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Now here’s a downright bold claim. “If it’s good enough for a dog to drink…” And amazingly, they weren’t even the first brewer to make that claim in the ’80s.

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  1. Christopher Santana says


  2. Physco Goth says

    I have a feeling if this character kept going it would have had its own movie or TV show. I don't get how it advertised beer because in the adverts and I've watched nearly all them they don't really advertised the larger at all. Coincidentally I don't think you can get Bud Light anymore and if you can it's very sparingly.

  3. NonverbalGore24 says

    Why is this dog famous? he's so cool

  4. specterkev says

    man Screw all the Spuds Haters!

  5. specterkev says

    I grew up with SPuds. I miss that dog. To hell with those complaining back then. so what I loved spuds and i do not drink beer to this day.

  6. Diane Johnson says

    Spuds, the most beautiful wolf was actually a 'she'!

  7. Diane Johnson says

    Spuds, the most beautiful wolf was actually a 'she'!

  8. Kevin Moss says

    Haha the look on his face is like "wtf is going on".

  9. Think for yourself. says

    i have seen that black girls in movies where does she come out in. anyone?

  10. Spencer Carter says

    Aww! Doggie! I'm going to buy beer now! Then I'll be cool for sure. Man. Beer is cool. Dogs are cool. Dogs & Beer together? Now that's tubular.

  11. mcfl116 says

    @shom16200 make her a bull terrier u mean 😉

  12. benito73 says


  13. Sommargrilla says


  14. playboy007 says


  15. Stacy G. says

    that's lela rochon from Girl 6!

  16. Ricky Coogin says

    I saw maybe one Spuds commerical (I think it involved a ski jump) in my time, but asked for and received a Spuds T-shirt for my 10th or 11th birthday. My gym teacher in sixth grade forbid me to wear it (I think I had two shirts) despite no beer adverts on the shirt itself…I think a cooler was depicted on one of them, but you couldn't see that Bud Light was in the cooler.

  17. Corey Blake says

    Spuds, or Easy as her owners called her passed away years ago. I heard one of her pups is the Target dog now.

    RIP Honey Tree Evil Eye, Easy, Spuds.

  18. specterkev says

    great memories.

  19. muthahoho says

    God, how I hated the 80's.

  20. wheatpuff says

    i was only born in 84, but if there's one thing i remember from the '80s it's this dog ; – ; these commercials are so weird =x

  21. Clare Ravenwood says

    I miss Spuds! We didn't have the conmmercials here in Canada but I finally get to see them at last!

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