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Star Trek Remastered "The Ultimate Computer" FX-Reel


Here is my extended version of the “The Ultimate Computer” FX-Reel with more scenes then the “trekmovie.com”-version!!!!

NEW SFX-Videos in High Quality (480p) coming soon!

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

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  1. Grizzlybart says

    Hey guys
    Thanks for watching my STAR TREK Remastered-FX-Reels!

    On January 9th 2018, I will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of my Channel with an special video called "10 YEARS! THANK YOU! | Chrocker's World #2", the first few minutes of the video I'm trying to speak english (^^) for you to say "THANK YOU" for your support!

    AAAAND I have a special present for you! 😉

    Thank you guys
    see you soon

    Live long and prosper

  2. Andrew Chapman says

    2:04 Love how they altered the Lexington's viewscreen. My only issue with the remastering of "The Ultimate Computer" is the ending shot with the 'EXECUTIVE PRODUCER GENE RODDENBERRY' credit. In the original, the Enterprise flies between 'EXECUTIVE PRODUCER' and 'GENE RODDENBERRY'. But in the remastered, the Enterprise is near the top of the frame and ends up flying behind 'EXECUTIVE PRODUCER', leaving a big empty gap in the credit. Since they had the credit appear the same as it did in the original, couldn't the Enterprise have therefore been more in the centre of the shot like in the original?



  4. Dave says

    even in 1966 I never forgot M5 vaporized that guy

  5. Grizzlybart says


  6. Tony Lankford says

    pretty bad redo at the end…2:11 with the credits

  7. Numinous20111 says

    The only issue I'd point out is that (and I'm honestly not a ST die-hard, more of a SF-fan who has a soft spot for TOS) the war games group of ships shouldn't all have been Constellation class.  Even when I was growing up, I knew there were only 12 of these in that class and having a total of 5 of them engaged in this episode made you wonder who was in charge of fleet deployment.  Should have used smaller ship designs for 3 of them.

  8. Han Sebi says

    hmmmm. merely: hmm. :-/

  9. ACLTony says

    This re-mastered episode was well done as you could see the actual action between all of the Constitution class star ships. I was amazed to learn that James Doohan (Scotty) did the voice of the M5 computer! What a talented gentleman.

  10. OpenMawProductions says

    Though there are a few shots here and there that I think they botched (one in Elaan of Troyus that I absolutely hate of the Klingon ship flying past the enterprise) by and large they did a pretty great job.

    Awesome, if you do I look forward to it. Thanks!

  11. jerico641 says

    I'll look for it; it was on my old laptop. If I find it I'll send it to you. You know, I just noticed hile watching this "Ultimate Computer" visual summary again that they made the Lexington's main view screen look a little different than the one on the Enterprise; I love finding little things like that in these remasters!

  12. OpenMawProductions says

    Do you happen to still have that outline? I'd love to read it.

  13. Wimpoman says

    To see more than one Constitution class on screen… what a treat.

  14. jerico641 says

    They could have made it a "blockbuster" and still remained within canon. I haven't written anything is 25 years, but I wrote an outline for this film (just for fun) a year before it was released when I first heard about it. In 3 days I managed to write a fairly decent story, AND kept everything within canon. Nothing special, but if I could do it, you know, professional film writers should have been able to. The ship itself is okay, but it didn't need any changes.

  15. Pigumon says

    I completely agree that we didn't need a reboot per se, but honestly, the series was very niche, and Paramount wanted to make Star Trek into a blockbuster…

    We're probably on the same side. I would've preferred a simple retelling of the canon TV series in movie form, with all the better film-making, and effects of today. At least it's not like Transformers. That was complete CRAP. In comparison, the reboot Enterprise is PERFECT compared to what they did to Optimus and the rest. =/

  16. jerico641 says

    You hit it right on the head; we didn't need a reboot. The Constitution Class ship was perfect the way it was, needed no changes, and all I ever wanted to see was how the main characters came together in THIS timeline. Why did ANYTHING have to be "rebooted"?

  17. Pigumon says

    First of all, why do you continue to say it looked like a Mattel Toy? morristsai•com/blogpics/3_enterprises.jpeg
    The saucer is nearly identical to the A, the nacelles are more accurate to the original than the A was, the saucer sticks out , the A's didn't. The Nacelles are round with the the protruding bussard collectors, unlike the A. Even the Nacelle Pylons are the same vertical angle of the original ship…

    The main thing is this is a reboot, it's not meant to be the same.

  18. Pigumon says

    Aha. My mistake. Then… I agree with you. haha.

  19. jerico641 says

    That "ship" for the movie looked like a Mattel toy; if they had stayed in the normal timeline, they could've used the best ship design of them all – the original Constitution Class. It doesn't really matter to me if Shatner is in a ST film or not; it matters to me that the character of Kirk is respected. And if they had done things right (see ENT episodes "Through a Mirror Darkly" I and II for a good example of ST cannon being respected), I would have absolutely loved it I'm sure.

  20. jerico641 says

    Well, it was 20, but why quibble over little things like that? LOL

  21. jerico641 says

    No, he meant for that particular episode, the Enterprise had only a skeleton crew aboard; 20 to be exact.

  22. Taz says

    However the bulk of the crew was evacuated for the M5 testing… if my memory served it had about 30 crew which in any books is a skeleton crew.

  23. Pigumon says


    It was an alternate timeline, very much in the Star Trek vein. Nimoy's appearance made the entire film make sense. It was good enough to get a new generation interested in Star Trek.. so much better than that "Enterprise" garbage.

    I feel like you can't like anything Trek unless Shatner's rug is running around in it.

    Admit it, if it WASN'T an alternate timeline, you'd be griping that everything is wrong. You can't even like the SHIP which is almost the same!!!!

  24. Pigumon says

    The Enterprise was the flagship of the fleet, it most certainly did not have a skeleton crew. 428 crew members was larger than any other starship at the time. "Like a whole city in space, Charlie."

  25. powergirl901 says

    Looks terrible. I still don't see why people prefer digital…yuck.

  26. Trekfreek says

    I love them using the robot ships from The Animated Series.

  27. GoGojiraGo says

    @saml760 Did you also say the same thing about the Motion Picture refit, A, B, C, D and E?

  28. Taz says

    @Steve17010 Help with what? The Enterprise had a skeleton crew.

  29. Steve17010 says

    I never understood the ending. Four starships are damaged, hundreds killed or injured and the Enterprise cruises away. Shouldn't Captain Kirk stay and offer assistance?

  30. berneski says

    What a missed opportunity by CBS. I would say about twenty percent of the new shots are an improvement. The rest, well, see for yourself.

  31. OLDSMARKARL says

    Famous lines never said in Trek:
    Scotty: "I dinna think the altimate computer would need TWO torpedoes fer a cranky old ore hauler!"

  32. Samuel Lees says

    the original NCC-1701 is a true beauty,the enterprise in the horrific JJ Abrams film iiis an abomination,it looks like a Fisher-Price toy!

  33. FekLeyrTarg's Videos says

    It's that they've decided to use the Watchtower-class Starbase (aka Starbase Vanguard) in this episode.

  34. Capt777harris says

    @jackdev73 Matt Jeffries, who was an aeronautical engineer, designed the Enterprise and the Klingon vessels for the show.

  35. jordinyc says

    Did they update the computer's local display? 1:40

  36. jerico641 says

    Well, I certainly am glad to hear that! I remember how a massive letter writing campaign in 1968 convinced NBC to produce one more season of TOS; maybe we can do the same thing for the next film and convince Abrahms (or whoever is directing it), to scrap all the alternate Universe crap and let us see a vision of how the TOS characters might have come together in THIS Universe. Think there's any hope?

  37. Romulan007 says

    @jerico641 Thank you jerico!! Jeez I so agree! I liked some parts of the new film but to just blow away the last 40 years including TNG was assinine! Hope they try to redeem themselves and quit with this alternate timeline. And I livin in San Diego where we have the ComicCon and let me tell you, not all trekkies are approving of JJ's "new" version.

  38. faffaflunkie says

    Classic episode. Another case of confounding a machine by propounding a question it couldn't answer.

  39. jerico641 says

    I agree; I love TOS. And there wasn't any conncection to anything ST in that film, not really. They used the name to promote the film, and that's all. Leonard Nimoy should have been ashamed of his part in it too. Imagine what they could have done if they'd tried to mesh that film with real ST cannon; makes you're mouth water LOL; oh, well, at least the TOS episodes are still there…

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