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StarCraft 2: ACTION-PACKED Zerg vs Zerg! (Live Game)


One of the most action-packed Zerg versus Zerg games that I have played in quite some time in StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void.

While I decide to focus on macro, my opponents goes for early game pressure. For that very reason, I am forced to defend against the Zergling aggression. After holding the push, the mid-game consists of Roaches, Ravagers, Hydralisks, Mutalisks, Queens, Nydus Worms and more.

In this video of StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void I play a live game of Zerg versus Zerg with commentary.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Legacy of the Void is the third and final part in the StarCraft 2 triology.

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  1. Vinodkumar GB says

    ggwp from the opponent!
    I loved the way you handled the situation and liked the way he respected your win at the end!

    This kind of feedback from the opponent will make you play even more, rather than posting like sucker… looser… they do not serve any purpose rather than both getting upset even after a good game!
    Hope ppl will learn to respect each other no matter what the result is….. 🙂

    GGWP 🙂

  2. Justin Thompson says

    That game was insane.

  3. Ariat Cowboy says

    +LowkoTV i havent played Starcraft LOTV a lot and was wondering if the old HOTS "roach hydra +1 +1" strat is still viable?

  4. looking4musics says

    how did that guy throw that?? unbelievable

  5. Jim Raynor says

    I have a question, because I saw this now a few times. Eh… how do you switch between your hatches if u put them on one hotkey? He puts botch of them on the 4 button and when I double press 4 it only jumps to my Main

  6. xMaster711 says

    I miss husky

  7. TheBahamamama says

    I totally suck at SC, but man I love your Videos, keep going 😉

  8. MrDgf97 says

    even tho i suck at this game, watching this lowko is pretty fucking fun

  9. HERPxDERPIN says

    i have learned so much from you… and i still have a lot to learn XD i love it!

  10. Matthew Warren says

    such a great game

  11. Cliff Tam says

    Good game. I am surprise how much gas he has accumulated by the end.

  12. Justin Carroz says

    how do you "unhot key"?

  13. Jmpcrum3 says

    how are you switching up your hotkeys? and what do you press to bring the screen to check on an overlord? do you click the place where your picture is or what?

  14. all4bspinnin says

    great win Lowko!!!

  15. Kool Katz Music says

    Very fun game to watch, Lowko! You should watch over/under droning those mineral patches early game. Could have potentially had a lot more money by the mid game.

  16. Big Sam says

    GG Lowko, btw I was subscribed to you for a while now, and for what ever reason I was watching a video of yours and had to re-subscribe to your channel for what ever reason.

  17. Simon says

    This is the hyped shit i like to see from you. Long games that are well played.

  18. Dag-Are Halland says

    One of the better ZvZ's I've seen in a long time

  19. omegapsi847 says

    2:00 hi lowko, I have 2 questions about the opening of your opponent: do you think it was a good idea to go for the hatchery instead harrassing your mineral line when his first lings arrived? ovbiously it was a 12 or 13 pool which should counter a hatchery first build, but I always wonder whether the agressor should go for the hatchery or mineral line. and my second question: is your opponents opening (12p+immediate hatchery) auto loose vs an opponent who goes 14 14?
    thx in advance!

  20. Bartosz Bieganowski says

    2:25 "Yeah, he did indeed did do so" 😀

  21. Lucas says

    that was a great game

  22. Gabba says

    Lowko! Thanks for these videos helping me a lot

  23. zzzfabfabzzz says

    Hey Lowko! Great job at making these awesome sc2 videos! Been a long time viewer/supporter of your stream but haven't really found the time to follow it recently.. still great to see you making such great quality videos for your viewers! Good games, Good videos, Good Lowko!

  24. NuGGet says

    One simple question, woudnt it be the best play for him, to go for your base with his mutas instead of attacking your army?

  25. Angelo Rogelio Tan says

    nice match! hahaha cheers!

  26. JJ Viljoen says

    Thanks for adding such value to life lowko. These vids are great. Epic game ta.

  27. Duork says

    Dem brain game

  28. Richard Powell says

    can anyone help me out. How do you "un-hotkey" things? Sometimes I will get like a drone in my hatchery group or an overlord in my army control group and I have no idea how to get it out. Or like Lowko is doing here. Any advice is appreciated! I'm an upper bronze player

  29. Azure says

    I think he'd have a chance to win the baneling engagement if he didn't throw away all his mutalisks to your hydras for no reason.

  30. tybofborg says

    "omg this is over, he already lost his one mining base, that slow-ass army is going to get chewed up by those mutas! omg there are banes too, it's the Charge of the Marine Brigade all over again!" – me while watching this video. I guess I underestimated Lowko's last-minute saving skills. Respect!

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