

  21. TheLPRnetwork says

    You could of totally won if us used the ravager ability when U wer in his main…. oh well, at lest u had a back up plan

  22. theArashi_ says

    Lurkers would destroy his clumped up army in seconds.

  23. DKtobe says

    wish i had beta access…

  24. Finn Saggington says

    Whats with the quality ?

  25. Kinufix says

    Super excited for the new expansion. Keep playing and keep streaming. I recommend you to anyone who has any interest in SC2 or any Blizzard game. Love the channel.

  26. OGBoshy says

    Fuck HD! I'm watching this now!

  27. MrLinkan says

    rip quality D:

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