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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void – INCREDIBLE Zerg versus Zerg! (Live Game)


Zerglings, Banelings, Queens, Nydus, Roach, Ravager, Hydra, Lurker, Brood Lord, Corrupter, Vipers… It all happens in this one live game of Zerg versus Zerg in StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void.

Viper Parasitic Bomb highlight:

In this game of Zerg versus Zerg I decide to open up with a gasless build order and I try to transition to Roaches with double upgrades and Roach Speed. On top of that, my mid game plan is to transition to Lurker drops. However, my opponent decides to go for Mutalisks which forces me to respond.

What I decide to do is push with Queens, Hydralisks and Roaches into his Natural where I do manage to take out one of his four bases. The only problem being that I am still on only three base myself. In order to stay safe I switch to Lurkers and slowly tech up to a Hive.

My Zerg opponent however, has mapcontrol and a biggerincome, allowing him to aggressively tech up to a Hive, a Greater Spire and eventually Brood Lords at which point he is allowed to push out once more with his army. Before that however, he decides to get his own Nydus worm to try and take out my 3rd and 4th at the same time.

His push comes right before I manage to get Vipers out, but with some minor delays I do get enough energy out for Parasitic Bomb. After a few skirmishes it is hard to say who is ahead… And you’ll have to find out by watching the game.

This is definitely one of the best games of StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void that I have played so far.

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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void is a stand alone expansion pack to the military science-fiction real-time strategy game StarCraft 2. StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Legacy of the Void is the third part in the StarCraft 2 triology.

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  1. Mr. Filips says

    Grande 🙂

  2. minoreror says

    I'm 8 and I play star craft??????????????

  3. The Narrator says

    good game!

  4. Michael Lee says

    where do you go for your stream?

  5. joe james says

    Bad ASS

  6. Tommy Williams says

    You pwned this my friend. You got me hooked on lurkers, and addicted to the idea of using vipers but i still always forget! I could have won so many games with that viper air killer. GG man, made me smile XD

  7. V K says

    How to get 400 APM: needlessly click everything when not busy.

  8. Christian Rideaux says

    "Stephano has been totally dominating me lately" O-O
    I have a dirty mind…..

  9. Jason Russo says

    That game made me smile.

  10. Brent Walker says

    Hey Lowko,
    What do you think of the balance of LOTV right now? Personally I'm having a ton of fun with the new units for zerg… Also feel like I always have a chance to come back and win if I have to. Is Zerg Too Strong?? I Wouldn't mind if protoss got a different unit then the distrubter

  11. Wendell Lee says

    viper/corrupters countered his air
    lurker countered any ground he got

    had he gotten vipers… he probably won

  12. Olle Fjällström says

    The more Zerg the merrier.

  13. Nico Rosero says

    GG WP! 😀

  14. Reece's Righteous Riffs says

    That was 1000x more fun to watch than any HoTS ZvZ I've seen

  15. Raph says

    nice game lowko!

  16. Jeremy Luder says

    One of the best games ever. I can't believe he left the game. I think your combo is pretty competent. Props to him for using mostly hots units and competing against your composition. I think if he would have maybe had a few vipers to compete with your air, it would have put him over the top. Love your vids. Keep em coming. I wish I were billionaire; I would do whatever I could do get you enough money to cast all day everyday. You and Husky are the best, but I guess he fell off the map.

  17. sebkiller1234 says

    So in legacy of the void you start with 12 workers ?

  18. numalo says

    fuck shit race i hate that lurkers in sc1 i was so happy thy didn come in sc2 but now this shit

  19. DigitalDreams says

    I just got beta access and I can honestly say, Legacy is shaping up to be the best game in the trilogy. For those that enjoyed Brood War with that fun SC2 flavor, you're going to like this game.

  20. Shimon Tzipin says

    why are you making that much queens? 
    I usually make 1 queen per each hatch

  21. turtleninjai says

    could player lurker not have used his corruptors for urinating on the unit lurkers?
    is that ability strctures only?

  22. maverick1943 says

    dude you move so fast xD im new playing this… so xD (greatings from Chile)

  23. KingdomofSmileys says

    I'm so happy, I got invited to the beta! :D:D:D:D

  24. Sinclairelim says

    I had never seen broodlords being used. I honestly thought they were useless any game above the gold league.

  25. Expax says


    am I crazy?

  26. Christian Antoniello says

    Why left ? O.o WP Lowko 😉

  27. simon mason says

    21:40 is when 8 or 9 lurkers win the game (and obviously every single unit), but damn that was awesome… i remember when scarlet (i think) borrow a couple of banelings and destroy a terran army. God that was intense!

  28. Hoodie Addict says

    The apm of that match was over 9000!!!!

  29. mysteryshowerman says


  30. Squirchy says

    thought you were gonna be losing, you were being pushed a lot.

  31. AdamGtr86 says

    Lurkers are the worst c++ programming I've ever seen.

  32. jinkim96 says

    I am confused 😮

  33. CGDW2 says

    I think you could've won with the nydus attack if you'd continued dodging corrosive bile, you did the first salvo but after that all of them hit.

  34. Geary says

    This game actually had me on the edge of my seat.

  35. bunnyswallows says

    that is a GREAT game 🙂

  36. StuffedBrain L says

    feels as if the lurkers are the new swarmhost.

  37. Dragonite says

    Great game! I feel like he didnt need to GG out there since he probably had a big enough economy to re-max again. Maybe he didn't know how to deal with the army comp similar to your first Lotv game against Stephano

  38. Josh purdom says

    Those lurkers were doing so much that entire game. Basically decimated all of his ground army, then good work with the vipers in the air. Very well played lowko, keep the videos coming you are doing a great job

  39. SungHo Kim says

    for me starting with 6 workers were better..
    anyone ?

  40. Daniel Piano says

    That was absolutely amazing Lowko!

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