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StarCraft 2: EPIC MACRO Zerg vs Zerg Live Game!


Zerg armies are not important:
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StarCraft 2 live gameplay with commentary on a Zerg vs Zerg played on Merry Go Round LE. In this live game of SC2, my oponnent goes for Muta Ling Baneling play where I decide to go for a more standard Roach Hydra approach.

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Outro Music is “8 Bit Dungeon Boss” by Kevin MacLeod.

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  1. Jackson Marion says

    Just watching you micro/macro is impressive.. half the time I don't know what your doing…

  2. eitan cohen says

    How can you play so fast ? :3 i can't keep up with you

  3. Benny Costello says

    wtf is he doing at the start of game spamming micros to move drones to where they go automaticley

  4. Enigmapunch says

    love watching your live play of Star Craft. I'm a loyal zerg play all be it only a gold. I hope you keep it up!

  5. Sega Wang says

    How amazing you are!!

  6. jinkim96 says

    That macro… That split micro…!! You always amaze me wow gg and keep up the sc2 videos 😛 You're my favorite sc2 channel!

  7. Polo Popo says

    Lowko, I have a question,and I've seen you've done this a lot. How did you make the drone continuously circulate on the place where you are going to make the building? I hold shift while right click but the last spot will be the end of the tour of my drone. Sometimes when I erect buildings I think it is more time saving to make the drone in the middle of somewhere instead of going another step to mutate into the building.

  8. Lucas says

    What rank are you? Grandmaster?

  9. Routhe99 says

    great to see you play live, and explaining how and why you react in certain ways as the game goes on! these videos really help me a ton! and are entertaining as well 😀 keep uploading more please 
    greetings from Denmark  

  10. Raffaele Zippo says

    I thought it was risky to go hatch first in a zvz, what could you do if the opponent went for a cheese?

  11. Distant Quasar says

    its a female player from Russia 🙂

  12. fin3489 says

    Great game Lowko.
    One Question, how do you manage to get 3 Drones into Gas so fast WITHOUT wasting the minerals they're eventually carrying because that happens to me a lot and I don't quite know how to prevent wasting those, even though it'd be just like 10-20 mins, it's a lot of money in the early part of the game.

  13. FlyingTurtle says

    I might be wrong but the last game Lowko lost is a while ago, isn't it? 😀 But yeah, this build pushed me from Silver to Gold in no time.

  14. TheFunksen says

    moar sc2! 

  15. Jimmy Sheahan says

    Thanks for continuing to upload sc2!  

  16. Chris Avelino says

    Great video and great game keep it up

  17. Neel Choudhary says

    Wait why did lowko make three evo chambers. 1 in his natural, and 2 in the main. Was this a mistake or did it have an element in the strategy?

  18. Ronaldo b says

    don't yell so loud at the start of the video

  19. Farfox says

    Hey lowko, why dont you spread all your creep?

  20. Dan Sachs says

    Can you explain what you are doing with your drones in the early game? Are you mineral boosting? 

  21. 5H0CKW4V3able says

    Hey Lowko was wondering as a Zerg what would be your answer to maxed out and mass marine medivac? Bomber went for a macro game with that against Jaedong last year and marines are solid units so what would be the zerg counter? exluding banes (assuming the terran just lifts the marines to dodge)

  22. henk eindbaas says

    hey lowko nog niet gekeken maar even snel zorgen dat ik de eerste coment heb ;p

  23. LowkoTV says

    This was definitely one of the most fun Zerg vs Zerg games I've played in a while. An epic Zerg versus Zerg in StarCraft 2. 

    StarCraft 2: EPIC MACRO Zerg vs Zerg Live Game!

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